High school sweethearts, groom cries | Arkansas wedding video at Horton Farms

You all have been working on this dream for
a lot of years. 10 years since you all became boyfriend and
girlfriend. To my bride… come on! To my bride. Patrick, wow. I can’t believe the day is finally here. We have been waiting for this day for what
feels like forever. If you were to go back and ask 12 year old
Brooke what her biggest fear was, she’d say failure. Failure has always been Brooke’s biggest fear. And to me, that’s an awesome trait to have
because it says, “I will never quit trying to be better. Better PA, a better friend, a better sister,
a better wife.” It’s people like that, that she deserves such
an awesome fairy tale love. Which brings me to Patrick. Her prince charming. Patrick, you have been an immediate part of
the family since the day you starting dating Brooke. I shouldn’t even say dating ’cause when you
guys met, you were like kids. The Dargan’s moved to Monett in December of
1991. And Brooke was one month old and Patrick was
just under two years old. So they go back quite a ways. I wasn’t really like the girl next door. I was like little Tomboy next door. I was in sixth grade and he was in the eighth
grade and he got this gas-powered GoPed scooter. I mean, you guys know about the horse-power
of the GoPed. Brooke would be in her driveway and I’d just
go by like blowing smoke in her face. No. Everybody wanted to ride it. So I let Logan hop on there, take a spin around
the neighborhood. I was like, “Can I ride it?” And he was like, “No. You’re to little.” And I was like, I’m the same age as he is. He’s like, “You’re just to little.” I didn’t think she could handle the power
honestly. And then finally after we started dating in
high school and everything, years later, I was like, “Okay. But can I ride the GoPed now?” So he got it out of the garage and I rode
it for probably like 100 feet and I was like, “I don’t wanna ride this. This is dangerous.” There came a time when Patrick started dating
Brooke. And that sort of changes a father. I shot it with a range finder just so I knew. It’s 80 yards from their house to our house. Literally I’d be sitting there cleaning my
shotgun. He just sort of look at me. He thought, “Man, you clean your gun a lot.” You guys have had a very, very special thing. Everybody would love to have that opportunity
to meet somebody in high school and carry it through to a life-long loving relationship. It’s very unique and it’s very, very, very
special. Did you know these guys went to six prom’s
together? That’s like six limo rides, six hair styles. She was always around in neighborhood things
throughout the years, especially once she starting dating Patrick. She became a more and more constant staple
in our life, our family vacations, and things like that. And I feel like you became a sister to me
a long time ago. For the last 10 years, he’s really been part
of the family. I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining the
whole dang Dargan family. I cannot begin to put into words how excited
I am to finally marry you. I’ve loved watching our relationship grow
and evolve from neighborhood kids, to high school sweethearts, to best friends, and to
now finally husband and wife. Whoa, I’m gonna be a wife. That sounds so weird, but I’m up for the challenge. As your wife, I promise to never be too cool
for kitchen dance parties. That’s right. Too tired for late night cold stone runs,
too full for a Papa John’s pizza, too girly for sports, too broke to travel, or too little
for the GoPed ride. Patrick, you may kiss your bride. Ladies and gentleman, may I be the very first
one to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Brooke Dargan. Patrick Allen Dargan, you are my first love,
my only love, and my forever love. And I cannot wait to continue our crazy lives
together as husband and wife. And I am finally a Dargan after a decade. I love you.


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