How to Book More Weddings In 2014: Goals, Leads, Smart Marketing

Hi, I’m Jeff and this is my wife Stephanie,
and we’re from Book More Brides, the #1 online marketing resource for the wedding industry.
  And the home of the most ridiculous holiday
hat ever, look at this turkey! She’s been wearing this thing, she is sleeping
with it, it’s kind of a night light. So let’s talk about the last year. 2013 was
a great year for us and I am hoping for you too. And as we are about to embark a new year,
I wanna ask this question, “How do you get your wedding business from where it is right
now to where you want it to be in 2014?”   So we’re going to share some of the hard lessons
that we learned this year, and in this video we are going to share some awesomely cool
strategies that you can use to book more of the weddings you want. How to program your brain to hit your income
goals in 2014. That’s right we are going to work on your software. We’ll give you two
more strategies to get more high quality referrals from other wedding pros. We are going to show
you simple blog post to write that gets other pros to promote your business to all their
clients. That sounds good, right? And we are gonna show you a secret strategy, a Ninja
strategy that you can use to reach 70% of couples on the bridal show lead list on the
cheap. First, we are going to talk about power of
goals You may have this mentioned before but it’s so vitally important that we’re going
to say it again. If you don’t have a goal, it’s impossible for you to hit it. And unfortunately
lots of the time, ourselves included, we haven’t always had goals for our business. And so
you don’t know where to end up. That’s right, “I just want my business to
be successful.” Well, by what standard? How will you know when you get there? It’s
kinda like, say we want to go on vacation, we jump in the car and start driving. Let’s go left. No map? Don’t know we’ll gonna go, okay left.
What’s over there? Something cool, hopefully. Having a goal really helps you get there.
But don’t you just take our word for it. There was a study done by Dominican University that
identified three factors that increase your chances of accomplishing your goal. Make a public commitment. When you say you are going to do it in front
of other people it makes you accountable, that’s #2. Use an accountability partner.
So not only you are going to make that commitment, you also say, “Here’s what gonna happen if
I don’t do it.” You’ve gotta put yourself on the line a little
bit here. Use that public accountability so that it actually creates an energy and a pressure
to deliver. And the third thing that makes you more likely
to accomplish your goals are to write them down. The study shows that conclusively. So having a goal increases your chances of
hitting it 30%. If you do these other three things, it increases it substantially. So
going back to our experience of goal. (playing imaginary violin) ummmmm… Yes, that’s when we started out our wedding
business. We had a very modest goal. Very modest. Tell us what it was. Our goal is to make an extra $500 a month
because every month we are slipping $500 into debt. So we at least wanted to zero that out.
Not a big number but it was an important number to us. So what we did is just printed out our goal.
The DJ Solution makes $500 a month and we put it all over the house right? It was kind
of ridiculous. People came to our house and they laughed
at us. That’s right and guess what? Within six months
we hit that goal. We are making $500 extra a month with our new wedding business. And we are like, “I think we can do better
than that.” So we said “Let’s make it a $1000 a month.” So we put a sign of $1000 and boom
we hit that! And then, “Wow, $2500 would really help,” so we put $2500 in our house and we
figured out a way to hit that $2500. Then that became $5000 and that became $7500 and
then $10000 a month. And we are like “Damn, we can actually quit our day jobs now,” which
we did and then we went for $20000 and it didn’t happen right away. There is really nothing magical about all
of these, it’s just using the power of your brain. When you put a message like that in
front, center in front of your brain, it forces your brain into thinking how you can accomplish
that. Right. Of course, and now here’s our big confession.
Just like many other things when they work for you, what happens? We stop doing it. “This is awesome! I don’t have to do it anymore.” Probably you may have done this with your
marketing. The marketing works so well that you think, “I don’t need this marketing.” I mean, yeah, man, I don’t need this marketing. Exactly, I don’t need this marketing anymore.
You stop and you realized how effective it truly was. Well, same thing happened with
us in goal setting and we realized last November of 2012 that we didn’t have specific goals
for our new business Book More Brides and so we said “Duh, let’s get on it!” And we
set very aggressive goals this year. And we printed them up, and we put them on the wall
and we stare at them every day. Next to my desk on the wall, it’s right there. And guess what. December 2013, we just surpassed
our goal for this year. Yes. So I am telling you, we have proven this again
and again… it works. every time we do it, it works, so I think
you should try this stuff So here’s how you can hit your goals in 2014.
Take this action now. It is so simple but it really, really works. Hit your goals in 2014
1) Write down your goal in a present tense affirmation.
