How to find your BIG passive income IDEA?

Today I’m going to tell you how you can
work out your big idea for selling a passive income product. I’m Lisa Johnson
a multi six-figure business coach and in two years I’ve built a business online
where I make 80 percent of my income from passive and semi passive income
streams. One of the things that stops people getting past the first hurdle of
making passive income is thinking about what their big idea for their semi passive
or passive income product is going to be. So many people get impostor syndrome at
this point, that feeling that makes you think you don’t know enough about
anything to teach or help others. The feeling like you’d be a fraud if you
tried. But remember this, an expert is generally considered to be the person
that knows the most about something in any average room, not in the world and
not in your town, in an average room. You will know more about something than the
people you’re in a room with right now or in the last restaurant you went to
and even if you don’t there are still ways to make passive income. Memberships
don’t rely on you to know everything in my membership I bring in guest experts
every single month to train on what they know I don’t need to be the expert I’m
just the host. People that write ebooks do their research to write the book
they put case studies in from others they gather information and put it in
one place. Comparison or information websites take information already in the
public domain and put it in one place because people will pay to save time. But
today I’d like to start you thinking about how you can make passive income
from what you do know. Let’s start with what you do for your business,
could you make a passive income from that, think about courses, videos, group
programs or maybe even an e-book. When you sit down and brainstorm everything
you know about what you do in your business it’s usually a lot more than
you think. When it comes to business there are two ways that work well for
courses the first is to offer a DIY option for those that can’t afford
whatever it is that you do one to one. So if you’re branding, for instance, could
you create a course that shows others how to do their own branding. The second
ways to teach others to do what you do, if you’re a wedding planner could you
teach others how to become a wedding planner?
Lots of people worry that they’re creating their own competition by doing
this, but in reality people not only work with you because of
you as a person they would also see there’s a hierarchy not only a you, say, a
wedding planner but you now teach others how to be wedding planners Brides will
see that and realize it puts you in a different place from a newer planner. The
other way is to think about past jobs and experience, what did you used to do
could you turn that into something? I know someone that used to be amazing at
customer service so she turned it into a course another client was brilliant at
taking photos so she did a video course showing others how to take great flat
lay. I’m often asked why I got started on my passive income journey, this is how
it started for me. I was doing a lot of one-to-one work coaching and then people
kept asking me the same questions over and over again in my one-to-one and I
thought if I could help all of these people at the same time not
only would it saved me time, but it would mean I could charge them less so I put all of
that into a course and the course had the same topics I was teaching people
one-to-one anyway and it meant that I could help more people and it worked
lots more people who couldn’t afford one-to-one coaching with me were able to
come on board and that’s how it started I then decided to do the same with a
membership for people that were really at entry-level and wanted coaching but
couldn’t afford it and everything took off from there once I did one course I
could then keep re-bringing out some more and more people could do it. There will
always be people that want to do one-to-one with you that’s absolutely
fine but there are some people that just want a lower level of service and that’s
what courses are memberships can help with. Lastly think about what you like to
do as a hobby one of my clients loves taking photos and traveling she now has
a membership where she takes 20 photos of great backgrounds a month on her
travels and her members use them for their insta stories and pay her an
amount per month. One of my other clients loves the theatre so she has a
membership for other people that love the theater. With memberships people come
in to learn, or for support but they stay in for the community, people want to be
around people like them people that share their passions. Another client
shows her members how to cook Caribbean dishes yet another does meal plans for
healthy food so that mums on the go don’t even have to think about it. What
are your hobbies what you love to do? Comment below and tell me.
If there are others like you a membership group is the way to go, if
there are others that want to learn from you a course or an e-book can work well.
If you’re good at collating information then a comparison website might work and
if you already have an audience think about affiliate marketing or even drop
shipping once you have your idea it all becomes easier and I have lots more
videos to help you on your passive income journey so subscribe now by
clicking the bell. I started my passive income streams with courses and
memberships and I’d only been in business a year at the time. If I can do it, you can do that too

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