How to Crochet a Scarecrow for Halloween – Crochet Halloween Decoration – Crochet Scarecrow Pattern

hi everybody in this tutorial I’m going
to be showing you how to sew and put this guy together I have a tutorial that I’m going to show
you it’s using my basic I’m a guru me pattern and so you can go to the
tutorial and pattern to find how to make the the blank doll itself but don’t sew
any of the pieces together and when you have all the pieces made come back and
I’ll show you how to turn him into a scarecrow hi guys I’ve been doing this
doll here for a few weeks now trying to design all the pieces and everything and
the way that it’s designed you have to make all the pieces before you can put
it all together and I figured I’d make a video to show you how I’m going to put
this thing together at least the way I plan to put this thing together I hope
it goes well thumbs on the hand I attached it right where that line is I
kind of use that as this is the end of the hand so the hand is only up to that
line and then right above the line I attached the thumbs
okay so wonder how to do that and this is made to have the feet inside I
already went ahead and sewed on my patches and the bottom fold and I sewed
I attached the fold to the actual pants themselves it makes it so much easier
and then all the sewing inside will be inside and it you can you don’t have to
see the actual sewing I’m going to get my tail because I need it to be on this
side and put that leg in one leg and one pant leg then grab your other putting
the string feeding the string through because I really need to have it there
to do the sewing okay those are the legs and so now you want to fold the overalls
back so you can see the legs sticking out there
and this is where you’ll want to connect and you’ll want to connect it you can
use this because it doesn’t matter you won’t be seeing it this all be attached
I’m going to be going from the center and I’m going to be sewing it on to the
sides as best I can I’m going to go through the leg and then
through the the body and since it’s already attached to the leg because my
string is coming from the leg I’m going to go ahead and start first by aligning
it the best I can with that middle and then going right through the leg and I’m
going to try to get this on camera but it’s going to be very difficult so I’m
going through the body and then I’m going to go through a stitch on the leg
and then I’m going to continue down so from where I did here I’m going to keep
going go through the next stitch on the leg and then remember try to use this
circle here or in the middle to keep it aligned and then just continue on down
through the leg in the body it’s just kind of a
ragdoll so it doesn’t have to be perfect it’s
meant to be loose okay I’m getting my last stitch and I’m on the same side of
the circle and then do the same thing to attach no too close you can’t see hope
you could see that on camera now I’m going to go ahead and attach this leg on
the other side of my circle here trying to keep everything straight and I’ll
come back whenever I get done okay just got my legs so long now I’m gonna
pull his pants up make sure you got your overalls straight so the overalls on
like this oh there’s the guy that with the blower again hope you can’t hear him okay so I’m just gonna leave maybe about
that much about where you see my hand is like this this much over the overalls
here and I’m just gonna do a quick sewing on this side and then I’m gonna go ahead and get my
button the one I’m using here and feed it through here try to get centered in
that piece I just overlapped a little bit there so it on that flap to make it
look like it’s there because the button then I’m just gonna go down my overalls
here just to hide my tail okay I’m gonna go do the other one and I’ll be right
back okay once you have your overalls on your guy and your legs sewn on you can
get a better idea now where you can put your arm well if you have your head
already made like I do you can do this just to get an idea of head to arm ratio I’m gonna have my thumb’s kind of going
down or should I go up Wow no it’s gonna look like he’s doing that all the time a
so I’m gonna go ahead and just put it somewhere in the middle much as I can
here I’m gonna try to just mark the middle here with my my yarn itself okay
oh so it’s set up like this but I thumb up I’m actually gonna have to start my
arm so that’s where I was going to attach it I do it on the backwards I’m
gonna go down lower from where I was going to attach it because I’m gonna
start from the bottom up like that so now I just have to go through the body
dude just like you did with the the legs going through the body and then the arm
it’s hard to do this on camera so I’m going to go ahead and just do the best I
can but I make no promises I can do wait maybe just go through the stitch itself
and then go through the arm stitch maybe easier that way to stay Center to stay
aligned with my previous stitch just go up and get a little closer for you
this is alright previous stitches you can see it there so I’m just going to go
up the next stitch there and then up through the next stitch of my arm I’ll
do the same thing again hope I didn’t get this too high I don’t think I did but I guess we’ll
see okay
it looks good it ends right there where my overalls are which is good what it
look like it’s kind of going on overall you can go through and do stitches
through the whole thing again but I think what I want to do is just hide my
tail I’m using this as a decoration for Halloween so it’s not it’s gonna be
played with so much okay so I’m going to go ahead and sew on my other arm and
I’ll be right back before I do that I’ll show you a little trick here this is
where your your arm is sewn on on this side let me back up that tip a little
