How to edit wedding photos in lightroom | Fixing challenging & underexposed images

hey guys! welcome back. Joy here, this week we are diving into Lightroom together! I’ve gotten some questions about how I edit and how to get consistent photographs…I’ve just gotten a lot of questions about my style and I thought it’d be fun to walk you guys through how i edit a challenging underexposed and unideal image to look you know fine art and light and airy and romantic. so I think that it’s super easy to get images to look beautiful and glowing and soft when the conditions were perfect you know but real life means that sometimes were inside and sometimes we’re not able to get a sunset with a beautiful floral background so I want to help you guys out by showing you my process for editing images that maybe were not my most ideal images when I took them but I still want to deliver them I still think they’re beautiful and I know my clients are going to love them. so before I go ahead and dive into the Edit I just want to explain to you some of the conditions that we were in for this particular day. so the weather was just insane we were outside and it was sunny and within a matter of minutes it was freezing cold super super windy and dark and it started raining it was insane so we retreated indoors and we wanted to go to this grand staircase but there was actually another wedding taking place at the exact same time so that’s just gives you guys a little bit of an idea of some of the unideal conditions that we were dealing with. my gorgeous couple here just rolled with the punches they were incredible and they just went with it so for this particular image I was really looking for some beautiful architectural elements I love these arch pathways that we’re going through this hallway connecting these rooms I love these columns in the corner some of the lights I just felt that it has some really strong details so that’s what attracted me to this corner of the room so the first thing I’m going to do when I go ahead and edit this image and I’ve already cropped this image here let me show you really quick this is what the image looks like originally and this is a crop that I settled with and what I’m doing is I’m actually making this black line at the bottom my horizon line and I pulled the frame up so you kind of had to decide is it going to be up here or is it going to be down here so I pulled it up because I wanted more of this arch to be up here I really like the shape this crate they feel it really guides your eyes towards the couple and gives a great depth to the photograph. so once you’re happy with your crop, you’re going to hit enter and I’m going to go ahead and move right now into the basic edits and I would do on this image. so the first thing I would do is go ahead and increase exposure. it looks about right so I’m adding an entire stop which might sound crazy to some people but I want this image to be bright and glowing and happy just like this couple is and not so much dark hallway with yellow tungsten lighting. at this point I’m going to go ahead and apply my film preset this preset is just a tweaked preset based on some things that I have purchased over the years and I really just made it my own so I’m going to play around just a little bit with the with my white balance here so i went ahead and i adjusted this white balance just a little bit i played around and I’m settling right around 2900 yeah let me go ahead and just type it in sometimes is a little finicky with the sliders so I just type in exactly what I want so from here I’m going to go ahead and increase the contrast a little bit i feel like we’re losing some of these sharper points ok so I’m settling there I like that a lot. we’re going to pull these highlights down a little bit since we had to pull the exposure up a lot I feel that we need to just soften those highlights just a little bit and get them back to where we want. now with the shadows pulling them down let’s go ahead yeah that looks great next I’m going to go into the white slider and I’m just going to pull that down a little bit where we settled at minus 41 there really you’re just going to have to play around with these and just see what looks good kind of in the thing about Lightroom is that it’s a non-destructive editing software so you can go down you can see what that looks like you can go all the way up you can see what that looks like and you haven’t degraded any of the image quality so that’s the one great thing just play just start to get comfortable in the platform and don’t really worry that you might ruin you know your your image in any way because that’s just that’s not at all how it works ok let’s stop around 80 I like that so I like to warm the highlights I think that looks really great I’m going to just stay there in our details I think I want to go in and try and remove some of this noise so because if you can see up here in the right hand corner my iso was 2000 i’m shooting on the 50 millimeter lens aperture two point O at a hundred and sixty of a second so letting in tons of light with a fairly wide aperture and a fairly low shutter speed and we still were getting a dark image so now you can kind of see how it really was truly very dark in this corner so what I want to do next is pull down some of the noise so as you can see the image itself has a lot of noise going on and normally i would go ahead and add some grain but for this particular image i feel that i want to go ahead and go in and just reduce the noise i’m going to start at 16 16 or 17 and i think when i zoom back out i’m happy with the noise so i’m not i’m not really super against noise but i just want to make sure it doesn’t look too grainy ok so we’ve straightened our image musics not any exposure where we want it the white balance where we want it the next thing that I really want to do is take the brush tool and address some of this warmer tones on these sides I think it’s pretty distracting I’m not a huge fan of that so I’m going to go ahead and cool this brush down a little bit the saturation is already down I like that a lot I don’t care so much about the highlight maybe pull the shadows up a little bit slow looks good a feather looks good with the brush guys it’s really just trial and error so I’m going to go in here and I’m going to kind of paint this on and you’ll start to see this saturated like yellowy like warmy color gets pulled right out of the image because i think it’s distracting i would rather have my couple’s skin tones be warmer and not the building itself. awesome alright guys so once you’re happy with that so i’m going to turn it off you can see the yellow turning it back on and that has reduced it like how crazy is that it just looks like the light was more natural because it has that yellow pulled out of it because that yellow is telltale artificial lighting and we all kind of know you can tell when you see it that it wasn’t the best light so that’s something that I really like to kind of sneak in there and get rid of okay so I’m happy with this brush I’m going to close it alright so the next thing I want to do is pull out just a little bit of these oranges and yellows from what we’re seeing in their skin tones I’m going to go ahead and pull down the saturation just a little bit on both the orange and the yellow and right away you can see that it feels more true truly white balanced if you will so I like that a lot that’s gorgeous so this is pretty much where I would finish up I really like this edit I feel like it’s brighter it’s creamier it has a more romantic love I can show you guys a before and after alright so here we go this really shows how we pulled the yellow if you look particularly in the side areas this part of this original image was so yellow so saturated and now I feel like my eye immediately goes to my couple I’m immediately drawn to their smiles to her gown and looking at this beautiful architecture but not in a distracting way I feel that it it complements her and so this image is done I’m happy with it and I would go ahead and export it at this point and move on to the next image. so I hope that this was useful for you guys to see a little behind-the-scenes of how I process my imagery let me know if you guys have questions I would be happy to answer them give this video a thumbs up if you learned anything and be sure to subscribe if you don’t miss out on future videos all right i’ll see you guys next week bye guys


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