Hilarious Destination Wedding Video Jean-Marcus Strole Photography Peter Island Resort Virgin Island

Hey guys, Jean-Marcus Strole here, and that
is Cinderella over my shoulder. She says hi. I just got done editing a “wedding video”
for Mackenzie and Brandon. And I put that in quotation marks because they said they
wanted a wedding video but not the typical one. So I said if you guys trust me, and go
into this blindly without asking too many questions, I am sure I can come up with something
fun that I have frankly never seen done before in a wedding video before. I showed up with
some stuff up my sleeve and a suitcase full of stuff actually. And at the wedding reception
as you can see they were kind of shocked and surprised at the thing I orchestrated. I am
not going to say much more. You guys buckle up. Mack and Brandon I hope you guys enjoy
this. If you don’t I am sorry (laughs). And to the guests at the wedding I hope you guys
have some laughs remembering all the memories. Because I am sure after all that booze you
guys dont remember. And to the rest of the world if you guys enjoy this then share it
with someone who is getting married, hopefully somewhere tropical, and hope they enjoy it
too. Alright, take care guys. [music]

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