How To Attract Clients Who LOVE You

Hi everyone, I’m Alison Howard, Wedding
Business Strategist, lover of entertaining and the culinary arts, of travel and literature,
but most of all, I love teaching others what I’ve learned myself the hard way. I’m excited to be here with you a few times
a month where I share my best advice for creating a business and life you love. We all want it: clients who adore us and value
us. Clients who see the benefit in investing in
our services. Heck, clients who become raging fans and tell
everyone they know about us. But one of the common struggles I hear amongst
wedding professionals is that they don’t know how to attract clients who love them,
or they don’t know how to sell themselves during the consultation, or even close the
sale. I remember having these frustrations myself
and I’m here to share with you what I found to be the easiest resolution for attracting
clients who love me and are willing to invest accordingly and today I’m going to share
these three tips with you! ONE// Your Branding Work is Done
What I mean when I say “branding work” is that you have taken the time and invested
the money to create a brand you love. If you’ve watched my previous videos on
branding or attending any of my workshops, speaking engagements, or taken the REFINE
Course, which I created for wedding planners, then you know I am passionate about branding. My personal definition of branding can be
summed up like this: branding is everything you put out there both, online and offline. It’s more than a pretty website and great
logo. While those things are important branding
is also about WHO you are, WHAT you like and don’t like, and HOW you communicate that
with the world. It needs to be consistent along all your platforms
and it needs to evoke a particular feeling or set of feelings in prospective clients
and anyone who interacts with the content you regularly offer. If your branding work is done and done well
you will begin to attract the right type of clients who connect with your aesthetic. TWO// You Showcase Your Personality
Wouldn’t it be awesome if nearly every single couple or prospective client you ever met
with already felt like they knew you, trusted you, and were nearly 100% sure you were the
person they wanted to hire for the job? Imagine what that consultation would be like,
when it was more of a formality versus a requirement… No selling yourself or convincing your prospects
of your intelligence, experience, and capablity. Seems pretty magical right? Well this can be your reality if you’re
willing to put your personality at the forefront of your business so prospective clients can
determine if they like you, click with you, and want to work with you PRIOR to ever meeting
you in person. HOW? Via video (like this!), your website, your
blog, and your social media platforms. Instead of constantly showcasing images and
blog posts and even videos about your clients how about showcasing yourself? I realize this seems counter-intuitive to
many of you, but prospective clients want to connect with YOU and when you make yourself
the focus by putting your personality out there you’ll find that people either love
you or they don’t and this is an awesome, time-saving thing! Take me for example. When I decided to implement this strategy
in my former wedding planning business, I got rid of the galleries of hundreds of photos
and all the photos of couples all over my website and replaced it with 20 images of
high-quality weddings I was deeply proud of and the rest was heavily focused on showcasing
pieces of my personality. From the places I shopped, to my favorite
food and wine, to my perfume at the time, to my love of family, travel, my dog…on
and on. I added video to my strategy at the same time
and everything about my clients changed. They were MY PEOPLE. They got me; I got them. And when we met in person for that first consultation
9 times out of 10 they were ready to sign on the dotted line. THREE// Know Your Worth
When you lead with confidence, people will naturally trust you. It’s really that simple. If I were to go to a hair stylist who was
extremely confident and had great style herself – part of her brand, no doubt – I bet she’d
be able to convince me to chop my hair into a feisty pixie cut. But if she seemed even a little insecure I’d
be unwilling to follow her lead. When you are educated and experienced and
confident in your abilities, people trust you and doors open. People see that you know what you’re doing
and they want you to lead them because they need your expertise. Don’t compare yourself to what others are
doing in your field which can lead to self-doubt, but instead, work on improving yourself daily
and watch those awesome clients line up to work with you! Thank you so much for tuning in today! If you found this video helpful make sure
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where I have a free download all about creating a business you love once you sign up. I will see you next time! 3. How To Spot RED FLAGS with Potential Bridezillas Hello everyone, I’m Alison Howard! I’m a Wedding Business Strategist, lover
of entertaining and the culinary arts, of travel and literature, but most of all, I
love teaching others what I’ve learned myself the hard way. I’m excited to be here with you a few times
a month where I share my best advice for creating a business and life you love. In The REFINE Community, a group I run for
wedding planners on Facebook, Jen asked how to spot red flags with a potential bridezilla
before they’ve contracted you as their wedding planner or vendor and it reminded me of a
few of my experiences as a new wedding planner that taught me some very valuable lessons
so today I’m going to share those with you! RED FLAG #1 – Difficult Communication
If the emails from a prospective client are many and don’t seem to lead anywhere, you
might want to think twice about working with this particular person. I’m sure many of us have experienced this
type of communication: several emails where the prospect asks for free advice or overly
describes every single detail of her expectations for her wedding, but seems to never commit
to actually meeting in person. Or maybe she is inconsistent in her response
times, and you start to feel like she’s stringing you along while shopping for other
wedding planners. I’ve been there and after nearly a decade
of countless inquiries I can tell you that mature and serious prospects don’t play
games. They know what they want and setting up a
consultation is not difficult. It’s especially effortless when your branding
work is done, you regularly showcase your personality, and you know your worth. Let’s move on to red flag #2… RED FLAG #2 – Late to the Consultation
I absolutely understand that life happens, but when someone is more than 10 minutes late
to a meeting – especially our first meeting – I just don’t take them as seriously. Being punctual is a big deal to me; it communicates
respect and interest and if you’re late to meet me I can’t help but feel that you
aren’t serious about our working together and that you’re wasting my time. Now like I said, I know that life does happen
and I do show grace when I can tell tardiness was unavoidable, but in some cases I could
also tell when poor planning on the part of the prospective client led to simply being
late and more often than not when they contracted me they were habitually late, which made planning
their wedding difficult, and resulted in my being annoyed with them often. Bottom line, if they flake or are significantly
late to your first meeting, you might want to rethink working with them. RED FLAG #3 – Price Haggling
Once I realized my value and worth as a professional in the wedding industry – in other words,
once I began to really take myself seriously – haggling became a red flag. The way I viewed it was this: I had an amazing
website that communicated I had invested well, it was beautiful and professional, but relatable
and I was extremely proud of it. I had an online presence that communicated
I was educated, trained, and experience. I had invested thousands in getting my certification
and regularly attending courses, workshops, and conferences. Based on my level of experience and education
I was priced fairly. So for someone to request that I reduce my
prices for them communicated to me that they couldn’t recognize my value. This prompted me to question if I wanted to
work with them at all because if they couldn’t see the value in paying me what I was worth,
would they see they value in the professionals I would be recommending or the advice I would
be offering them. From experience I can tell you that when I
did discount my prices those few times, I always felt run down and taken advantage of. I consequently I learned how to say no to
discounts with elegance and kindness. If you’re currently experience 2 or more
of these scenarios with a prospective client – RUN, don’t walk! I hope this information has helped you today
and I hope you begin to attract and work with amazing clients who value you! If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe
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