How to Make a Wedding Site in WordPress

Hey guys welcome to WPBeginner and
thanks for watching. In this video I’m gonna walk you through
step by step how to set up your own wedding website. We’re gonna cover all the
things that you see here this will be the final site but you can customize
yours however you want. Once you get the knack of it you will be a pro at it, but I’m gonna
walk you through how to set up the logo here, the menu items here. I’m gonna show
you how you can add photos without needing to use Photoshop. You’ll also set up
a beautiful gallery for your site for friends and family to see your pictures.
Everything that you see here you can customize it to your own desire. The best
thing about this is I’m gonna show you how to do all this and you won’t need to
know any lines of code. So if you’re ready we would quickly go over what we’re gonna
cover today. First thing you have to do when you set
up a new website is you need to set up hosting. Hosting is the server that a
company has where you put all your files for your website on and then it can be
shown all around the world anybody can access it. Usually hosting won’t cost any
more than maybe $10 a month. The next thing you want to do is we have to set up a domain
name. A domain name is the address that you give everybody to access your website
it’s like this one here so a domain name costs about $13 a year that you’ll have to
worry about. The next step we’ll look at is we’ll install WordPress and WordPress is
used by millions of sites. Sites like CNN, ESPN, celebrities like Katy Perry and
jay-z so it’s a very well-known platform to use and the beauty about using
WordPress is you can create a beautiful website without needing to know any code.
Once we install the website then we need to install your theme the theme is what
makes your site look like it does. It gives the design, the font, the colors, and everything like that. So we’re gonna install a theme and again that will be free as well. The next thing
we’re going to do is actually create the site you’re going to add your logo, you’re gonna add your pages, your photos, the menu item, everything that you see here you’re going to be able to add with no problem.
When you’re done with all of that you’ll have a beautiful website to share with your
family and friends about your wonderful day. So a lot of times people when they
look at this they wonder well how much is this gonna cost and of
course it would, it would cost three to five thousand dollars if you had a
professional working on it. But as we go through this and I’m gonna walk you
step-by-step with no steps skipped. Its not gonna cost you thousands of dollars
instead it’ll cost you more like around $25 to get started. So if you’re ready
let’s get started. Alright the first thing we want to do to get our site setup is
we need to go ahead and set up our hosting and our domain name. Luckily
Hostgator is a hosting company that can let us do both of those together. So
we’re gonna open up a new tab and we’re gonna type in and you’ll
see all these hosting packages to choose from. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the
different hosting to go through. These are the three main ones and I’ll tell
you the difference between them. The hatchling plan is a great plan to get started the difference between the hatchling plan and say the baby plan is it allows
only a single domain so only the website like will be able to go
on there. With a baby plan you can get unlimited domains added to the hosting
site and then obviously with the business plan you have a little bit more
functionality for it. With us just getting started I recommend the
hatchling plan so we’re gonna click Sign Up now. Once you click on the hatchling
plan you’ll see down here they already want you to sign up for 36 months and
are going to give you a 30% discount. Even at 1 month they’re going to give you a
20% discount. And that’s not bad but we, since we’ve been with Hostgator for so
long we’re able to get you a bigger discount they’ve agreed to give a 57
percent discount for our readers so that’s a much bigger deal. What you want to do is come all the way
down here take out the snappy code and put in WPBeginner. And once you click Validate you’ll see that, that price drops almost by
$80 and then I’ll even show you how you can get that down even further. So after
use our code then you wanna go up here. Enter your domain name that you want to use. As you’re going through there go ahead and uncheck the add domain privacy, you don’t
need that. And now as you look up here are you
getting thirty six months at 57% off just by using our WPBeginner code. That
dropps it down to $2.99 a month instead of what it used to be at $4.99. Even at
a month that used to be $8.49 and now it’s like $5.48 and you can choose to select
for a month, or three months, six months, 12 month. For me picking twelve months
would be ideal since I’m gonna have this for a while. But if you want you can go
ahead and just choose one month to start out with. We’re gonna scroll down here you wanna fill out your billing information. As you keep on scrolling down there’s some things you want to uncheck. The secure thing there are ways to do
that in WordPress. The same with the backup WordPress has some great
alternatives that you can use. Now remember earlier when I told you that
you can get everything for 25 or less, well if you look down here you see that you’re
actually gonna get it all for the $11.46. Which is much cheaper than the $25 and
that’s just by using the WPBeginner code. Alright once you’re done signing up you
you want to go and check your email because you’re going to get something
like this. Thank you for your order from Hostgator
and then you’ll have your information on how to log in. So I’ll copy that and we’ll click on there and add my info and my address and should be able to log in. Alright now that we’re logged in we can close out all of this and say don’t show me this again. And we want to scroll down we’re
looking for a way to install WordPress so we want to go to the Quick Install and we want to install WordPress so I’m gonna click on that. And we want to just install it. So it’s gonna go through and it will ask us some information. We want to install it on the
