How I Learn & film Kpop Dance Cover In My Room

it is right now 10:05 p.m. so this is a highly requested video of how I learned and how I film my kpop
dance cover on Instagram The dance I’m gonna learn today is rumor by produce 48
I watched a video because I always say in order to learn the kpop dance well
you have to or now you have to but like I would like to watch the videos over
and over again before I actually learned it so I watched the dance practice
videos at least 100 times over the weekend so today I am gonna actually
learn it step by step by the way I have no makeup or I
have eyebrows and lipstick all and that’s it so I hope I look ok and Let’s dive into how I
learned the kpop dance The MirrorTube is right here and just click it
and smear and your videos flipped and you can also change the speed here and
also you can repeat the video It’s just really convenient in and saves so much time
so yeah and then let’s just jump right into the time stamp that I’m gonna learn
this is right here okay so I’m gonna do a mini tour of my
desk so this is my planner right here my phone my birth control and then my like
a little case that stores random stuff and then random stuff out there my
laptop and then my body lotion perfume in my lay hello ~~~ then random stuff my
pens pencils scissors Idk why there is a calpico there
I am gonna show this tomorrow when I film it I don’t read this book that’s
are my old textbook but it’s really thick so I use it as like a stand to
film my covers so you will see tomorrow how I actually set up my camera here and
we have Phoebe right here So What I like to do is I slow down the video to
50% to just examine every move they do make sure that I don’t miss any details
and then kinda like learn it while I’m sitting for like faster combos I will just
stop and like to just really see what they do each picture and then I’ll just
memorize the picture by now and I’ll just just do it later so the first they do it’s a lot easier for me to learn moves
since I already watched the practice videos a lot of times so I kind of know
what the moves are so a lot easier for me to learn oh also I released a secret
tip last video and I imagine that I’m teaching this choreo to someone else and
then I just do okay come one into this and come to do that
I know you make sense but you’ll see so now I’m gonna pretend to teach you
guys okay see that’s how this works because like when I teach I have to know
the count that’s how I know I don’t know the count and now I’m gonna figure out
the counts so now I kind of practice learned all
the moves and then so I’m just gonna watch it slo-mo and regular motion one
more time to check if I missed any details and I’m gonna do it
with music 70% music and full speed and to just practice and drill
the move so you see that was just my real first
take and then it looked so bad I have a lot to clean so I’m just gonna compare
my first take that was really bad and then with the original choreo or at the
original video and just see what I can work on more okay so I just filmed
another one on my phone and then I’m gonna use this to clean so let’s see how
bad do I look mmm I feel like my twerk the move is correct but then I should
have we more control in the twerks okay I messed up here ok the counts were right Omoya
oh my god I cringed watching this should be a little bit more like
grounded but still have a little bit bounce to it I think I need to stick the
picture more I need to complete the move oh my god my hands so unclean just think maybe it’s because I’m tired
and I think I need to have way more control in my moves and then stick the
pictures more complete each picture so now I’m just gonna take my cleaning
notes for myself and then practice the choreo a little bit more times and I’ll
clean myself a little bit more and then I would just go shower and then in sleep
I really like to sleep with the choreo and then film the dance cover the next
day I feel like by sleeping with the choreo you got to have the choreo sink
in in your body better and then you mentally process the choreo better in
your head so I feel like I just like to go over the choreo
over and over again in my head during the shower during my breakfast
before I sleep if you can dance a choreo in your head there’s a
higher chance that you can physically dance to choreo better while you still
have to physically practices so that you can get the muscle memory but yeah I’m
just gonna practice a little bit more hopefully I can get better tomorrow see
you tomorrow hey guys so this is the next day and
then it is now 10:30 and now I’m gonna make breakfast for myself and then I’m
gonna watch the practice video a few more times and then I’m gonna change do
my makeup get ready and then film the dance cover I just made my breakfast~~ this is scrambled and bread with strawberry jam okay it is now 12 p.m. and I’m finally
gonna get ready d o my makeup I already I already changed to my outfit today it’s from it’s like the crop hoodie I think it’s gonna fit this dance Let’s start Sorry guys this part the music was taken out by YT.. you can skip to 12:48 I used half an hour to take selfies I am
finally gonna start so this is my door and then this is the area it’s a
little bit dirty because my cat by this is thee area I
will be idancing yeah so I’ll be standing here and then here’s my desk like super
messy makeup desk vanity and this is the ring light I bought from Amazon so I
don’t really turn all the way up because I still want to keep the natural light so
maybe like a little bit umm so this is my setup and I have my lamp turned on
and yeah and this is my bed so I would just take all over the stuff hanging on
my door in my bed so by the way this is the cover sheet and that I covered on my
bed so that my cat can sleep on it and then I can put my stuff on there so that
it won’t mess up with my actual sleeping area and then here too this is just a
place that will be placed my camera usually I have usually I just put
something like here-ish and then I put my phone or
camera like against it so I’ll show you the site right here so if you go this
and then so I’ll just film with my phone or camera over there but today I’m going to film with this camera how you film it from here the views I’ll
press play and so this will be the setup right now I’m just gonna go over the
moves once again and I do with music a couple times and then start filming I was not satisfied with my takes I messed up but I think my main issue is just I tend to rush a lot and then I tend to not
complete the moves sometimes there’s no controlling my arms so that your looks a
little bit sloppy so in terms of how I clean my moves that
watch the practice video a lot and so that’s I have like a general impression
of how they dance and when I watch my own video I just instantly know like all
this move looks different I just compared that move to original one and
then to see what I can correct which angle I can correct or like should I
have more control or more power or more initiation stuff like this I just keep practicing and kept filming
until I get my satisfied intake update I just had a relatively decent
egg I think it was my fifth or sixth take and I decided to separate the
pre-chorus and of course because I really want to have the full energy on
my chorus part which I’ll be actually posting on my Instagram so and I mean
that take was okay like I didn’t mess up the energy was great I think I can still
control a little more control some of the moves weree still rushed and I feel
like I still have energy to do more so I’m just gonna clean living more and
practice or not practice film to see if I can get any better take okay second update I think I found a decent take for my chorus part like after that take the
rest of the take is either I look tired or just the choreo wasn’t there I feel like
I’ve got the one that I think I’ll be posting yeah I think I had one and now I
have to film the pre-chorus part for my casting for a performance so so I just finished filming I have all that cuts that I like in my notes I’m hella sweaty So now I have all the takes imported in my laptop folder and then
I’m just gonna open Premiere what I used to edit my videos and then
I’m just gonna do a new project and then browse and find the folder I just
created this one and then choose and then here I’ll just name it and then okay so to add music I just
drag the video to the timeline so what I usually do is I just listen to
the music and then kind of match the audio with it and then after I kind of
measure it and I zoom zoom out or zoom in and then just see the frequency like to
match the frequency with the original audio I just finished picking the cuts and adding the music and I’m gonna go to
expert media and save just airdrop this to my phone
Susie’s the iPhone and I’ll just and now I have this video on my phone
and I’m gonna post there probably tonight after practice I have a practice
with Oreos later and yeah thanks guys for watching I hope this and thanks guys
so much for watching I hope this video um it’s kind of helpful if you want to
film dance covers in your own room or just learn kpop dance in your room it’s
pretty fun and it’s sometimes it can be challenging because the room is small so
you have to compromise some moves but yeah thanks guys for watching make
sure you like this video if you like this video and subscribe


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