Home Decorating Basics : How to Hang Plates as Wall Decoration

Hi. I’m Ann Myrick. And today, we’re going
to talk about hanging plates as a wall decoration. There are many different ways you can hang
plates. I am a decorator who works with what people have. And I love, I don’t like doing
the normal thing. I always like doing the different thing. So I will always try to take
plates and say, okay, what can I do? How can I do them other than just hanging them? So
as far as hanging, these are just great. These were a gift that was from a friend, and they’re
very special to me, and there’s a set of four of them. And so, no, a set of five of them.
And so, the normal way to hang a plate would be you can get; there’s several different
types of things you can get, but these are just little $1.99 stretch bands that you can
put on your plate. And you will need to know the size. You always want to get the band
a little bit tighter, because if you get too big, it won’t grasp it and the plate will
fall out. So you just want to get the little holders a little bit smaller than the plate.
And then you can just, what I would do; like this wall over here that has nothing in it,
what I would is I would just take this wall, and I would do a line of either five or three
going down. And it just brings in fun color. And also, you have square on the wall. So
then what happens is the contrast of circular, you always want to mix different shapes into
your room. So it gives you a different shape and then something different other than just
a normal plate. Another thing you could do is; I’m not going to stop and put this on
the wall, but you can do it within a frame, if you wanted to. You could do like a collection
of two, and just put the plates, nail the plates onto the wall. But then have the frame
on top of the plates, where it really frames it in and it creates a picture, but it’s your
hanging plates. A different type of holder I have is this black iron. This is a little
more contemporary. So you can just nail this right on the wall, like so. And then, just
put your plate on it like that. This is Ann Myrick. And that is how to hang plates as
a wall decoration.


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