website that we chose and add your… You wanna add your admin email that’s where all information about your site will go. You can do your blog title here you wanna do your admin user that
you’re going to use to login to your site. You wanna remember all of that and then you can
add your first and last name here. And then click Install. That’s gonna go in and try and get you to buy some things we’re gonna say no and we’re waiting for the installation to finish up here. Now we
see that it’s done You click on View credentials and that’s
how we will access the website. that’s the username and the password that we’ll need
as well as the admin area to log into our site. So now let’s go in and set up
our site with themes and all the information that we need. Alright so you’re
gonna want to put this somewhere for safe keeping What I’m gonna do is copy this password and that way when I click on this it will open in a new menu er in a new tab. Type in we’re logging in to the back end
of our website and you can even say remember me so you don’t have to do it
that often. So I’ll login. First thing I want to do is I want to get some stuff
cleaned up so I’m gonna go into my plugins area and deactivate and uninstall all of
this these are just plugins that the hosting company adds down here. They add
to help you get setup. These two automatically will come with a WordPress
installation but we don’t need these So I’m going to delete them. Akismet I usually keep and you can keep that if you want it helps protect you against spam but you’ll have to set it up. So I’m gonna delete those. Alright since we do have it set up I’m gonna go and show you what
the site looks like it’s very bare so keep that in mind. We’re gonna take that
from looking like this to a beautiful website for you. So we can close out of that, I’ll get rid of some of this Right so now that we’ve done all that
lets take a look and see what all we’ve done so far. So we’ve set up our hosting
that’s done, and we’ve got our domain name that we wanted, we’ve installed WordPress and now
it’s time to add a wedding theme, and our information, and our photos. So that’s
the fun stuff. So we can go to themes you can do multiple, you can do this multiple
ways there are a ton of paid themes out there if you want to
find a paid theme for you then you can go in search for those.
These are the themes that are currently set up on our website. This is the one that is
currently active. But we want to add a new one so we are gonna go add new, and I’m gonna search for
wedding. And when I do that it should automatically start bringing back
wedding style themes for me and since these are all in what’s called the
WordPress repository they are ok to use. There’s no behind the scenes code that
might mess up your site and have been looking and I actually kinda
like this one. So I’m gonna install the match theme and work off of it from there. We’re gonna go ahead and activate it and we’ll visit the site just to see just to show
you what it changed. See just by doing that it’s it’s made it a hundred percent better. We just need to add our own information to make it look just like we need, so that’s
what we’ll do. One of the first things I want to do they want to go down to
settings and permalinks because right now it’s set to show it like that with
the date and time, day and name and that’s ok. You can keep it like that if you want. I’m gonna
say I like just having just a post name that’s just the title of the page or the
title of the blog post there and that’s what I usually use. So I’ll click save changes and now we’ll go into appearance and we’ll customize it. This will open up a little customizer where when you’re making changes over
here it’ll show you in real time over here what is looking like. So we’ll just got
through all of these For site title that’s up here and then the tag line is down here a lot of people put their their name, things like that. Under site icon
that’s the sort of guy up here and you can change that here so you want to have
whatever images you need in a folder that’s what we’re talking about earlier. Alright so I’m gonna find a photo that I want to use and it can be an icon type thing, it can be an image I’m gonna use this heart. You want it to at least be 512 by 512 and we’ll select that. This is what it will look like up in the little tab area and if you have it as an app
icon that’s what I look like. So from here you can actually crop it even more and we’ll leave it like that. We’ll say crop and now you can see it up here it’s showing. Now so far everything is just a preview nothing
will actually change the website until we hit save and publish. But I do like
that so we’re gonna go back. Because we’re done now with site identity now we can go through the others down here So we’ll take a look at colors and for here this is where you can select a different background color. If you know and you see how it’s turning just like that. If you know the color number that you want to use you can type that in up here already If you want something that’s a little more universal for you two then there you go. Alright now we gotta go to the header image in that is currently this thing right here which is a
very muted header image you can barely see it, but if you hide it see now there’s
nothing there. And if you add that back and you’ll see that. I’ll show you what would it look like if you choose something like this as the header. Here you go. And then we want to go back to colors cause that seems a bit dark I want to go more of a pastel or a lighter
color. Again if you know the colors that you want to use then that’ll make this easier. I’m just kind of picking from eyeball Can also do a background image and that will go, can choose to repeat it. It’ll tile all the way through so every time you scroll down
it’ll tile through. If you have one that you like you can play with that. I actually
want to just keep it as a header so I’m gonna say no background image for me. For menus that’s these items up here and we’re actually going to deal with that later.
