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hey guys today we will be designing and
making this custom wood sign for an elopement this weekend I have a new
project open on Cricut design space and and inserting a box the same size as my
board to serve as a placeholder this will make designing our project
easier I changed the color so I have a better idea how my sign will look now I am heading over to Creative Fabricas Font Cloud to pick out which font I want to use since I have a
monthly subscription from them I have tons and tons of fonts downloaded I have
a pretty good idea I’m kind of leaning towards the Berson Dream font family
since it does include multiple fonts that all look great together and they’re all
really whimsical looking which is kind of the direction I’m going
for this sign it also includes these extras as they call it which are glyphs
and embellishments on all of these really cool flowers and branches to use
now I’m just kind of going through because I was unsure which one I was
gonna be using at this point but once I did decide on one I clicked on it and
once you click on it it automatically copies to your clipboard now this is
important because once we head over to Cricut design space we are going to
enter in that text and all we have to do is click on the text box and then you
ctrl V to paste that character in now it’s going to look like just sometimes
like just a regular number or a letter especially with these font packs it
could just be a regular number but sometimes they are special characters
that I have no idea how to type that out on mine so it’s easiest just to go over
to the font cloud copy that to your clipboard from there and then come over
to Cricut design space to paste that and now once I have this kind of size to my
sign I duplicate it and then size that for the top part once that is set I
duplicate it and then flip it for the bottom half so once you are designing
your own projects definitely take advantage of the tools that are located
in the toolbar at the top the arranged and aligned function I use for almost
every single project and the flip and the rotate is great as well and once I
have this positioned where I want I’m heading over to my word document
where I have already typed out the information that is going to be included
on the sign which I highly suggest and kind of spacing it out to where you know
what is going to be on what line and it definitely helps me whenever I’m
designing these signs now since I want to double check the font before I put it
on there I’m going to head back over to font cloud make sure that that Burson
dream is what I want to use which I think the names look awesome with it I’m
actually going to head on into that font so I just have to click on the Burson
dream to see all of the letters and the characters that are included with that
font I’m just going to type that in so I can see how it will look and then just
kind of playing around with some of the extra letters and glyphs that they have
included which you guys with this font there’s 13 I believe I counted
13 lowercase A’s to use like there’s 13 of each lowercase letter to use which is
awesome and and you want to add letters to the front
into the back of the name and just go for like all sorts of different looks so
I went with more of a simple one and then also came down to find the K that
matched that same tail and then all I did was click on it to copy it to my
clipboard and then I pasted it into place on the font cloud so I could
preview that once that looks good I copied all of that ctrl C to copy and
then head back over to my cricut design space enter in a new text box and then
ctrl V to paste that in now of course it’s still going to be on my person
dream extras and I need to change that to the person dreams script now once
they do that you can see that the font changed and copied over those special
letters with details on the end and that I copied over from font cloud now all
I’m doing here is ungrouping dragging the letters together and then welding
them back together again to weld them just select your whole name
or whatever text that you’re using and click the weld button now that I’ve done
that to both my names I just changed the color to white since that is the color
vinyl I’m going to be using just so I have a better idea how it is going to
look all together I just started playing around with the sizing and the placement
on your sign now I’m not getting this exact quite yet since they do have more
text to enter in so I am going to head back over to my font cloud just to make
sure that that text looks good and with the we eloped part so I’m going to head
over to my word document I’m actually going to make that an all uppercase copy
that into my font cloud so I can see how that looks in the Berson Dream I think it looks pretty good so I am
going to copy that into my Cricut design space and change the font to Berson
Dream Trio I’m gonna be making some adjustments to
those including the color so it matches the rest and I am sizing the spacing of
the letters down I just duplicate that so I have the same
elements copied over and then I just paste in the information that I want on
the bottom part of my sign which is just the location and the date I do sighs the line down to negative 6
or negative 6.5 it’s too small to see on my little screen that I’m editing on
right now but I believe it was a negative 6.5 the line spacing on that here I’m just kind of playing around
with it aligning it see how it looks I kind of liked the Carolina off center a
little bit and then the and symbol to be off-center the other way now once I have
this the positioning where I want it I take out that placeholder box erase that
select all of the text in the characters that I’m going to be including on my
sign and then I weld those together now this actually came out to perfect size
if it was a smidge bigger I would have to cut this into two pieces because it
would be bigger than my Matt can cut but since this is just under the eleven
point seven or whatever it was and then the 23 and a half it is actually perfect
for this machine so I really lucked out now since I’m using Oracle 651 a cheese
the premium vinyl setting and start cutting my project to make my life
easier I like to cut some lines in my project especially with this white since
it’s so hard to see what is cut out and what isn’t and I just cut out the lines
and then I start weeding mine by line I kind of had a little brain fart there
because usually on my first line it says welcome to and when I pulled up the w/e
I thought that there was an L that was supposed to be there and was missing and
so I it took me a second to kind of remember like okay wait a second or who
are you doing in a little bit sign here not a regular welcome to sign so that
was what that pause was for but we’re all good we’re all good so when I’m
working with my transfer tape I like to pull up just a little bit on the roll
and then I start at the very edge of my project I place that edge down and then
I slowly unroll it and then use my large scraper just to make sure that the
transfer tape stays flush and down on my project I just use the cricut knife to
cut off the excess using the large scraper working from the
inside out just to make sure that that transfer tape is adhered to the vinyl now I am ready to peel that up from the
backing of the vinyl and then place that onto my board now ncu place this onto
the board you can usually move it around to the position that you want but of
course the first time you lay it down just get it as close as you can and then
you can usually tug at each corner to kind of get it perfect but even with
this sign the cut of wood is not perfect all the
way up and down and so you can see on the top right it is a little bit further
right but that’s okay with all the detail and you’re looking at the project
as one you don’t even notice it I’m just kind of tugging at the sides to get that
positioning perfect once I have that on there I am using my craft topia the soft
side of the scraper to start working from the middle and working out just to
varnish the vinyl onto the wood board so sometimes working with stained wood
the vinyl doesn’t adhere quite as well and like as if it would to a piece of
acrylic or something so I basically use my scraper to create
this negative kind of edge to it so as I’m pulling up the transfer tape I am
pushing that scraper up against it and it basically just pushes that vinyl onto
the board and does not even allow it to come out I don’t have to do that with
the whole sign just on some areas where I have some problems with and I just
don’t want the vinyl ripping on this so I’m just trying to make sure that it’s
extra nice for this couple if you do have some that lifts up as
you’re pulling the transfer tape up just use your finger to put it back down once I have all of the transfer tape up
I go back over it with my thumb or the palm of my hand just to press all of the
vinyl down to make sure that it is actually stuck to the board thank you
for watching this video I really hope that it helped and designing your signs
especially if it’s for your own wedding huge congratulations to you I do have
plenty of DIY wedding related videos so if you enjoyed this video please give it
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