Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : How to Hire a Celebrity: Fun Factor

We’re talking about what motivates a celebrity
to say yes to a invitation. You know what? Sometimes it has to do with just the pure
fun factor. In fact there’s a event that my company coordinates called. The Toyota Grand
Prix of Long Beach Pro Celebrity Race. Now this is not an ordinary event. This is something
that required eight days of a celebrity’s commitment because they have to go through
professional race car driving instruction. They have to go through a day of practice
on the course in Long Beach California and then also three days of race weekend and yet
very, very busy celebrities agree to participate in this event. You know why? Because of the
pure fun factor. Here’s a picture for example of Ashley Judd and George Lucas. Now George
Lucas you know can afford to do a lot of things but he can’t buy the experience of participating
in an event like this. Unless he was the high bidder at the charity auction for the one
seat that we make available for high bidder but the bottom line is that very popular celebrities
will do things sometimes because it’s just a lot of fun. So if you have an event that
is just really uniquely fun that could be the motivator in getting a celebrity to say

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