Same with the widgets and the static front page right now what it’s doing is WordPress is just pulling in the sample content so it’s pulling in like all the blog
posts. You can either have your front page pull in blog posts or you can set up
a static front page say your home page that maybe tells the story of how you met and whatnot. So we’ll probably do that by itself as well. So I’m happy with what this looks like so
far so I’m gonna click save and publish. Now we’ll exit out of that and we’ll go back up to the dashboard just as a starting place. I like to have a little starting place. So what have we done so far? Let’s take a
look at the site. I like to look at it every so often just to see what does it
really look like. Since we’re logged in you see this toolbar up here but people who are
not logged in they wont see that so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just an
easy way to get back to the admin area when you’re looking on the page. Alright so it’s
a little bit of what it looks like so let’s make some changes we’ll change the menu,
we’ll remove all of these widgets, and do some other stuff. Alright one of the first things I wanna do I’m gonna go ahead and just start creating new pages. I’m gonna get rid of
my sample page and then just gonna start adding them. We can add the content later
but for right now we kind of want just the structure of it to look good so I’m gonna do blog and up here we can add new so we can go through this quickly. And click publish. Do RSVP because we want people to RSVP and click publish Maybe add a page for ceremony publish and let’s see some other ideas too. add new for registry, and contact. we want to do one more called guest book and click publish. Alright now that we’ve made all of
the pages we need to go in and set up a menu. So we’ll go into appearance menus and we’ll set up the menu. By default t’s kind of created this menu 1 for us and it has added
all the pages that we’ve created over here. So you just want to if you like
the way it is you can do that or if you want to move them around. You can, I’m, clicking and dragging so I’m left clicking and dragging all of this to get all of them to look how I want it. Once I’m
happy with that, you can even change it main you want and we’re gonna click create menu. And that’s our new menu item but now we need
to tell it where to go so we’re gonna go under managed locations and we only have
one menu area. If you’re working with a different theme this will look, this
might look different. But since there’s only one menu area we’re just gonna pick
that one and click Save Changes. Alright, now that we’ve created the menu I wanna go and see what it all looks like. I like that, I like that look. So that’s looking pretty good and I told
you about the front page how it’s just bringing in all the blog posts and all
of that. Let’s go ahead and change that to you want to
be as it’s called a static front page so we want to go to Settings>Reading and you see how it’s showing your latest and we’re saying no let’s do a static page and for the front page let’s direct it to our story alright, tell them how we met and then for the post page or the blog page we’re going to use blog. Here you
can show how many posts to show on the blog at one time before you have to
start clicking on next or, you know, the page numbers and show the full text you
can also just show summary where they have to then click on each blog post
so let’s do summary to make the page little bit shorter and we’ll save changes. Now when we go and
click on refresh it’s only gonna show our story now I don’t have anything in that
story page right now and if I click on blog it’ll show that
hello world sample blog post. Click on home and it goes back to our story so
that looks good. Now each theme is a little bit different so I’m actually gonna go into
our story page and I wanna see if there is… Some themes have a type for the front
page either to show no sidebar what, whatever. It looks like this one doesn’t
have that so we’re not going to worry about it but I’m not going to Appearance>Widgets and these are all the main sidebars that we’re seeing over here. So
we’re gonna clean that up a little I’m going to just remove everything right
now and then later on we’ll see what we need over there but that’s gonna clean
up the sidebar alright we’ll work on widgets a little bit more later the
next thing I want to work on though now is adding our information which means
adding our images and you know the story line and things like that. So I’m gonna open this folder,
so we want to upload these images to our website and hopefully you’ll have all of
your images in one location. But I wanna show you some things here. We wanna do a
little bit of maintenance on the images first before we upload them. So I have this
image selected and if you see down here this one image is already pretty large it’s over
two meg and if you looked at all of them basically you know just a handful of
images eleven of them it’s over 26 mb. If I uploaded all of these like this and
used it on my site it would severely slow down my site and basically make
