How to create a personal event

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Events in your Calendar on the jobactive website or by using the Job Seeker Mobile App? You can add Personal Events to your Calendar to reflect life events. This information is shared with your Provider so they know all about any prior commitments you have before scheduling other requirements in your
Calendar. To get started sign in to your jobactive JobSearch account. Go to the ‘Calendar’ option at the top of the screen. On the right hand side of the page click ‘Add a Personal Event’. Select the option that is relevant to the Personal Event you wish to add. If no other option is available for the specific event you would like to add, select the ‘Personal Event (Other)’ option. Enter the date the event will occur
including start and end times. Specific events will display predefined
questions relevant to the Personal Event of your choice. Once you have entered details on the event click, ‘Save’ to add the Personal Event to your Calendar. Please note: You must enter details in all fields marked with a red asterisk. Once you have added the Personal Event, it will display in your Calendar as an (Unconfirmed) Personal Event. Your Provider will see these in a shared Calendar and may confirm the Personal Event. If they do a status of (Confirmed) will be displayed in your Calendar. You can also view Personal Events via ‘Your Tasks To Do’ via the Dashboard on your jobactive JobSearch account. It’s important to remember that in some circumstances, your Provider may need to schedule a requirement like a job interview or appointment at the same time that you have a Personal Event and you will be required to attend. If this is the case, your Provider may contact you to discuss the need for you to attend a requirement at the same time. You will always be expected to attend any requirements scheduled by your Provider or Centrelink, even if they overlap with a Personal Event. Regularly review your Calendar and always speak to your Provider if you can’t make a requirement. Adding Personal Events to your Calendar is a great way of sharing information with your Provider about your personal circumstances. It will also assist your Provider in determining a particular time and day you may not be able to attend a requirement so they can schedule another suitable time and day. Want more tips? Click on the playlist to keep watching. Subscribe to our channel to get notified when we post a new video. Background music playing

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