2) Print it out and post it. BONUS: Include leads, meetings and bookings. So number one is to write down your goal as
a present tense affirmation, I mean, in a present tense “You make”, “it makes” right,
I will show you an example in just a second. Number two is to print your goal out and post
it in your house, post it in your office wherever you may see it in a regular basis. When you get up in every morning it should
be one of the first things you see. And here’s a bonus. If you can include the
number of leads, the number of meetings, the number of bookings you need to make in order
to hit that goal even better. If you know your numbers that really should
not be a problem. So what we have here? We have Name of Your Business makes $10,000 per month.
* 20 leads * 10 meetings
* 5 weddings booked That may be the equation to reach that, it
may not, you know your numbers. That’s the equation of our make believe business
here. So that is what we want you to do. so let’s talk about the power of partnership. This is another thing we really rediscovered
and continue to discover in 2013. This really works well, really really well.
The fastest way to get more leads is having great partnerships. So it’s gonna give you
high quality leads and also can get you a constant flow of them. Think about it, when you do advertising or
marketing, typically you are going after one bride at a time. But if you had one solid
partnership, one who can send you referrals, they can send you constant flow of leads because
they typically have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of leads in a year to send your way. So think about having several of those partners
out there that you really tight with and they’re all sending you leads. I think you get how
that works out. It is an awesome way to grow your business also a great way to get resources,
new information. You know, because it’s just really not enough to go to those network meetings.
It’s not. I am a fan of a little cocktail. We need cocktails! But it’s actually something
done at those meetings and I think lots of you go there with the same exact people and
just hang out and have a drink. There is nothing wrong with that. Here are some strategies that you can use
to get more referrals from other wedding professionals. These are high quality referrals. First we talk about what to do at that networking
meeting The first thing to do is have a goal right. Not only for the financial numbers
for your wedding business, but you want to have a goal for all the little things that
you are doing in your business along the way so you can actually hit it right? So have
a goal for your networking meeting. How many new people do you want to talk too? Right What I suggest for a goal is to go in with
a goal of talking to someone in particular. Someone who would really like to get to know
because they are working with the kind of clients you want to work with. Maybe you haven’t
had a chance to talk to them yet. So make that your goal. And not only that, but to
make such a good connection with them that you want to follow up and have lunch with
them, maybe the next week. now you really want to stretch a little bit
out of your comfort zone. I know most people they going and like “oh there’s Bob” and I
want to hang out with Bob. When I go networking, don’t just hang out with Bob, I need to meet
new people here. Absolutely. So think strategically. the second thing to do is approaching that
single person who is standing in a corner looking awkward and getting stuck in a conversation
maybe you don’t want to be in. You are in their tractor beam and you cannot
escape. yes, you want to approach pairs of people
instead. It is a lot easier for one to approach two people as conversation going. Also if
those two people are in one of those conversations and then one of them want to escape and the
other one can’t. They will gonna look at you like you are their savior. You are the wing man. Exactly, so approach people in pairs to start
those conversations. And what do you want to talk about? Well, not yourself. That’s for sure. I know
that’s a thing to do in most people’s mind “Hi I am so and so and I am the most awesome
whatever in the world and let me tell you more about myself.” They just kinda tune out.
Most people are looking “aha, aha” and it seems like they just tune you out. The real key to building relationships is
to pay it forward and find a way to help them. And I know you probably saying “What do I
have to help them? They have the referrals to give me I don’t have anything to give them.”
But I guarantee that you do and the way to find out is to help them by asking these two
specific questions. What challenges are facing your business right now and what opportunities
do you have in your business right now? Because when they start talking challenges and opportunities
it shows you what you can do to help. So for examples: if I am talking to Jeff in that
networking meeting. Why would I do that? I already know this guy. But if I was and he
told me that his big challenge is setting up his new website this year and I happen
to know a great website program and designer, I can introduce them. It was actually my attention deficit disorder
and she recommends me a psychiatrist. Yes (laughing) that is what you want to do
in actual networking meeting and finally, after the meeting follow up with the people
you meet, every person you meet. Get their business card, send them a card, give them
a call, send them an email and follow up with helpful resources. Develop that relationship
and don’t make it once in every three months or on every six months or once a year. It will pay off big time if you do this Absolutely Let’s talk about other strategy, we call this
the reporter strategy. You said that so well. The reporter strategy uhhhhmm definitely.
Actually this is something Stephanie came up with that I thought it’s awesome and that
it can work so well. You’re gonna pretend that you are reporter.
You are an expert, you are a wedding expert. And what you’re gonna do is identify the top
five businesses that you would like to be working with. These are people can send you
their referrals and working with just type of clients that you want to be working with.