it just make it not work for anyone they would leave the site before they even
got to see it all so you wanna do a little bit of maintenance on your images
before you upload them you can use something like this is Photoshop if you
have access to Photoshop or if you’re having a photographer do all of the
images for you ask them to give them to you in a format that is friendly for the
website and I’m gonna show you real quick if you
do have Photoshop or you can do the free there’s a free open-source
application called GIMP that does a lot of the same stuff that you could use as
well. And this is that two point whatever meg image that I had so you want to a couple
of things you can go into image size and you really don’t need anything larger
than say ten by 24 width. Probably depending on your theme so I’m going to you that. And then I’ll make it bigger again. So that that’ll help with the image size the other thing if you’re in Photoshop
or GIMP is you I wanna save it for the web so when I click on that, you see down here
this is the current size under medium and that’s much better than two, two meg so that’s 65K way better than two meg and you can even
play with the low and that brings it down even more. But I don’t think medium would be best
jpg would be your better option. So you wanna do that to all of them before you upload them. If you don’t have Photoshop or you don’t
want to play with around with Photoshop or say you forget we’re gonna get into
plugins now and there is a plugin that you can add that will automatically
adjust the image sizes for all of your images as you upload them. So you
ininstall imsanity and what it does is it’s a plugin that will automatically
adjust your images for you. So I just installed it and now I see it here, You can see that with the blue it’s activated so I’m gonna go to settings now and as it says it automatically
resizes all these huge images we’re going to do that. You can pick the
default what size you want them to be if you’re on a page or post you can upload
them directly from there or we can also go from the media library. For me I think
2048 as little much so I’m going to bring it down to half of that and the JPEG image quality it’s like 90%.
You can even go further down and JPEG is really good for doing that for your
images without losing quality on the site. So we’re going to save changes. Now
when I upload the images it’ll shrink them down to a manageable size
you want to make sure you do that for your site as well and the plugin that we
used is called Imsanity and you can just go to plugins, add new, and you can
search for Imsanity and it’ll bring it back here. Okay, so make sure you do that before you
upload all your pictures. Alright now that we have all that installed let’s go to media
library and if you already have all your images in a location we can go ahead and
upload all of them, have them up there so that we can use, so you can either click select
file and then go to your computer. Since I have this already open you can also highlight
all your images in drag and drop them so we’re gonna do that. So you see it’s gonna copy eleven of them. Now you might be wondering why are there three of these? It’s because I uploaded it three times for the heading and the
background and, and that top area right there on the website so it has three
different versions of that same image for me right there. You’ll also wanna get whatever information you have like your story how you two got together. Alright now they’re
all done we’re gonna work on the our story page. So I’m gonna go to all pages, scroll down and
find our story… this is also the home page for your site. This is where you wanna add your story
line of how you met so I’m gonna put some information there and from here this is
where I want to add media so I add. We’ve already it uploaded them all so we can
pick which image we want to use. Down here we can choose the size let’s do large, let’s do full size… Just play with that for yourself So notice I was able to add the picture straight from the page so that’s good, and with that I’m gonna update. So that looks better already. Now with any wedding
site you probably have a lot of photos that you want to share a great way to
share them will be in a gallery type format you know where you have them all
in a beautiful gallery so people can look through them right. The best way to do that, it’s another
plugin we’re going to use so I’m going to go to plugins and we’re looking for, we wanna go to add new first and we’re looking for Envira Gallery. Now there is an Envira Gallery
lite and there’s also, I’ll take you to it. The full blown version of it. You can use the
lite and that’ll be, and then it would look, do some great galleries for your site. There’s a
couple of reasons why I think you should probably go ahead and get the upgraded
version and a couple of them are so if you’re doing a wedding you probably have a ton of
people that are probably going to be taking photos and probably adding it to
Instagram right, and or you’ll have your photographer doing the photos for you
and maybe he or she will share with you say on Dropbox. With Envira Gallery,
with the full version it has an Instagram addon so any photos that you
