How to Crash a Party

How to Crash a Party. Never allow the fact that you were not invited
to a social event prevent you from attending it. You just have to master the fine art of crashing. You will need An event that cries out to be
crashed Nerve and a poker face. Step 1. Pick an outfit that will allow you to blend
in with the invited guests. Step 2. Find out some basic information about the
event. If it’s a wedding, know the names of the
newlyweds. If the gala is to honor someone, know what
their achievement is all about. Being able to drop an obscure name or two—like
colleagues of the guest of honor—will make you sound even more legit. Just Google the honoree. Step 3. Wait outside the venue for a group to arrive,
then try to ride that wave into the party. Step 4. If challenged, pretend to be part of the event
planner’s staff, there to take care of an emergency. Indicate in some vague way that there will
be dire consequences if you are denied admittance. Step 5. Once inside, use “the long lost relative”
cover. Well of course they never mentioned their
third cousin twice removed who is living in Timbuktu! Step 6. If busted, switch to suck-up mode—you’ve
never, ever been at such a glorious affair. Step 7. So you’ve been tossed. All is not lost. Wait until the wee hours, when the door staff
is less vigilant and the guests are tipsy, and try, try again. Did you know Prince William’s 21st birthday
party at Windsor Castle was crashed by Aaron Barschak, a well-known British comedian, much
to the embarrassment of royal security.


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