How To Choose Hashtags for Your Event

Are you planning an event? Have you
picked your unique hashtag for your event? If not let’s look at a few reasons
why you need a unique hashtag and how you’re going to make sure it really is
unique. Hi I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots
Media and I’m here with… Hi guys Lany Sullivan with Events by Lany and
we’re talking hashtags. This reminds me of that YouTube video that Jimmy Fallon
and Justin Timberlake did “hashtag” right if you ever, go watch it.. never mind.
So anyway, hashtags for an event. They need to be unique! But let’s talk about
how do we even figure out what our hashtag is? [Sheryl] Well for one you’re going to
want something identifiable with your event. You want it to resonate with
people why your using that hashtag. You don’t want to use rainbow unicorns when
your event probably isn’t about rainbow unicorns, but if it is that could be your
hashtag. So if it’s not identifiable with you it’s out! Another thing you want to
keep in mind SHORT! Rainbow unicorn probably isn’t that great, because A. it’s
long B. it’s something somebody could misspell easily, so you want to keep it
short and you want to easy to remember. So just using random letters or if you
have an event for your event has some misspellings that resonates with your
brand granite, other people attending your event may not remember that you’ve
left out letters or added letters or have double letters or god only knows
what. [Lany] Exactly! When we talked about Facebook pages and
setting up your accounts, we talked about not putting in the year on those. But, can
we put a year in on hashtags? [Sheryl] Absolutely! In fact that’s great. If you have a short
hashtag, that is the initials of your event or
something short then you put 2017 that’s going to be great, because then people
are going to know that’s this year’s event. Because when you start searching
these hashtag there’s a good chance you’re going to find them from if it’s
an event that’s happened years before or somebody else’s use that hashtag years
ago you’re going to want them to identify with current now happenings. So
you can use an event or a hashtag in your event hashtag not so much in your
pages. If you miss that go check that out before you do that. [Lany] And you’ll notice the
bigger conferences they do that. They’ll do SEMrush 17, MOZcon 16,
MarketingProfs 15. So you’ll see the big conferences and you can always take a
cue from the conference’s. The ones you know, these guys have been putting on
conferences for you know 5, 10, 15 years take you know, your main cue from them on
some of the stuff. Because if they’re doing it, they’ve probably figured out
what works. [Sheryl] Well yeah, if they haven’t they should watch this will tell them. [Lany]
Yes! [Sheryl] So yeah, there’s a lot of things if you go on to Twitter or Instagram,
Facebook any of those when you know there’s a big conference. Go in and start
looking at what they’re doing and that’s huge on social media. Not just for
hashtags, but just how they’re conducting everything, so that’s super important. One
thing I want to say when we talked about making it unique. Oh unique it’s good, but
what you think is unique may not be unique. So before you decide on a hashtag
and start labeling everything I mean you should be labeling your images all of
your messages that are going out should have this hashtag, so that your attendees,
all of your people get accustomed to seeing it, they want to feel included
they’re going to start using it. So before you start putting it out as your
hashtag, as I say your hashtag, you can’t own
a hashtag, so get over that. But the hashtag you’re going to use ,I want you
to go on every social platform there is and start searching that hashtag, if
you have a list or narrowed it down. Go on Google and search. Search YouTube,
search Facebook, search everywhere for this hashtag. [Lany] Hashtagify as well and there’s some other hashtag services you can use just a double check.
[Sheryl] Because if you pick a hashtag and later find out that it’s connected [Lany] to a porn
show yeah problem. [Sheryl] Yeah you don’t want to be associated with certain people. You
also want to look at if you find hashtags, from say, a year ago. That are
using it they’re not a bad site, they seem like okay people, the little bit
of confusion would not be a big deal. But you want to look at the dates of all of
those messages, because if you’re holding your event in the same proximity of time
that they are, you could have mass confusion. [Lany] And mixed messages to your audience.