like on Instagram you can create a gallery that will automatically bring
all those photos in. So that’s a great way to have like crowdsourcing of
everybody taking pictures of your wedding and then sharing it and then as
you go in and like all the pictures all of those will come into your wedding
gallery on your website. So, so much easier than trying to get them all from
everybody and things like that same thing with your photographer they can
share them with you either share it within a Dropbox and you automatically add that
Dropbox as a gallery all those pictures will come in and then you can work on
them from there you know decide if you don’t want a picture to show on there and
what have you. You could also if they give it to you like on a jumpdrive, there’s a zip importer
so it’ll automatically import all the images right there for you. So those will help
out immensely on time saving you time and, and headache. So because of that I’m
gonna go ahead and show you the full version and I think that it’ll be well worth
your time and getting it and you could see that it’s Instagram in Dropbox there
under the silver. Depend on whatever you want I think the the gold is the best
deal for you so we’ll just go in and get that and then I’m gonna show you how to upload it
and and share your photos. Alright I went in and got the gold and
don’t forget when you go, check out WPBeginner first because they
actually have a coupon code for Envira gallery so whatever you get you get a
percentage off when you go and get your plugin. So now we want to go, we need to
download the plugin from the website and we need to go ahead and install it. We just need to download the original one, I’m gonna go back to plugins now since we’re installing it from our desktop it’ll be a little bit different we actually want to go up here
and click upload plugin and you can either choose it since I have it down
here I can left click, drag it. You’ll see it’s showing that and we’ll install now. Alright
now that’s installed I want to activate it and you’ll see a little warning here that
says you don’t have your license key so I’m gonna click on that. It takes me to the Envira Gallery
settings, need to go back to my profile, my license key, and add it here and verify. Alright now that we did that we can go to addons and we can click Refresh add-ons and I’ll show you
a couple of the best ones that I like that I think we’ll want to use for our
wedding site we’ll want to do albums addon, and so I’m install and I’m gonna activate we’re gonna do… Dropbox for when the photographer sends us a link to it. Gallery themes, that gives you different themes to choose from for your gallery on your site and you’ll see what that looks like in a minute. Instagram my favorite and if you are a wedding photographer this is actually great for
you for sharing password protected information, image proofing and want not.
You can do a slideshow add-on we’ll see what that looks like. You want to share all your stuff right? We’ll do that, want the standalone that means you don’t have to add it any page or post. Videos addon, that’s great if you’re if you have a videographer or people have taken video of
this you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, Vimeo, or Wistia and it’ll be
gallery here as well and if you get all your photos in a zip file then you’ll
need that as well. Alright so now that we have some of that stuff set up let’s go
ahead and create our first gallery So I’m gonna click Add New. And from here
since we already uploaded them I’m gonna just click, click here to insert from other image sources and choose the ones that I want. And I want to insert into the gallery and if we scroll down, you’ll see that it’s all down
here. Now this is kind of the layout of the gallery so if I want to adjust it to
kind of tell a story then you want to move them around like this. You can move
them however you want to make the gallery look exactly how you want then
we can go under configuration and this is the column layout I like three across
the gallery theme remember we added the gallery theme addon so now we have these to
choose from. I’ll try sleek. These, all these other things you can do it’s a little bit more technical. By and large that’s about all we need for that. If you
want to do the social sharing you can enable it here and then decide which
ones which social buttons to show. Also to show where you want them to go. You might want that you might not. The light box that’s when you click on an image and it pops up into a lightbox gallery we’ll also choose sleek for that. Red arrows if you want, where you want them to go… Gonna go to slideshow, if people want to see, view it as a slideshow they can just click on it and it will auto play videos we’re not doing any videos with
this one that will be for its own gallery. And anything else I’ve missed… Those are the main things so let’s go ahead and click publish a Alright, so I’m gonna copy this shortcode incase I need to put
it in a page or a post. But we can also click on our live and you see it
