Hello Good Evening A very happy Diwali to you all I know that I was supposed to upload a video on Monday but I couldn’t so i’m going to upload this video on Tuesday for you people because I know there are many viewers who are waiting for me maybe small amount of viewers but yes they are waiting for my vlog so here I am with a Diwali Vlog I had been super super busy on the Diwali days like from Dhanteras onwards till Diwali like last day Yesterday because it’s my first Diwali in Dubai and you know getting things arranged I need a lot of things in my puja(prayer) shopping for some gold item shopping for some household items it has all been occupied and you know packed all day long so I’m going to give you a quick look today like what all we did on this diwali in Dubai and this is my First Diwali in Dubai you know I’m you know it was all full of panic and it was all full of you know kind of running here and there in order to arrange things that i wanted so yeah without wasting any much more time let’s get started I’m going to attach some very beautiful pictures at the end of this vlog so please don’t go anywhere and keep watching till the end and if you like this video then do give it a thumbs Up…. ok so now i’m at my entrance and we tried to make some rangoli with the use of these candles as you can see and of course it’s a another day so all these candles are blown out and with the use of some flowers and some Diyas (Earthen lamps) around we have made some of these kind of we tried to make some Rangoli and moving forward i have this the beautiful sticker of Lakshmi (Goddess) foot which is like considered very auspicious for Diwali and then I as you all know I’m very kind of lazy i can’t make all kind of Rangoli with all colors and all basically it’s about like I can’t make them only because I don’t know how to make it and my hands are very shaky kind of thing so I don’t know how to properly place the colors in Rangoli so I bought this beautiful Rangoli from the nearby store which has also Laxmi foot drawn in it and this beautiful color combination and it’s a very small Rangoli just to kind of add some glamour to your entrance and then going forward i have about this Door hanging(Bandhanwar) from one of my supermarkets nearby and Abhishek (husband) chose this Door hanging I did not like it at the first instance but then when it’s like put on my door then it’s looking very beautiful I feel like it’s looking beautiful so this is the look of door hanging we have this light on the entrance just to add some gleam in the corridor or lightning on the door itself then moving forward to my door I added this I made this kind of auspicious sign and it is considered very good to make the sign on your door and then I added these stickers of shubh labh which are also considered very auspicious and especially on the Day of Diwali now moving forward I have these Diyas and Marigold flower decoration line going forward and so here is a beautiful line in which the Oil has spilled there as you can see you i don’t know what the problem with this Diya (Earthen lamp) but the oil got spilled out of it but when the lamps were lit up this was all looking very beautiful very kind of attracting corridor i have this small candle stand thing in which a candle is burning as you can see this is kind of stand in which candle is and I had kept some camphor to and just to ensure good smell is around plus camphor is used to purify your air and environment so yeah that’s what that and moving forward I had this small candle and a small marigold flower then I tried to color-coordinate my room you know because i have this orange coloured Sofa in my room and when I went to buy this bed sheet i found out that the you know kind of yellow green and orange color so I immediately picked up this bedsheet because it came in my mind that it will perfectly coordinate with my orange sofa but you know there’s a long story behind this bedsheet as I was not getting any beautiful bedsheet in any of the stores nearby so basically we went to this a shop it is a very famous shop at least here,in Dubai I don’t know about in India because i haven’t been there in India so there’s a shop called Choitram and it came for around 44 Dhirams or something then i have this big window in my bedroom or drawing room or whatever you say it’s just one room so you can see it then again have this beautiful arrangement of earthen lamp and flowers and then i have all my plants I also kept these two flowers on my TV stand just to add some color to my house now as you can see the whole house is color-coordinated please don’t mind that box of sweet because as you all know its Diwali and so sweet has to be there so that was it all about my room and my corridor and everything and now i’m going to take you to my Prayer table where i have got lot of things so here is my puja table you can say it’s kind of a puja table only and I have those God idols and photographs then here I have all the Prasad which I offered them some flowers too i bought this very pretty little thing in which you can make tilak I don’t know what to call tilak in English so yeah I have one of Vermillion one of turmeric and one of sandlwood in it next i bought this beautiful big bell for Prayer because my bell is really small as you can see this is my older bell i bought this beautiful piece of lamp and this is like copper jug which we bought because you know it’s considered very good to have water from this copper jug for your skin and everything and then i bought this planner for myself in which i’m going to write all my upcoming video plans and YouTube schedule and everything moving forward to this big Earthen lamp we lit this big lamp and its supposed to be burn all night to the next morning and if it’s like burning till the next morning then it is considered that the prosperity or Lakshmiji (Godess Laxmi) will be in your house in your life for long period of time,so this is the overall look of my puja table that how i managed to arrange some things and how I did my pooja our offerings and everything so yeah that’s all about this Thats all for my Diwali Vlog and i hope you people liked this video and i hope you liked this minimal decoration house tour I hope you’re going to subscribe you’re somewhere as you can see the button here somewhere so don’t forget to subscribe this channel and I hope you had a very happy and safe Diwali and let’s wish you all once again a Very Happy Diwali to you all and yeah keep watchin okay bye


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