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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well if you’re anything like me you belong to Pinterest and Pinterest has
been flooded with amazing Easter crafting right now and one of the things
that just keeps popping up that I am just totally in love with is these bunny
butt Easter crafts and I just think these are the cutest little thing in the whole
wide world so I’m gonna give you my take on how to
make a bunny butt Easter decoration right now for this project you’ll need one
oversized puff ball at least two and a half inches wide
one medium small puff ball 3/4 inches you’ll need a small square of white felt
a small square of pink felt really good scissors hot glue a small terra cotta
pot a one-inch Styrofoam ball Green Easter grass or crinkle paper silk
flowers wire cutters and a glue pen so one of the best things is that I was
able to get almost every single item here at the dollar store and this came
in a package of three these are my little balls and they come in a pack
with a whole bunch of different sizes but we’re gonna be using the 1 inch
Styrofoam ball and what we’re gonna do is just place it right inside there you
see how that fits perfectly I’m gonna push it down in so you do have to use a
little bit of pressure and really get it stuck down in there and you want to make
sure that you’ve got a goodly amount of space here because what we’re gonna be
doing is adding the bunny butt now here’s my big puff ball now I like to choose
one that like basically fits in the top there and makes like an ice-cream cone
that’s how you know it’s big enough so if you’ve got a bigger pot you might
want you might even need a bigger puff ball the idea here is this is the
Bunny’s body this is his butt side and he’s gonna be like sticking out like
he’s like diving down in to get a carrot or something so I’m gonna put some glue
on the inside here and this is hot glue and I’m just gonna stick it down in
there like that so that he looks like he is he’s pokin over the edge there
he has dove in deep he’s diving in deep okay and now I’m gonna add his feet so
here’s the deal you’re gonna take your white felt sandwich together and I’m
gonna cut a teardrop shape now this is why I said use good scissors because
cutting felt like this in these small shapes can be really tricky if you’ve
got terrible scissors so see how I’ve made like a teardrop shape I’m gonna
round it over at the end there just to be the back end of his foot so there you
can see it’s like a little teardrop this is the tricky part these little tiny
toes and I’ve learned my lesson with trying to make the toes cut yourself a
rectangle or a square because what you’re going to want to do is just do
the toes out of the corners so you just take it right at the corner and just go
up and around and make a little circle and that’ll
give you your toes and if you do it on all four corners just go up and around
that’s going to give you the four little toes you need and then you can use the
middle to make a little oval to be the pad in the middle so you got your pad in the middle and
then I’m actually going to do three toes just because this is not a huge foot so
you got them like that let me glue those together for you so
you got your white foot and I’ve been using a glue pen for these tiny little
toes I use hot glue for my pad right here just glue that right right about
center of the top part there almost looks like a hard-boiled egg when you do
that and then the tiny little toes are so tiny that what I’ve been doing is
just using a paint pen so I’m just gonna put a little drop a paint there excuse
me this is a glue pen not a paint pen put glue there and a little drop of
glue right here drop a glue right here I mean normally I would use a hot glue but
these are so tiny there you go and there’s your paw now got two of them
cuz I already did one now I’m gonna take my little feet and figure out the
placement for them so now it’s up to you you can you can place them
like his feet are slaying out or you can do them so they’re splaying in it’s
really up to you however you want to do it but I kind of like them so they look
like he’s like he’s stuck in there and take a little hot glue put it right here
in the edge you can put a little on his bunny butt I’m gonna go like that right there and making sure I don’t
knock off my little toes and do it on the other side and again a little bit
on the bunny butt part there we go so now it looks like he’s really in
there and now I just need his little tail and again this is this is up to you
where you want to place it you know some people like to place it further back I
like to make it look like he’s really diving in there so I’m just gonna use a
little bit right there put it right there
now you’re almost done you’re gonna use a little bit of this crinkle and again I
got all this stuff at the dollar store to make it look like he is diving into
the grassy carrot patch here and you can just leave it like that if you’d like to
but I’m gonna add a flower so I got these little silk flowers and I’m gonna
push the push the leaves up and I’m gonna cut the stem with about an inch
and a half of wire that’s what I use those wire cutters for I’m just gonna
stick this right in here and that’s going to go into that styrofoam ball and
fluff up the little leaves and there you have it and that’s all there is to
making your little bunny butt Easter decoration I’m wishing you a Happy
Easter from


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