all right here. I love how it kind of puts it all together in a grid style, you can see there’s social sharing I still haven’t set up the share part but that’s there and now
because we did start slideshow you can have the slideshow go. You can adjust the
timing of the slideshow as well things like that. I’m gonna pause it and just show you we also have the next arrows that you can adjust its just beautiful. A
couple of things that we can do with that let’s go ahead and get it back. Go back to settings, add on, I want it to show full screen so we’re gonna install that and activate it and then let’s go back
to Envira Gallery. I want to edit my gallery, and down here I want to enable full screen view so I’ll see what that look. So I need to click Update and we can click back on Now, we’ve got this little arrow here. It just kind of takes over the whole page. You don’t see it all but yeah it takes over the whole page it looks really good. So I’m going to exit out of that. So that’s how to create just a regular gallery with say
the images that you already have right. I already told you also about the Instagram so let
me show you that. So let’s go under new gallery maybe you can just say from our friends
I don’t know and click instagram and we have to authenticate with our Instagram. Okay so it’s gonna take me over here. It should remember me we’ll see if it does. Okay so it’s authenticated me you’ll likely get a popup that says you know allow I didn’t need to do
that. So now we need to go back in and click Add new and now let’s click instagram and add that again. From our friends. This is how you can do it you can either ask your friends to you know create a tag, create a hashtag and you need to pull those in from there it can get a little
dicey because you just don’t know if somebody else is going to create a tag
and it comes in on its own or do photos that I’ve liked. So as everybody’s gone
through the day if you have a little bit of down time you see what everybody’s
photos of the wedding then you can click photos that I like and those will
automatically come in. I can choose how many to bring in I mean it’s a wedding so youre probably gonna want in the hundreds but just for now I’m just going to leave that. You can allow it
to link to photos of the original location on Instagram so that means if
somebody sees that and they click on it will take them to Instagram but It’ll move
them away from your website so decide on that. So that looks good and then under
config you know again the same thing. We can try a different gallery theme so I’ll show you some of those look like. You you can also do the lightbox can try different lightbox. There’s a lot of technical stuff here too, and that’s all I’m going to do for now so I’m going to hit publish and if you wanted to put this in a page somewhere or here’s your direct link
so I’ll click from our friends. Obviously what I’ve liked will be different, yours will come in from all of your family and friends and but these are coming in from Instagram and you see
this is the information down here of what it is. The details of the picture. So yours
will be of your wedding or your wedding weekend and how awesome is that
so that’s automatically pulling in from Instagram. Nothing that you had to do, all
you have to do is go into Instagram and like those pictures from your friends
and family and that’s that’s just awesome. Alright, so you know we created those but
let’s go ahead and create a page to pull all of that in. So you can either look at them
different, you can either look at them separately or from within each page
or post you can add a gallery so you can add this one and then go down to a couple lines
and the other one from our friends you can you know add your information like that, once you click publish and then look at the page, and then when you scroll down you’ve got this one that you’ve added you’ve got this one you see what I’m saying and like when the photographer sends you there’s then you can
add that one from Dropbox. You know and just have nothing but just beautiful
beautiful images to share with everybody. So there’s some major power with the
Envira Gallery and I think you’ll really like that to make your whole website you
know even better. Alright so I’ll stop peeking out about that. One thing I will do since
we created this new page let’s go to appearance and we want to add that to
our menu. We don’t have that on there because we didn’t create that earlier so
let’s go, find that, and that to the menu and it’s down here. We need to click Save menu and
click on there and boom there’s our new menu item. Alright we’ve added our pictures
we’ve also added a plugin that will handle the how large the pictures are, added a couple pages to the menu so let’s look at a way to let people RSVP. We’re gonna add a contact form So we’re gonna go back to plugins go add new and for
the content form we’re going to use contact form 7 it’s a free plugin. There
are plenty of paid plugins that you can use but this one works really well and so just install it, and then we want to activate it as well. And we’ll see it here you can either go to Settings here or go up here to contact forms. So, let’s take a look and see what we have so far.
