How I’ve Been Dealing with Stress – Mental Self Care

So I’m a pretty type A person. I’m ambitious, I like to take action, I
like to know what’s happening when, I like to be organized, I’m a perfectionist, I’m
detail oriented, I have schedules, I make plans, I like to be in control And recently I had to manage a situation where
I basically couldn’t control anything. I did not realize how physically affected
I could be by sheer amounts of stress. Have you ever been so stressed that you cannot
sleep straight for days and days on end because endless thoughts, and details, and things
you might have forgotten, and worst case scenarios keep rolling and rolling and rolling through
your brain. And your mind will not allow you a single
moment’s peace throughout the day. Have you ever been so anxious that you just
walk around with a giant knot in your stomach the whole day, that just keeps tightning,
and tightning, and daring you to eat something and not throw up. Have you ever been so nervous before a show
that actually feel like you’re about to pass out, and you’re not even the one going
on stage. Well, that was me all last week. And my order-loving, stucture making, perfection
seeking little heart had no idea what I was getting myself into. Hey is ya girl Ahsante helping you move consciously
and creatively through life, so let’s go It’s been a while since I’ve be on YouTube
but it’s not been that long since I was at YouTube. I was organizing our PBS Digital Studios Nerd
Night, which was presented by YouTube in their New York space. It was great, it was fun, we made it in the
end but oh what a journey to get there. Nerd Night was just the end of a 3 day confrence
that I planned for our whole network. Which in the end was super rewarding and went
really well and was something I really wanted to do so it was great to be able to execute
it so smoothly. But in reflecting, I think I just don’t
have a great temperament for really intense large scale event planning. Like now I know why wedding planning take
a year, because, wow. There’s so much that’s outside of your
control. So much that’s trusting people to show up
trusting that they’ll be able to do what they said they would be able to do. Trusting that people don’t fall through,
and that venues don’t fall through, and that food arrives on time. And then if things don’t make it what is
the contingency plan. And I like to have my plans all planned out. And I think that’s best suited for someone
who is a little more easygoing. Someone who’s like you know what, it’ll
be fine, everything will work out, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will be good, and people
will still have a good time. As opposed to someone who’s like, what’s
going to happen, I need to know exactly what’s happening, but what if it doesn’t work,
I need to be certain, I need every detail, but what if he doesn’t come, it will all
be ruined, it’ll all be my fault. Ah, which is what I tend to do. So that’s what my mind’s been doing for
the past month and a half, ugh. I have a lot more respect for people who are
professional event planners. If you look up the most stressful jobs in
america – the list is 1 – active military
2 – firefighter 3 – airline pilot
4 – police officer and 5 – event planner And I absolutely believe it. Like second to the people who carry people’s
lives in their hands every day. Like that takes the cake, but once you get
outside of life threatening situations, you better not ruin my evening. And it’s really stressful because you have
all these people counting on you, wanting to show up and have a good time. Everything is time sensitive, everything is
urgent, and the closer you get to the event, the more details there are to figure out and
the more pressure is on the clock. You’ll get a ton of judgement if people
don’t have a good time, and if you do mess up then it’s super obvious. Like, where is my dessert!? I have never been so physically affected by
stress in my entire life. And given that I survived one of the most
intense and competitive colleges in the world where everyone’s mental health was in the
pits – that’s saying something. As far as how I dealt with the stress, it
was really just doing my preparations, being patient, waiting it out, and having faith
that everything was going to be fine. There was a lot of having to be nimble in
the moment, I never stopped coordinating, even during the event. You just always have to be answering people’s
questions, always be communicating. And having faith that everything will work
out is hard. I have a lot of faith in general, and I have
faith in God, so that came in handy. Did a lot of praying over that week. A lot of times when I have a difficult situation
I’m trying to get through or project I have to work on, I just put a song on repeat. And the song I had for this project was After
This by JJ Hairston. There will be victory after this! So yeah, a lot of faith on this one. Also forcing myself to eat at least something,
even when I didn’t feel like eating. I didn’t have much of an appetite last week
but even if I just had one real meal a day I made sure to have that meal, and not be
too busy to eat. And to eat even if my stomach was in knots. And staying hydrated became really important,
especially for that moment when I was feeling faint like I was going to pass out before
Nerd Night, even though I wasn’t going on stage – I was backstage running those slides,
praying that there wouldn’t be any technical difficulties. So yeah, having faith that things will work
out, listening to motivating music, eating even if you don’t feel like it, staying
hydrated. I did a face mask to attempt to control my
acne which always flares up when I’m stressed. And I worked my butt of, and it worked out. Sometimes you just got to focus, you got to
hone it, drop off the face of the internet for a month, and bang it out. In the comments let me know about a time when
you were in a stressful situation and how you worked it out. If you’re new here and you’re interested
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miss new videos. And big thanks to my Patreon patrons for making
these videos possible. As always, remember to live spiritedly and
think creatively and I will see you next time. What’s been making me happy lately is that
Children of Blood and Bone came out! This is a fantasy novel by Tomi Adeyemi, and
Tomi is actually a Harvard classmate of mine, she was my same year, we were in the same
freshman arts program. Black Harvard 2015 has been super excited
about this book coming out, and I am so pumped. It’s basically taking the magical, mystical
vibe of Harry Potter and basing it on African folklore. So especially with all the great Afro-futuristic
vibes in the air because of Black Panther, it seems like a great time for this book to
be out in the world. So it you’re interested in fantasy and young
adult and Black magic, literally, then check this book out, I will leave an Amazon link
in the description. What’s also been making me happy is having
my brain back after the past month and a half, seriously what a challenge. This is the longest break I’ve taken from
making videos I a while, but I think I’m going to try and do some new things on this
channel. I think based on the feedback I got in my
audience survey I really have freedom to explore, and I want to do that and kind of shake up
my format a little bit and streamline the kind of content that’s on here. So look out for cool new stuff. Well, I’m going to go meditate and de-stress. I’ll be right back! There will be victory after this! There will be glory after this!


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