How Engagement Rings Are Professionally Cleaned

(gentle music) – So once the client
comes in and brings us their beautiful ring, we’ll
take a look at the ring and make sure everything is in place. I’ll grab my loupe, and make sure each and every stone is perfectly secure, fully aligned, and
everything looks wonderful. (gentle music) Fantastic, we’re gonna take the ring, put it in the ultrasonic, and then give it a good steam, follow me. So once the ring is inspected
and everything looks great, we then place the ring in the ultrasonic for three to four minutes, take it out, and then we’ll put it underneath
the steamer from afar, and we will shot out
all the lotion, shampoo, everything that could get
stuck inside the ring. (gentle music) – Hi, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Make sure to check out
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