How To Make BananaCake With Decoration – JMC

This is how to make Banana cake with decoration add 2 eggs. add 150 grams sugar and whisk until it looks like this add 150 grams of flour in another bowl and teaspoon of baking soda add 100 ml of mlikcan in another bowl and
3 mashed bananas and 1 teaspoon of lemon/lime juice. Mix it up and a little bit of the banana mix in the Egg mix and Whisk. and a little bit of the flour mix and whisk. Until the flour mix and the banana mix, has been mixed with the egg mix. grease a round baking tray
and pure the mix in turn the heat down completely for the oven and let it sit for 10 mins take the cake out of the baking tray for the frosting use 200g of cream cheese and 200 ml of icing sugar whisk cover the cake with the frosting put some strawberries around the cake upside down. crack a cracker and sift it over the top of the cake enjoy

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