too close now and just to make sure I’m going to be aligned I make sure I got
that straight from here to here and this is up okay I think it’s about here to keep
even I’m gonna put a marker on this side in hopes that I don’t sell it on wrong
okay now you got your arms and legs on and your overalls on now you can just
put the hands inside the vest you can sew this on them if you want but I don’t
think I’m gonna do that I’m just gonna go ahead and finish doing my head in my
face and then also that head on hey everybody
as you can see I went to the store and I picked up some stuff I’ve got some
toothpicks that I’m gonna use to get the glue I got some felt I wanted to try to
do a felt face for a change so I went and got myself some felt and I cut it
out and also I got stuff that I’m going to be using for the hair it’s my head
let me move that other way for a second so let me start with the eyes and get a
little closer here okay so what I did is I cut out like the white just like this
and I shaped and then I cut out around black and then I got him just like a
little bitty piece just to cut my daughter said that looked weird just
like black so she told me to to put some little white on it so I think that’s
what I’m gonna do I think it’s going to help it look better and how I decided to
put it on is to glue so I got some got a toothpick and some glue gonna put some
on the back of my felt here I’ve never done this before so this is
all experimental for me I’ve made many dolls but I’ve never designed my own
doll so it’s been fun and my daughter’s been helping me I’m gonna try to Center
that as much as I can and they get a little put it on this
other piece little piece is so small okay okay so this one already did so I
think the eyes are done and I just cut out a little square piece for the nose
and I figured I’d put it or a bit of a cap back on my glue here it’s still
singing to want to come out so I got my head I came back out of it I think no really I’m not sure exactly how I’m
gonna put it on there yet but I think it’s probably going to be something like
this what the felt on the nose like that so this is my hat I finished last night
and I went out and I got some of this I wanted to get some kind of string and
then I stole this stuff which is called paper string and it’s I got it out here
in his room where I live it was at a craft store and it’s really it’s really
stiff it’s hard like straw and I thought well for the Scarecrow that’d be great
so I started cutting pieces I’ve got several pieces I guess this is about in
an inch it’s hard to tell that’s about an inch so it’s about three inches two
and a half three inches long each piece and then I fold it in half and then I’m
attaching it to the hat so I went into one stitch and they get closer now I
went into one stitch here and this is where the fold of the hat happens this
is the two rows of that I folded it over and then I went and three rows deep one
two this is the third row in and I was going along that third row pull through
a loop through the stitch like that and then just hard to work with this
stuff pull it through that loop that you make and then just try to tighten it a
little bit doesn’t have to be perfect but my idea was behind this is to put it
on him like this so the hair would kind of be attached on the inside and if it’s
a few rows deep you can’t really see it when you pull down you’ve got two rooms
to hide it this way and you still have the flap of the hat that’s not being
touched but you can use any kind of string that are string yarn or whatever
you can find that to make the hair but that just I got lucky with that stuff I
think they do have a site if you’re interested it says pal pal de coche IL
at a roll you can can see that or not I’ll put it in the in the video I’ll
spell it out so you can see it and so that’s it I’m going to go around I think
I’m going to go all the way around just not this front area because I don’t want
to cover the face so probably just along the side and the back and then to the
other side and then I’ll put the glue the face on okay I think what I’m going
to do just to have a frame of reference because I’m having difficulty uh no one
wear the hat or the eyes should go they need to go ahead and attach my head to
my headless scarecrow here thread my needle and I guess I’m going to go from
the center the body’s uh I guess it’s here the center of the where I started
my crocheting or ended in who knows by now to the center or the ending of this
so I’m just gonna attach so it won’t flop around on me okay I don’t want it
to be too like rag doll ish so I’m gonna go I think up two rows let’s start from
here let’s go one two two rows over and then from here go one to two rows
over here as well and I think I’m going to continue that all the way around
going to rows out and then two rows this way as well because you don’t want it to
be just in the center because then you’re going to have a very wobbly head
you want to have some kind of connection like an excise even though it won’t
really be a neck so it’s gonna be hard to do this on film so I’m just gonna go
ahead and do my best to go around the whole thing and get so it all for you
okay I did pretty much all the way around I think I got it good and tight
now I’m just trying to hide my yarn and the stitches of the Scarecrow’s head
okay very as a head now let’s see if I can thought I got the head made here don’t think I’m gonna sew this on I am
actually I think I am gonna sew this hat on want to get done cuz I don’t want
this bald head to show fall off it’ll get lost with my kids when they pick him
up so I guess for now I’m just gonna get a piece of yarn gonna stick him together
so this hat didn’t fall off I want to create an anchor there okay so that’s
