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[music playing] The demand for decorative
concrete is growing. Residential and
commercial customers want to give plain concrete
a more unique appearance, like stone, brick, tile,
wood, metal, and faux textures. With Sherwin-Williams’ quality
products and expert advice. you can easily capitalize on
these new job opportunities. The key to our success
has been Sherwin-Williams products and I think part of the reason
is the backup knowledge their reps have
on their products. Whenever we bid a project that we’re not real familiar
with the product we may need, they’ve always came through
with the correct product for that application. And if for some reason,
we ran into a niche or a problem they were always
there to back us up. H&C Concrete Coatings is Sherwin Williams’
comprehensive line of decorative concrete products. They’re formulated to achieve
a wide variety of looks, suit a broad range
of applications and provide lasting
protection for hospitality, commercial,
property management and residential
concrete substrates. Our decorative concrete coatings are divided into five
basic categories: H&C Solid Color
Stains and Sealers, H&C Decorative Stains and Dyes, H&C Concrete Resurfacers
and Overlays, H&C Color Hardeners
and Densifiers, and H&C Clear Sealers. Each serves a unique purpose
and produces specialized effects. H&C Solid Color Sealers are ideal
for exterior applications. They resist oil, gasoline, water,
UV rays and hot tire pickup. That makes them ideal
for commercial floors, driveways, patios, pool decks,
garage floors, even athletic courts and stadium supports. H&C Solid Color Stains
are water-based and can be used for interior
or exterior applications. Our stains are formulated
to achieve deep penetration and form a tough
waterproof shield on patios, walkways,
pool decks and commercial floors. With H&C’s Decorative
Stains & Dyes layered looks, faux effects and vibrant colors
are easy to achieve and the results are UV-resistant
and highly durable. H&C Concrete Resurfacers
& Overlays allow you to get aged
concrete a facelift for less than the cost
of expensive replacement. These systems have
excellent adhesion and give new life or texture to uneven and cracked
concrete surfaces. H&C Color Hardeners & Densifiers
improve the strength and density of new and existing concrete,
while adding rich intense color. H&C Clear Sealers are the easiest way
to protect concrete and add durability to any of our colored
stains and sealers. Stop by your local
Sherwin-Williams store today or ask your local
sales representative for more information about
H&C Concrete Coatings. With our full line of decorative
concrete products to choose from, you can unlock the
profit potential of this fast-growing market.


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