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So budget wise, for international clients
who get married in South Africa, it’s definitely a win.
I know that a lot of my clients who live in the UK, they want to do the three-day wedding
and they just can’t afford it over there. So most of my clients will come here with
a budget obviously in mind and we will work within that budget to find the perfect vendors
for them. Here, over three days they could share all
the amazing things with the guests; the view, the amazing food, the wines. They could have
a rehearsal dinner, they could have a wedding day, they could have a brunch for the same
amount of money. It’s very difficult to tell you how much a
wedding will cost. It’s almost like asking how long is a piece of string because it really
varies according to what you can or want to spend on your wedding. You can comfortably have a beautiful dream
wedding, with all the trends that are out there at the moment, and look at a budget
of about two-hundred and fifty thousand rand. That’s inclusive of photo, video, your dress,
your hair and makeup, your caterers, entertainment, DJ. And obviously high-end budget, a lot of my
international clients are prepared to spend eight-hundred and fifty thousand and above.
But again, it does always depend on what’s important to them.
Are flowers important to them? Do they want their whole venue covered in flowers? Or do
they just want a small, beautiful arrangement on each table? If I allocate photographer X amount, I try
and source below budget, I try to source on budget and over budget. To give my clients
the freedom to choose creatively while having their budget in mind, which supplier is the
best for them. We have relationships with service providers
and most planners get a good deal from these service providers. We offer you a discount,
we offer you a free shoot or we’ll offer you an extra cake stand. Because there are certain
service providers which planners will use often, there is a relationship and the couple
definitely benefit from this. You have to be able to afford your wedding.
So look at it realistically, understand what you can afford and be open to compromise.
So when someone says you can’t have that, but you can have this, then be open to it.
Because they want to give you a good day, we want to make sure that you have an amazing
day. But I also want to make sure that you go home and you can still do things. I don’t
want you to be dead broke after your wedding. If you don’t have a budget and you don’t work
accordingly, you are going to lose your heart on a photographer or a venue which is not
in your budget. And you’re gonna be heartbroken. So you always start with a budget sheet, you
try and source within that bracket. Obviously guest is gonna cost you money. So
each guest is a chair, its a knife, it’s a fork, it’s a plate, it’s an entire plate of
food and it’s obviously all the drinks. So all of that does add up. So obviously if you
have fifty guests compared to a hundred guests, your budget’s gonna go higher.
I do have a lot of brides that have amazing ideas for decor, but they’re not really sure
what it costs. So they send me a picture and there’s orchids flying out of every corner.
And they don’t understand the cost involved in bringing those orchids in, in setting them
up and making them look beautiful on the day. So I think it’s important for the clients
to obviously chat to the planners and kind of get an idea of what things really cost.
Because there’s a lot of blogs out there with information that just isn’t correct, especially
for South African weddings.


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