How to Clean Out Your Locker for End of School

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize your locker if it’s a big mess
and you have to clean it out for end of school or it has just gone to the point where things
are falling out of your locker right when you open the door or you just can’t find things
and your grades are suffering because you just can’t find anything and your locker is
a big mess. So let me show you exactly how to clean out your locker so you can do the
same stuff and get yourself organized. So this is the locker I have right here. And
inside, you can see it is just a big mess like you can’t find anything, things are just
shoved inside and grabbing something from the bottom is just really difficult to do.
So the first thing you want to do is grab a sheet of paper because you are going to
write down the things that you need to do as you are cleaning out the space. And so, I’ve created a locker clean out checklist
for you. There’s a link below where you can download it and you can print it and you can
use this as you’re cleaning out your locker. So I have mine right here. And I have a marker.
And as I come across things that required me to take action, I’m just going to write
them down. So in addition to the list, I also have three
bags that I just got from home, just grocery store bags. And what I’m going to do is we
are going to sort things into each bag as we come across trash, recycling and things
that belong — like things you want to take home or things that belong to other people.
So I’m just going to hang them right here. And then I’m going to take three sticky notes.
And so, I’ve just grabbed three different colors of sticky notes just so we can create
like quick labels just like this. And actually, you don’t have to label them.
Like if you just remember this is trash, this is recycling, this is to bring home, that’s
perfectly fine also. But just to make this — just so you can better see, I’m just creating
one for home. I’m just going to put that right there. Then I’m going to create one for trash.
I’m just writing with the Sharpie. And then one for recycling just like that. And then we are going to just staple it to
each bag just so we can know what is what. And the best time — like if your school doesn’t
give you a designated locker clean out day, like we used to have locker clean out day
and it goes like once a quarter in our high school and middle school. If you don’t have
that, you can maybe get to school a little bit earlier and do this or stay after school
for like 30 minutes. It really shouldn’t take you that long to do this, or if you have like
interact or recess or maybe during your lunch you could do this. But really, just find a
time when you have some down time and you can just sort everything out. OK. So I’ve got my three bags right here.
And what we’re going to do here is we’re going to start at the bottom and we’re just going
to sort everything out into trash, recycling, and stuff to bring home. OK. So we have all of our bags labelled right
here nice and organized. And now, we’re just going to go through and pick one thing out
like one by one and just sort it out into what’s trash, recycling, and what’s to bring
home. So, we’re just going to start here. So gym shoes — we’re going to pretend like
this is the end of the year and we are going to bring those home. We no longer need those. All right. A worksheet from last quarter,
a test from last quarter, trash, so what I’m doing here is I’m just going to take out all
the paper. I’m going to lay everything flat. And if you don’t have time to kind of go through
the papers right now because you don’t have a lot of time, just stack them nicely. And
what you can do is just bring them home and when you get home, go through them one by
one and figure out what you actually need to keep, put in your filing cabinet or what
can be discarded because you’re not taking that subject anymore or next year, it won’t
be applicable or you just don’t need it. And then everything else — everything that’s
obvious trash, we’re going to put in the trash. OK. So my lunchbox can go at home. OK. So
like a sweatshirt you borrowed from a friend; that needs to go back to a friend. So we’re
going to go here and on our locker clean out checklist, we’re going to say, “Give sweatshirt
back to friend.” Just like that. And so, that’s your first action item. So when you’re done
cleaning out your locker, you’re going to have a nice list of things that you need to
do. All right. More papers, so just think like
how good you’re going to feel like once everything is organized and the mess is gone and it’s
just going to be like a fresh new start if it’s like the middle of the school year or
if it’s the end of the school year then it’s going to feel good to already have gotten
this done. OK. So like here’s that agenda book that you
couldn’t find in the middle of the school year and because you couldn’t find your agenda
book, you aren’t writing down your homework or your assignments, project due dates or
test dates and stuff. So it just goes to show, if you get organized, you can find the things
that you have been missing. So what I’m going to do is I want to bring this home so we can
kind of go through that. All right. So here’s a book from the library. So this
needs to be returned. So on my list, I’m going to write, “Return library book.” OK. I got
some more notes. Here is trash. This is like a note from a friend. I’m going to recycle
that. OK. Here are gym clothes. This needs to go home so we can wash this. These are
pretty gross. This is just like random stuff. We can bring this home with us. And when you
get home, you need to go through this bag and take action and decide what’s to do with
these things. OK. Here’s a book. Now, because your locker
was so messy, you spilled on your book. So good things you had it covered so it doesn’t
get damaged. Old gum, that can be trashed, candy wrapper, a gross tissue. OK. Here’s
like school photos that you paid money for and now they’re at the bottom of your locker.
That can go home. This fell down from your locker so we’ll just — for now, we’ll just
put it back up. OK. And then a pen. So we’ll bring that home too. All right. So now, the bottom or your locker
is clear now. Like that didn’t take up that much time, like a few minutes. And we can
finally see the bottom. So if you have a wet wipe, I would suggest just wiping it down
or doing whatever you need to, to clean the bottom and have a fresh new start. All right. So now, we are going to see what’s
at the top of the locker, clean that out into our categories and just continue making progress. Here is a disgusting banana that we found
on top of the locker. OK. So now that we’ve cleared out all the
mess, all the papers, all the trash, recycling out of your locker into these three bags,
now it’s just a matter of taking the trash to the trashcan, take the recycling to recycling,
and then when you go home after school, just make sure you bring this bag with you. I’m
just going to tie this so nothing falls out. And I’m going to hang this in the locker or
I’m going to put this in the bottom of the locker so when we go home, we can bring those. And then our action list, what we’re going
to do is put all the papers that we need to go through. I’m actually going to put them
inside of this folder right here. I just have a folder underneath my checklist. So then
we can just bring the folder home. And then maybe not after school today but
maybe this weekend or Sunday, we can go through the sack of papers and figure out what we
need to keep and what we can get rid of. And that really depends on what stuff you need
to keep and what stuff like you need for next year and what stuff is safe to get rid of. OK. So then on my checklist, I’m going to
add, “Go through these stacks or go through the stack of paper.” All right. Cool. So now,
I’m just going to take this home and I will deal with that when I get home. But as you
can see, that didn’t take up a lot of time to organize your locker. It’s just a matter
of going through all the stuff, pulling out and deciding what to do. And now, you have
a fresh new start. If it’s the middle of the year or if it’s the end of the year, you can
see that this didn’t take up a lot of time to kind of wrap things up now that the summer
is about to begin and you are leaving your locker. So what’s the weirdest thing you found in
your locker? Or what do you think you’re going to find that you have been looking for once
you’ve cleaned out your locker? Leave a comment below and let us know what it is. And if this
is your first time watching any of my videos, you can subscribe for more tips on getting
more tips on getting organized or check out my website, Alejandra.TV. And if you want
to download the locker clean out checklist, the link is below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.


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