Hiring a Wedding Planner : Wedding Planner Rates

Hello, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events and I am a wedding planner and I’ve been planning wedding and events for
ten years. I’m going to talk about how wedding planners charge. Every wedding planner charges
a little bit differently, but these are a few things that you might want to look for.
Some wedding planners have a flat fee, and they will have a flat fee on a package per
se. They might have a “day of” package where they’re going to charge “X” amount of dollars,
or they might have a “where you left off” package. Say you started your planning process
but then you realize, “Oh I need some help, I need to find some vendors”, or “I’m not
sure what to do next”. You might want to look for a planner and they will have that flat
fee package price for you. They might say twenty five hours, fifty hours to seventy
five hours and then they’ll give you that price. And then they might have a flat fee
price for your full coordination. Some wedding planners charge by a percentage of your total
budget. So say your budget is $30,000, they typically take ten to fifteen percent of that.
And if they’re working with you on your entire wedding what they do is work with you along
the way, keep you to stay within your budget so you’re not going over, and if you do go
over it they typically have in their contract a way that you’ll work out the money situation,
they kind of have that stipulated in there. And then there are some planners that have
just an hourly charge, $75 to $100 depending on the region of the country you’re in they
might charge you. And you might just need a wedding planner to help you with some vendors.
Maybe they want to do everything on their own but they’re stuck and want to make sure
that they’re getting quality vendors, you might look to hiring a wedding planner. You
also might be unsure about vendor contracts, they’ll be able to look over that for you,
or just help you find a venue. So there’s a la carte services that you can do as well
for an hourly charge. And those are some ways that wedding planners charge.

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