How To Address Your Wedding Invitations By Hand

Hello I’m Karen from My Life
Greetings. Today I’m going to show you how to address your wedding invitations by hand. Now that you have assembled your invitations, it’s time to address your
envelopes. You want to gather all supplies needed which include the
assembled invitations, lined envelopes outer envelopes with your return address, the envelope addressing guide that was included in your package, postage, a
decent pen and of course your guest list. You want to start by taking an outer
envelope and inserting your guide face down. When you turn your envelope over
you’ll see these lines that will help enable you to create evenly spaced
straight lines so when you fill out your envelope they look nice to meet like
this one. Take the same guide and insert it face
down into your lined envelope. This is where you’ll write your guests names. Take an assembled invitation packet and
insert it face up, close your envelope. This envelope does not have glue. These
envelopes are used to protect your invitation in case something happens in
transit with the outer and they’re also decorative. So you want to insert them
with the names facing up for when your guest receives it. The first thing they’ll see
is their name. You want to seal your envelope, affix postage, and you’re done. Put it aside and continue with the
remaining pieces until you’re all done.

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