gonna give me a better idea where I need to put my eyeballs it’s like the stare okay so it needs to
be about here I guess I’m going to get some glue there we go okay because I
won’t get it straight if I try to do it on camera so I’m gonna go ahead I’m
gonna get my glue and I’m gonna get it and put it on the back of each eye and
then push it down and glue those eyeballs on ice need to make sure I can
do it at a good angle so his eyes don’t end up like dad or something so I
couldn’t do that and finish the Hat and everything and and I’ll let you know
what he looks like when he’s done okay I want to shut it show you the Hat just
finished made it all the way around oh I’m leaving a little bit at the front
here open so that we can still see his his face so I’m gonna sew that on now
that’s what the the back of his head will look like has this crazy straw hair
and also I went ahead and put some straw here at the bottom and I like it it’s
going to give him more of a look so I’m gonna show you how I did that fold open
up his pants leg and we’re going to be using this this white Ridge of the sock
and the pieces that I was using was a little long I was using that about the
same size as I was before just because it’s easier to mess around with and then
whenever I got it on there I did a little clipping around the outside just
to make it the shortness that I wanted this is some let me get a few of these
pieces so I can show you okay so I’m gonna fold it in half like it did before now I’m going to go under one of those
stitches that we have for our sock and attach it just like we did our hair up
on the hat but here I didn’t do it on every single stitch I skipped a stitch
and then I would put the next one in the next stitch and then I would skip the
next stitch and then go into the next so I was just going every other one just like that and then when I got done I’d
put it down like this and then grab grab your pieces out of time I’ll try to
stick with the two pieces that I had and then just cut them just cut them to the
size that you want I’ll be a little longer and even have different sizes to
make it look more realistic like that okay
I just got the legs the stuff done they see the whole camera and so the only
thing left I need for my doll is to sew the hat on and I’m going to do it just
like I did the other one I wanted to show you real quick because this is not
easy to do I just wanted to show you what I was doing
we’re really gonna have to take it slow cuz this fold if you don’t allow this
fold to be here then you can see the stitches so you really want that fool to
be there and you also want this to come down some so you don’t see the knots on
this side so what I did is I put my hook above where I attached the hair and then
you can kind of move the hair a little bit out of the way this is like
almost impossible to show on camera I got it from here above where I have the
hair see where the yarns attached and then I’m kind of going in between the
two hairs but on the head itself like here for instance it’s not it’s like
between two hairs on the head and you’re going to need a lot of yarn by the way
too so this don’t have to go all the way around and then I’m pulling it down
tight so now I’m going to go to the next piece of hair which is here those are
the next two I’m going to go in between those on the Hat itself to constant fight with this so once I
have it there I’m gonna try to move these two hairs separate those two hairs
and go now under those knots under the knots of the hair onto the head and then
pull it like this and you see it’s it is hiding the knots and the fold is hiding
the top so it’s going to be a pain in the butt and now I can move that string
over and I can go in between or on top of the next one where the Hat is cause I
have to fight these little hairs I’m getting caught up in it and once I have
that I already made my knot there on the head so now I’m going to go to the next
between the next two knots here this one in this one on the face so it’s going to
take some time but it can be done and again once you get done with sewing on
the face I was in between these two hairs so I can just move this hair over
because I want to now come in between the next that one and the next one it’s
hard to work with so much yarn you may have to do it with a smaller amount of
yarn and then just attach more later on just take your time here because this is
not easy and these are hard straw like yarn I can’t imagine how it would be if
you used to really yarn so I’m going to continue that all the way around and
I’ll show you going to get done okay I got the hair sewed on and just to make
sure it doesn’t open up like this and expose the hair underneath I’m going
around and sewing that flap down so that it
doesn’t doesn’t come up like this and I just wanted to show you what I was doing
that real quick because I think it’s important once you’ve got your hat sewed
on that you close that flap so that the hair will never be able to be seen okay
guys I got done with the hat now and I decided he just looks cute without a
mouth okay to put a smiley face I don’t know maybe
I’ll do it another time but right now I think that he this looks good just the
way he is if you want to be notified whenever I release a new tutorial you
can go to my main YouTube page and click the little Bell button beside my
subscribe button and always be notified whenever I release a new tutorial so I
really hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did please don’t forget to like and
share and comment down below and tell me what you think of the pattern and if you
made one please share a picture and put it on my crochet for the masses Facebook
page I’d love to see it and so that’s it thank you so much for watching bye


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