How to Add Google Calendar in WordPress

Welcome to WPBeginner and thanks for
watching. In this video we’ll take a look at how
to add Google Calendar in your WordPress website. So if you’re ready let’s get
started. The first thing we want to go ahead and do is login to your WordPress
dashboard and the first thing we want to add is a plugin so we will go to our
plugins area, add new, and under the search plugins area we want to type in
simple calendar and hit enter to search. And we’re looking for this one the
simple calendar Google Calendar plugin. So let’s go ahead install that now. After we install it we also need to activate the plugin. And when we do, you can see a settings area here
you can also come over here and go to Settings. We need to set some things up
so you want to make sure that you are logged in to the Google account that you want to
set this up with, and then you’re going to want to go to the developers
console for Google because we need to sign up and get a Google API key. So I know that I’m under my WPBeginner account
and this is the home page so we want to enable and manage APIs. You can name
this, this is for your reference and then you can tell them what you want and you need to agree to their terms. Now it will bring you over to all of their API area and what we’re specifically looking for is over here the Google Apps API. We want
the Google Calendar API so I’m gonna click on that And we want to enable it here and as you see it says that it’s enabled but you need to create some credentials for it so let’s go ahead and
go to credentials. So just take you over here. We want to make sure that you are doing the
Google Calendar API. We’re going to be calling it from the web server. name it again Here you can leave the IP address blank
so we’re going to just click Create and then it’ll give you your API key, we want to copy that right now and then let’s go back to our settings and input the API key there and
click Save Changes. Alright what they did was allow WordPress
to talk to the Google Calendar so the next thing we need to do is we also need
to set up a calendar that we’re sharing. So we need to share our calendar our Google
Calendar with the world so we’ll do that next. Let’s go to our Google Calendar and under my
calendars you can either create a new calendar so then you, you could say have your own personal calendar that you still use for your own appointments and things
and then create a new calendar for the website. Let’s go ahead and do that. We can set up all this information, the
defaults are fine so we’ll create that calendar. Under the public calendar I want to click on the drop down because I need to share this calendar. And then I want to click make it public when I’m doine with that I’ll click save and it gives us a little warning so we’re okay with that, say yes. Alright now I also need to grab the URL of the calendar So I’m gonna click on the drop down again and I want to go to calendar settings. From there I need to go to calendar details, scroll all the way down and we’re looking for the calendar address. That’s the calendar ID and I wanna grab that. Make sure you get the whole
thing but not the… Once we copy that let’s go ahead and copy that information. Let’s go to our settings, back to our settings and from down here we want to add new calendar. Here we need to add a title and down here you have all of this you can leave that blank. Alright once you fill all this
information out you’re gonna go ahead and scroll down here we wanna go to Google
Calendar tab and we need to paste that calendar ID that we had in there. You
can leave everything else blank. Once you fill that in you can leave all that blank, go to appearance and even set up more,
change the effect make it more personalized to your site. We’ll leave it like that Over here you see the calendar shortcode that you can use in a post or a page to show that off. I’m gonna click publish. Alright once we’ve published that we also need to grab the shortcode down here so I’m gonna copy that. And now we need to add a new
page I’m gonna go to add new under pages give it a title and then add the shortcode
that I just copied and click Publish and then now I can take a look at the
calendar on my site, see what it looks like and as you see this is it you can see that we
already have an event under here because I put it in the calendar. So now you have
that on your page. Aside from adding it to a page you can
also add the calendar to your sidebar or to a widget area so we’re gonna go over to appearance widgets and I’m gonna scroll down to find simple calendar and I’m gonna drag it over here to
my sidebar. From here you can give it a title if you have multiple calendars you can
choose that from the drop down we have just that one so we’ll do that and we’ll click
save. Now when I go to my site go to the front page of my site you can see
that I have a calendar here and that’s how you had a Google Calendar to your WordPress
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