How to create Event Registration form using Google forms free

okay now we’re going to learn how to set up
your registration for your event using
Google Forms in Google spreadsheet. Here’s a simple a
completed registration form. It’s simple, straightforward easy is for your guests to fill out. The questions, each one they see with a
red mark after, it means that it’s a required field and when they’re finished a hit the
submit button. So how do we do one of these forms? we start in Google Drive. Go to create Select FORM and we’re not going to choose a theme right
now. First we are going to start with our form. the first thing to do skip the title so we’ll call this
corporate luncheon now we can add all fields that we need for this registration form where the
most important things about registration forms is knowing what data it is that you want
to collect in remembering that this data that you collect is going
to integrate with your spreadsheet pay each thing that you put in your formal
come field in your spreadsheet to the most common
thing they were me one click obviously is the name in again if you wanna sort by the last
name make sure that you collect both these a separate
fields so we first name there’s different
question types in this case we just want text and we’re done this is where the group
but the answer you’re done with that with you done and now we need to do their last
names the at item and again the question type will be a
text merger in black sleek and done not say the next thing we want to know
is what department there in serve in an item Department are you can this time we don’t want them
to write it we want them to have a selection so what we can do is that true give them
a choice from a drop-down menu in will say Timothy choices and they’ll have to
select one when it come to this question nothing we can do is hat use a checkbox so we can say on your meal prep its sometimes it’s good
to know if you’ve always got to bed if you’ve got a vegetarian the grouper
someone who is being an City checkbox and will have chicken meet I’m I say beef or budgetary I’m if you’ve made a mistake you can always
go back in edit your question and remembered down here keep select required questioned your
guests will have to answer that field somethings late email last name are usually required tea mix
recollect that they will not be able to submit the form unless Dave selected all the required settled
out all the required questions I’m know a couple things you want to do
before we look at our spreadsheet let’s save this form same name as function so for clinton and now we can view our live for I’m now that we have a slight to the theme
songs go back and select the theme I’m do that right over here theme sick corporate this couple choices you
can scroll through and see what that she messed click on the one you want select OK there’s no change here but when you go
to the life form the see the change in the fields that
you want your guest fill out anything you can do from here is few years sponsors this will link you
straight spreadsheet I’m specially was
automatically created when you create the form time samples the time that they filled
out this form and as you notice each field in the form has now become a column in
your spreadsheet this is really handy like I said in case
you want to i’m sort by their last name or what department there and used a lot
more flexibility went down leads to a spreadsheet again
we need to title are don’t reach title your
spreadsheet and will do we don’t have to say spreadsheet because if you’ve noticed the logo here changes
whether it’s a spreadsheet or form go back at work now in Google
Drive this local right here icon I mean this icons for forums and this icon is
for spreadsheets for now we have both are form and her spreadsheet ready to go and
start collecting for me summer already collect
information we finished our form and we can say send form we have two ways to share this one is to just copy paste the link with a couple ways to share this one is
to simply copy the link and share it with them email the other is to click your twitter or
facebook link it to those accounts and share it that way it’s a good idea
its public home another way is to embed it into
your website here you copy the code in a bed that
into a website and finally last thing you can do is
email and as you know this form all your Google information is collected
it’s connected so this form if you click here to be able
to access your Google Contax seen issue hits and your guests will receive this form in there you have it a real simple way
but all the information you need from your guests

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