Hospitality jobs – Event Planning Support

My name is Stephanie and I am the Event Planning Support in Titanic Belfast. In my role, it’s my job to support my team as we plan events, from meetings of 20 people, to dinners of over 500 or thousands on the slipways. We can hold conferences, charity fundraisers, weddings, we hold a wide variety of events. Although my job is mostly desk based, there are some practical elements to it. We can take clients up to the suites. We will also help them set out things on the tables for their event, just simple jobs that can help the team as a whole. It’s important to be a people person and to be able to talk to your clients and help them through the process that is planning events. It’s also important to have good communication within the team and the building as well, to make sure all departments are aware of what your team are doing and what events are coming in and if they need assistance. The thing I love most about my job, is that every single event that we have in here is different and you learn something new every single day. I think there’s huge career progression in the hospitality industry. I am currently just a support role but hopefully in the future I will become an Events Coordinator and hopefully be taking on my own events that I can plan. The best advice I could give anyone, is to make sure that you try your best to get as much experience as you can. You need to start from the bottom up and grab any opportunity that comes your way. Work hard, stay determined and you’ll do well in the industry. [Music]

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