It might be venues, photographers, entertainers whoever they are. Identify your top five,
call them up and tell them that you will be writing a series of articles about, for examples,
the best wedding venues in your local area, and you’d love to interview them and get tips
and strategies to share in your article. You better believe that they going to return your
call and give you their time. Because everyone wants to promote themselves, right? and talk
about how great they are and share what they know. This is the great way to get in with some
of those wedding professionals who are little harder to reach because they are in demand
and they have great referrals to give. So take the tips they give you, put together
a blog post sharing those great resources. Now remember that it is written for real brides
and grooms so make sure it is valuable for them. Publish the blog post and then go back
to the people who contributed and share the link with them and encourage them to share
with their family and friends that they can show off how amazing they are. This works
so well, because you better believe just like what we shared in our previous video brides
and grooms are going to share their real wedding post. Well, these wedding vendors are going
to share the post you write that makes them look like an amazing expert. There have been a lot of changes on FaceBook
this year. Basically, FaceBook went public and they actually started making money. So,
they monetized the site but they definitely changed something. They ended up introducing
promoting posts. There is a reason for that because for average Facebook page, only about
16% of fans actually see your posts on that page. It sucks! And that is the average as per FaceBook Right, so for sure, it’s not that good. and the reality from many of us might not
be as low as 5%, depending on how many fans you have and how much interaction you have. so you built that page up you know you went
out there get all the people to follow you and now you put the gems of gold information
and nobody is seeing it. Right, unless you pay to promote. Right This what FaceBook wants. So these are the
changes that are not so fun. But along with these, FaceBook created some really cool ad
changes. Changes to their ad programs that make it more valuable to you. Now with FaceBook
they are giving you the ability to upload email addresses into FaceBook as what they
call custom audiences and you can target them with ads that appear right in the newsfeed.
You probably noticed this on FaceBook it may be driving you nuts. But now you are seeing
post from the pages that you like and the family and friends, You are seeing ads appear
in the news field. Why this is so powerful? Because they look like regular posts. They
really gets your attention. You can’t ignore it anymore like you could over the right hand
side. Now you get blindness to that. Typically, FaceBook ads that they are scrolling
on the right side of FaceBook They were lousy if you’re lucky you get .003% of people to
actually click through. I mean it is just pathetic. Now in the newsfeed, you get anywhere
from 3 to 10% people. That’s not .003 it’s 3% and that’s amazing that’s such of improvement.
Because you are right in front of them. So there is a great way to use this to reach
bridal show leads. PPT Get Red Hot Leads with Facebook Ads
1) FB Power Editor on Chrome. 2) Upload bridal lead list as a Custom Audience.
3) Run targeted ads in the News Feed for that audience.
– Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial. One of the challenges we had when we follow
up with the Bridal Show lead list. We get those emails. Everybody and their mother is
emailing these brides and grooms right after the show and they have their inbox full of
solicitations that they don’t want. So when you send them an email it is so very difficult
to stand out. In addition, it gonna make you looks like spam. Probably cause you are. Yeah, it’s not something we recommend. But
what are we going to do with these bridal show leads? One thing you can do is send them
snail mail which we do recommend but another strategy that almost no one is using is to
use this new FaceBook ad features to upload emails in to FaceBook and target them alone.
So you can put your FaceBook ad right in front of those brides and grooms who are in that
email list you got from the bridal leads show. Steph, you’re losing your turkey. It is almost going to but I am holding on.
Holdin’ on for dear life. I hope it crashes. so here is how to get those red hot leads
with FaceBook ads. I have put together a video tutorial just step by step exactly how to
do this. So if you want that, watch the video below this one. let’s talk about some good ad guidelines here
to make great ads. First, you ad must be compelling. It has to be really benefit driven. You want
to make it look like a blog post so you get more clicks. if looks like just “Hey buy me
stuff” definitely, I will not click on it. But if it looks like information, your target
audience is interested, your ads goes a way up and it’s gonna be clicked on. And also, you might want to think about this,
you have to have a call to action. What do you want them to do? You drive them to your
next action. So if you’re sending them to a landing page you want to have a call to
action there to capture the lead. That way you can follow up and have a keep the relationship
going. And that for you is right there, a landing
page is just means whatever page they land on after they click on your ad it also needs
to tell them exactly what you want them to do. Whatever you want me to do to take them
one step closer to booking you. Let’s Recap!
* Print out your goals affirmation and look at it daily to program your brain for success
in 2014. * Approach pairs at networking meetings, ask
about their challenges and opportunities, then follow up with helpful resources.
* Blog about other wedding pros to get them promoting your business.
* Use Facebook custom audiences to target bridal leads. you are not Mrs. Spammer or Mr. Spammer because
no feel like the spammer family. Thanks so much for hanging out with this and
I hope you have an awesome holiday. One last thing, leave us a comment below this
video and let us know what you think and in fact, tells us what is your goal for 2014?
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Rremember, make that your public commitment. Tell us what you wanna do in 2014 and you
much more likely to hit that goal. Remember to like and share this video to spread the
holiday cheer and we’ll see you again really soon.


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