How did a Parenting Plan help you make arrangements for your children?

Before we worked through the Parenting Plan
we were finding it hard to communicate. Things were acrimonious, we really were not in a
good place. I think things were still quite fresh and raw and none of that really was
conducive to working together in an adult way to try and find common ground and agree
on child care arrangements. We simply couldn’t get to an agreement the Parenting Plan was
very helpful in this respect. It was probably the first time that we sat down together with
a Cafcass professional and it gave us the forum to talk things through and find middle
ground, find agreement. It helped us to sit down and hear the other person’s perspective,
see what their parameters were, what was important to them and to the children. And, from the
point we’d agreed to divorce until doing this session we’d simply never had that opportunity.
So, it gave us the chance and we fairly quickly came to an agreement on a lot of the things
which previously had been contentious. I cannot think of a single disadvantage to having sat
down and done a parenting plan. It has improved relations with my ex-partner and as I’ve mentioned
many times to friends and family, it provided a forum which otherwise we wouldn’t have had.
Where we could sit down, understand one another better and try and find common ground.

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