Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding Venue Walk Through Tour Colorado Venue 200+ Guests

hey guys I’m gonna make this short and
sweet I’m here at Highlands Ranch mansion in Highlands Ranch Colorado I
just finished a walkthrough not an official walkthrough but I just came
here with my couple to see the space to get a better idea of the flow how we’re
gonna start working on their decor plans and floor plans and all that but
obviously it’s not gonna be snowing when they’re here and June 27th is their
wedding date but yeah at least we’re here got a really great idea of this
space and how everything’s gonna be set up it’s gorgeous you guys I’m so excited
to show you this so stay tuned this is the front lawn the ceremony
is going to be taking place and all of the guests are going to be facing this
way so they are going to have the view of the mansion which is gonna be so so
gorgeous but it’s 170 guests which this is plenty of space for and then we were
just discussing how the bride was gonna get out here without everyone seeing and
she’s probably gonna have to go out the back and then walk all the way around
and possibly even back through this gate here then she would walk through the
middle island down so pretty out here you guys Wow so here we are in the Ingram’s quarters
of highlands ranch mansion I’m loving this large mirror that’s here
for the groom they can get a fun picture with that it’s gotta be perfect for the
guys right I’ll see is it’s all really old-school historic up here I think
there’s like one or two bathrooms that work but I will show you what I’m
talking about here in a second look at this place so this is the first part of
the bridal suite one really big mirror and this is the working toilet as you
can see it’s all all original for sure which would be perfect for like a
vintage wedding like a Victorian style like look at this bathroom so this is
the one that I was saying that is preserved you’re not going to be able to
use any anything in here really but it’s so cool no access like even these doors all
original so so cool and then this is the main part of the bridal suite which holy
moly look at that oh my god so apparently this is a ceremony spot to
here at the gazebo and then they guests would be facing
that way so my couple was actually considering that too and might do it if
it’s like a super hot sunny day because then the building might give some shade
for the guests but as of right now they’re planning it in the front yard oh
so cool here is a better view of the patio and then the doors over there lead right
into the reception space which is going to be around the corner here into the
Great Hall which how gorgeous are these beams planning the DJ over here and in
between the two TVs and then the dance floor right in front of them a big head
table and then five-foot rounds surrounding that are going to be
scattered and then this is the cocktail area space so the couple is going to be
walking in and through these middle doors here for their grand entrance really really cool space
they say that they fit 250 guests in here oh my goodness so we’re planning on
the buffet table and being somewhere in here possibly long ways that way since
that is a door for catering and that the in catering also has a huge area that is
back in this which I will show you right now it’s the biggest space that I’ve
ever seen and for caterer setup so that’s awesome for them huge kitchen and then I’m not really
sure what this space is used for in the back but maybe you for smoking area or
something like that maximum occupancy 329 looks like it’s got a little driveway through there this is probably where catering
pulls up and that I’m imagining really cool space I’m not sure if this kitchens actually
used for catering I think it might just be for the historic value of it that
everything is original in this place it is so cool look at this door all of
these rooms are gonna be available for the couple grand there until I believe
everything is going to be closed off to the public and they aren’t going to have
access to all of this so they said that they can have like children up here if
they want it they need to like come up and sleep or if you are gonna have like
a babysitter or something this is a good area to keep them oh that is something I
want to show you guys the chairs look at the pink oh my god
okay here is a situation with the chairs these come with the venue up to 200 or 250
I can’t remember and then these are the extra which my couple said they were
like ridiculous amount but obviously look at the difference in them but they
also said that it was gonna be like a couple thousand dollar charge so we’ll
see alright I’m walking out the front here
it’s not the main front door I came in this little side door not sure if it’s
because the weather or what but believe that’s the main one they just asked me to
go I just wanted to hop on here and say that the staff and they were volunteers
at least the ones that we talked to and they were so super nice and helpful and
therefore whatever questions that we had but yet they also let us just walk
around by ourselves and have our space to which I really like because I can
just talk with the couple about things that they like and don’t like you know
about being worried that we’re gonna hurt somebody’s feelings or something so
was an unofficial walkthrough and that will be about 30 days out so that will
happen in early June and we’re planning on which I’m super excited to actually
work this event there so let me know if you guys have any questions about the
space like I said have just walked through it once now we
got some questions insert I did get the floor plan the actual floor plan for the
Great Hall which is not online anywhere so if anybody needs that let me know and
I can send you a picture of it it should be really easy for people to find it’s
right here in town uber is available which is huge because
a lot of the wedding’s that I work there is no hoover’s that people are basically
coming to hire shuttles or just a drive which is not good either
but yeah I really enjoyed the walkthrough I knew it was gonna be
gorgeous just from the pictures and videos that I’ve already seen online
it’s just a gorgeous spa but really seeing it in person was just I can’t
even I mean I can’t even think of the word but it was like jaw-dropping like
once you walk in it and then once we have all of the decor and all the
candles and just everything lit like it’s gonna be so so pretty so I’m gonna
start working on that the decor plans the floor plans now that
we have the actual dimensions of the space and so I’m super excited to get
some more things together for this couple so anyways thank you guys so much
for tagging along I hope you guys are having a good day make sure to give this
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