[Sheryl] Some of these hashtag people for events will use these hashtags for six months,
nine months, even a year. They use it all the time, so watch that or you could be
in, even though they’re not a bad event you’re just mixed in and your messages
are going to be lost.They’re going to think you’re spammers it’s going to
cause some confusion. So watch your time span, also if you do find someone using
it. [Lany] And I would double-check like if you have somebody doing the research for
you, unless you have a Sheryl in your life, I would double check all hashtag
work to make sure. Because someone like Sheryl will double and triple and
quadruple check. I could say that because I worked with her and I get slapped every once in a while, because I do stupid shit. But the thing is, you want to
make sure that you don’t entrust that to somebody that you really truly aren’t confident that they’ve searched everything,
and gone really deep into some of these things. Because you could be connected to
it like Sheryl, an event that you really don’t have any association with
and that hurts your visibility in your brand online. [Sheryl] Yeah and the thing is, if
you have a graphic designer, if you have someone editing your videos, anybody that
you’re paying to do some stuff with, that you’re going to want them to add that
hashtag too, if you start paying them to make your images, to do your videos, to do
your social media, your website, blog posts, anything and you’re using that
hashtag and in a couple weeks you go oh crap that hashtag won’t work we have to
change it. Guess what, that’s not included in the price, for you not doing your
research ahead of time. So before you pass that hashtag out, like Lany said, you
check it no matter what. I don’t care if I even give it to you, go check it
yourself, because that’s a lot of money. [Lany] I don’t checkit when she gives it tome. [Sheryl] That’s okay, I know
that about you, so I just go. But the thing is to redo is more money,
especially if you’ve involved print, you’ve involved signage for your event.
[Lany] Anything and everything yeah [Sheryl] Big money. [Lany] And once you have your hashtag figured
out, then like blow it out. You know that everybody has it. Make sure your
speakers have it, make sure your attendees are using it, encourage them
to use it. Do contest to get them active and involved in that hashtag. Make sure
they’re using it during the live event that’s one thing that the big
conferences do really well and people [Sheryl] Not all of them. [Lany] Well no not all of
them. I think the ones that I follow mostly because I pay attention to the
big ones that I follow. But you’ll see pictures on you know on
Twitter with the hashtag and people have really figured out how to
maximize the hashtag. But the smaller events, the smaller business owner, I’m sorry, but you haven’t figured it out. You haven’t gotten your
tribe to use your hashtags, so get your tribe to use your hashtags. Get them to
engage on Twitter, because you can get some trending, that’s
branding. That’s brand visibility when you can get your entire audience and all
of your speakers and everybody involved in the event
moving that hashtag on Twitter. So there’s really some power there so use
it. [Sheryl] I would say, go as far as whenever you email these people, your attendees,
your group of people, your followers, tell them this is the hashtag we’re using.
Because if you’ve hired a social media manager or if you’re trying to do it
yourself, which I find crazy, but even you are, the way that people are going to be
able to follow this, be it get your questions answered, share updates, share
the whole event itself. Is by looking at that hashtag! So me as a social media
manager, when I’ve done that for events, what I’m going to do is, I’m not going to
go and start searching for oddball crap on all these social sites. You can’t
afford for me to do that, so what I’m going to do is. I’m going to go in and
I’m going to sling the hashtag in a search and then I can see who do I want
to reshare, who do I need to answer a question – who needs a link, did someone
have a problem on the site, maybe the site was down or your pay button wasn’t
working. God only knows what, but that comes on the customer service end of social
media. But it’s all done through that hashtag. So if you’re thinking silly
hashtag, I don’t need it, people will send me a direct message if they need
something. No they won’t! And if they have a complaint, [Lany] It’s
going right on Twitter. [Sheryl] Let me tell you what, any complaints are going right
online and a lot of people may not include you, at you, tag you. They’ll use a
hashtag just because. So there’s a lot a lot more to
hashtags than just, you know, the old they’re no big deal. They play a huge
role so, pick them wisely. Get your people to use them, everybody needs to
use them that’s involved and monitor them. That’s the biggest thing, monitor that! [Lany] YYeah because you can get some really great testimonials and you know
future use out of that content too. So I mean we could go on and on and on so. [Sheryl] I
love hashtags! [Lany] There’s so many actually. [Sheryl] The Minions
hashtag! Did you see that? [Lany] I love that, go type in hashtag minions and see what happens. [Sheryl]
On Twitter. [Lany] It’s exciting! Alright so, I think we’ve pretty much
covered as much as we want to give you today. So you’ll have to do what? [Sheryl] You’ll
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