How to Ingest IOCs and Integrate with SIEM Solutions with CrowdStrike Falcon

In this demo, we’ll see how
Falcon Hosts can automatically ingest IOCs via the
Falcon Host API. We will also see any
hits against this IOC being fed into a SIEM. First, let’s start
by creating an IOC. We do this by discovering
a new piece of malware. In this case, we’ll
call it Nasty Rat. If we generate an MD5
hash for this file, we now have an indicator that
we can use to make our IOC. To do this, we switch
over to Soltra Here we can start by choosing
to create an indicator. Then we can give it a name
and populate all the details that we have about
the Nasty Rat malware. Once we publish
the IOC, it is now ready to be sent to Falcon Host. This is done via our API. So here we see a very
simple Python script that consumes the IOC and
sends it to Falcon Host. To prove that the IOC
is now in Falcon Host, we will execute the Nasty
Rat virus on our test system. You can see it run. And now, we switch to the
Falcon Host management console to verify that
this was detected. You can see a new detection
with the scenario “Intel.” This indicates that the
event was caused by the IOC that we imported. Now that we have this
event in Falcon Host, the next step is to
publish this into a SIEM. In this case, we are
using HP ArcSight. Again, we use the
API to send the event from Falcon Host to the SIEM. You can see that the
script successfully ran. So now let’s verify
in the ArcSight UI that the event has been logged. And here you can see the
Nasty Rat event in the SIEM. And with that, you’ve
seen the full life cycle of a custom detection. We started with a new
piece of intelligence, turned it into an IOC,
saw Falcon Host detection against that IOC, and then
sent the event to the SIEM.

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