By default they’ll usually create one for you we can edit that one or take a
look at it and see what it looks like Alright so basically it’s your name, email,
the subject, new message and then the send. That’s actually a good one we’re going to use that one for just the regular contact us page. So you need to highlight and copy all of that. It’s
basically a short code that we’ll want to paste into the page. Before we go you
want to make sure that this is filled out to the email address that you want it
to go to and the from. This from comes from the form your email and your name so
while that’s pulling in from there to the subject comes from the subject and the
message as well. So you just wanna make sure that this is coming to the correct email
address that it needs to come to. Otherwise everything else will work just fine. So now that I’ve copied that we’re gonna go to pages, all pages and we’re gonna put that in the contact one, update that and just to show you it looks like we’ll
click on that and scroll down. And perfect and then there’s a little send button there’s this big see how there’s this big message and a little send button. You can adjust what any of that says. If
you’re doing an RSVP or want an RSVP we’re going to add a new one choose add new. Gonna call it RSVP and these are all the the things that you can choose from, so we want the name, the email, we actually are going to take this
out and this out and for that we want a drop down menu we want it to be required.
You can name that whatever. Say that’s for multiple guests, let’s call it guests that we know and insert tag so they can choose Now because we have that we need to add a little bit of code so we’re just going to kind of mimic what I see up there and a P and put number of guests attending. Mimic that up here and close it out with P. Okay And since you’re probably having a dinner or maybe an after party might need to know food restrictions or something so you can add something like that. For that you could either say if you’re doing meat or more options. Chicken, vegetarian, or whatever other option you might have. Insert that so they can choose for that That type of thing, you want to save it, then
once we get this we can right click and copy gonna go back into our pages go to our
RSVP page and paste that in there and maybe you want to add some information like we’d love to have you. something like that and update it. Alright, take a look at it and see by default that’s there, it can be chicken or vegetarian. So now all that’s left is for you to enter, you know if you want to start doing a blog of
their daily activities leading up to the wedding or after the wedding or how
everything went. You can go in and click up here and say new post you know and do a daily update or weekly
update of how everything is going and just fill all that information out. Share whatever that is, that way when people go to
your site, they look at the blog they can see what the latest is see, you can comment
on it and share it with you can watch everything go. Since this theme, I’ll show
you, since if this theme does have this side area and you just for this theme you can’t
get rid of it it’s, the paid version you can get rid of it make it a full screen so
this goes all the way across there’s a full version of match that if you want then you can do
the full. It shows the full theme across I’ll show you the demo. So you can do a little bit more with it but we chose not to just because I think that
it’s fine how it is but you can get as fancy as you want but for that we can also add a gallery maybe on the side you know show a smaller smaller gallery on the side you could do a custom menu say create two pages about, and maybe have a menu that just has one for her and one
for him and I’ll see what that looks like real quick. Just giving you a little
ideas of what to do. Okay so maybe Tyler talk about Tyler or… I’m creating two pages and I’m gonna go into menu, create a new menu. Now go to Appearance, Menus Create new menu and I don’t want to add all of
these I only one and these two alright so I’ll add those and save it, alright I’m gonna put it over here instead I’m gonna go back to my widget area and I said custom menu that’s the title I’m using.
The menu I’m going to use this us and then click Save. Now I have two widgets on my sidebar area, when I click Refresh, there it is so a smaller version that when you click on it, it
brings it up like that and then the who about who we are you can say about Jen and that will open up and tells a story of Jen in the open up Tyler tell a story about Tyler. So
there’s some ways to make this site look really great and to share more
information with your friends and family about your special day. So let’s just do a real
quick recap and see all the things that we’ve done. So we set up our hosting, we got a domain name so the website address, we installed WordPress as well as a wedding theme. We added, now this will be on you now that you know how to do all this you
want to add more of that information. We also did some extra things we added
plugins, some great plugins that we added my favorite the envira gallery, gallery plugin right, we
did the Imsanity for image size and we did a contact form. So now you’re ready to finish it off and share it with the world and show them your wedding site. If you like this video click on the like
button and go ahead and leave us a comment there we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.


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