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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today we’re going to go fly a kite but to do so first thing we’re going to need
to do is make a kite and to make a kite all we need is a couple simple things
we’re going to start with a brown paper bag
just your average lunch bag we’re going to need a pair of scissors a popsicle
stick glue stick or tape hole punch some yarn some magic markers and if you like
for a little bit of flair some paper ribbon or some regular ribbon that’s
going to give it that feel now first thing I’m going to do is I’m just gonna
take some magic markers and I’m going to decorate my bag and I can decorate this
any way I want easy I’ve got a couple done that are already made here you can
see I had a lot of fun and made some hearts and swirlies now once that’s all
done once it’s all decorated what I’m going to do next is open my bag up now
I’m going to take my finger and I’m going to push it into the center kind of
make like a little peak I’m gonna fold that just crease it and now I’m going to
take my paper punch what I’m going to do is just do half a punch right at that
fold there so that now you can see I have a little hole now
what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a piece of string now you can make
your yarn or string as long as you like I’m just going to make mine short for
purposes of today I’m just going to cut a little piece of string and what I’m
going to do is I’m just going to tie it to my popsicle stick right in the middle
here now the reason I’m using a popsicle stick instead of just making a knot and
putting that piece of string into my bag with a knot is because this is going to
give it some extra added strength so that it doesn’t pull through the hole in
the top of my bag now I’m going to take my string and I’m going to feed it
through now you can see it’s going to start to
pull up and in I want to make sure that my string isn’t going to come off so I’m
just going to take a little piece of tape before I pull it all the way in and
just tape that around let’s make sure that that stays secure and doesn’t slide
off of my popsicle stick just like that okay there’s my basic kite I can stop
right here if I want to it really will fly beautifully without anything else on
it but to make it really pretty I’m going to add some paper streamers now
you can cut these to any length I find that you know about three feet is
great and I’m going to use my glue stick here I’m just going to take the glue
stick and I’m going to rub it all over the bottom here take my streamer place
it on the glue stick take another streamer place it on the glue stick and
I think I can do one more streamer here I’m going to add a little more extra
glue and then just glue that right there now I’ve got some streamers on my
beautiful kite now what’s amazing is if you actually take this out into the wind
and you run with it it will actually get some really good loft and it’ll go
really high in the sky the longer that your string is running with it is the
best way to make it go high so let me show you a couple of these that we’ve
decorated in different ways I’ve got this one here that has some beautiful
silk streamer ribbons on here and I’ve actually used crayons and then over here
I’ve got a little wild and crazy’ with the magic marker but here’s something
fun that I wanted to show you this one I actually decorated with some photographs
of some friends of mine and some stickers and you can see that even this
one without any streamers flies really well so I’m going to challenge you to go
fly a kite for more high-flying ideas like this come
on back to

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