HOW I PLAN MY MONTH ⭐ Bullet Journal Method!

– It’s time to start planning again. (upbeat music) So, about two or three days
before the end of the month or the start of a new month, I start to plan the next month. I am using the bullet journal to do a lot of what I’m
gonna show you today because that’s where I’m keeping
track of a lot of things: some tasks I’ve got to get done, where I’m gonna be traveling to and the things I have to
do to prepare for that, getting a dog sitter for the dog. I track a lot of just like
the logistics of my life in my bullet journal. So, for me to plan my month, that requires setting up
those new pages of the month in bullet journal. If you are not familiar with what bullet journal technique is, highly suggest you YouTube-search it. Definitely watch the tutorial, the basics of what a bullet journal is, from the people that created it. It’s awesome. I absolutely love it. So, I’m actually gonna show you how I set up by bullet journal. I have my iPhone camera above me here just so you can kind of
see while I talk to you, and I’m gonna just walk you
through the whole thing. First, you need something to write with, so there’s that. You also need a ruler. If you want it to look halfway decent, which trust me, I am not the person you need to follow for bullet journal technique if you’re looking for somebody that knows how to do like calligraphy
or gorgeous handwriting. You’re gonna want to follow
somebody else for that. (laughs) I use a ruler to keep
myself within the lines. So, we just need to start with
the beginning of the month. That requires the calendar and the tasks. So, let’s go. (upbeat music) Okay, so it’s very simple. I just added all the dates
in October here on the left, and I created a tasks page on the right. So, from here, I usually
like to fill in these dates with mostly personal things
that I have on my calendar or if it’s business travel, like if I know, personally, I am leaving my house, and I need to know about it, that’s gonna go on the calendar as well. At this point, I would
look at the calendar, which is on my phone, and I can’t look at my phone, so, I’m gonna go get my laptop. Remind myself of all the important things happening in October. I will be visiting family on Vin’s side in Connecticut and coming back on the third. (upbeat music) And that takes us through October. I suppose there’s a Halloween
party in there somewhere. I just haven’t been invited yet. Okay, so in regard to tasks, I’m not gonna fill them in right now, but what I will probably do
is go back through September and see if there’s anything really big that’s worth spending time on that I didn’t get done because very obviously, if it hasn’t gotten done yet, it’s not urgent, but if I’m like, “Holy crap, “I still haven’t done that. “That’s important to me,” that’s gonna go in the monthly tasks list, and then I’ll be able to figure out where it actually fits
into the month later on. But I’m not gonna do that now. Just something to note there. I try to make sure that
this is a list of things that are extremely important, valuable to me, not like a don’t forget to send that e-mail
newsletter out kind of thing. That’s more of a daily task. It’s got to be something that actually is a needle
mover for life or business. That’s what goes here. Okay, so from there, I go into a weekly log. I think what they teach
you with bullet journal, and I’m considering switching
to this at some point, is daily logs, but for right now, I try to just do
everything a week at a time because I’m able to go through and look at it on Sunday night, schedule everything that’s on a weekly list
throughout the week based on how many calls or
meetings or appointments I have, and then that way, I know I’m gonna get it done that week. It’s not necessarily something, ’cause I will just load
up a daily to-do list. Don’t we all? And then we look at that daily to-do list, and we’re like, “Are you serious? “You really thought you were gonna get “all that done in one day?” No. I would suggest if you are
gonna go the daily route that you limit how many
of those bullet points you give yourself. I’m actually gonna give myself
two pages per week right now because I’m thinking about
trying the daily method. (upbeat music) A major, major part of this
bullet journal technique is keeping track of content. So, how many videos are going out at Savvy Sexy Social like this one? How many podcasts are going
out to Vlog Boss Radio? If there’s anything else I need to fit in. But those are the major two, and so, I like to lay
out an entire calendar. I think the last time I
showed my bullet journal, it was about planning my videos, and I have really changed the way I do my calendar layout since then, so that might be a little extra
interesting for you today. I wanted my podcast scheduling to be in the same area as the videos so that I could get a feel for what I am talking
about across the board, and sort of just make sure I’m touching on all of the things that
I want to as a creator. So, here is what September looked like. I still use my blue and pink sticky notes. I kind of have a legend over here. These are my working
buckets at the moment. So, if you’re familiar with
Vlog Like A Boss, my book, I talk about scheduling
your content within buckets. So, these are the ones that
I’m working on right now. They’re not really front-facing. You probably won’t here me say
a couple of these very often, like pep talk or ProActivate, but they are guidance for me, and I actually have on page
141 of my bullet journal, it kind of like walks me through exactly what I should be thinking about when I’m scheduling those. And I take that legend, and I pop those numbers on the calendar so I know what kind of video
should go out on that day. Like if I have a video idea, and it’s definitely gonna
be an Awesome Boss Life, then I just put it in the next
number one on the calendar. And then of course, the
podcasts Move It Monday, Network Wednesday, and Fly Friday. So, the podcasts took a little
bit of a break this month because of the wedding. Obviously the videos took a break as well. So, you can see that the pink ones are at the bottom for this month, but this is what it’s going
to look like on the next page. So, we’re basically just
gonna recreate this. You’ll also notice that I gave myself an extra line last month for the first month of October, and I’d like to be able to do that again, but it’s nice to be able to
start planning into the future, and then, when you get
your new editorial calendar all laid out, move these sticky notes
over wherever they belong. (upbeat music) So, now I’m gonna move
stuff over from October. I’m gonna go ahead and take this one. So, I’ve moved everything
from the September calendar that was actually October onto my October calendar, and I’m gonna fill in
the rest of these dates, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
with a blue sticky note, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
with a pink sticky note because blue is video and pink is podcast if you haven’t figured that out. I’m not gonna spend
time doing that with you because I usually do the sticky note thing while I’m watching mindless television. But the point of it is that I can be able to fill in
an idea on a sticky note and put it on the calendar
at the appropriate date. So, whatever the number is, the bucket that I need to fill, what’s the idea? Stick it on there. But if I don’t end up doing it, if I need to reschedule it, I can just move the sticky note. So, that’s why I don’t just
write it on the calendar. I like to be able to
reschedule things as needed, depending on if I’ve done the proper planning for something or not. But you can kind of get
the gist of it here, and I’ve got plenty of space
for pre-planning in November. It might be a little bit messy, but this is my system. Those are the basics of
how I plan a new month. Definitely a lot going on
on the computer as well. My calendar on Google
Calendar and my e-mail, and you guys know I have
systems pretty much everywhere. But this is where I get a really good idea of what is to come and
how I can prepare myself. If you want more
organizational kind of ideas and tips like this, if you want to hear more about my bullet journaling technique, other things that I do, please subscribe to this channel. More to come in the future, especially if you tell
me in the comments below that you’re excited to learn
about one of those things. Let me know. That’s all for today’s socials. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it. As always, subscribe for good vibes, and remember to get
organized, get planning, and get things done so you can go after the life you want. Cheers. (upbeat music) Oh, that was a doozy! Cameras failing all over the place!


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