Halloween Props & Decorations at Target!

Oh press it again just do it do something hi guys we’re at Target and we’re here to look at their Halloween directions decorations okay what’s this one Addie Wheel of Fate what will be your fate daddy what will be your fate that’s a good fate treats will be yours huh what is that electropathic vessel yeah yeah can okay you hold it with one hand it’ll track to your finger yeah what’s this thing with the fish do we see this around kind of like the skeleton hand they’re still moving oddly okay orange and black hands look kind it’s like thing from The Addams Family did do do do do got the right song okay wait let’s see what’s what are these other crows wearing masks are they black birds or owls I can’t tell what’s this thing down here – wait Addie’s already moving on I just doing the Crocodile Rock apparently what’s this do Addie press the record happy Halloween oh my this I don’t know where you turn this on this projector does anyone have any ideas I don’t see a button even must be something oh well okay what the antlers Addie’s doing something here what is at least the big bad wolf let’s see you Addie this is the big bad wolf put the tag on a tag let me flip the tag up it just flopped over what do you got there Jillian ooh look at creepy alright nice it’s the thumbs up Jack o lantern anything oh there’s a monkey mask a lion lies and tigers and zebras no Tigers what else oh look at these masks guys big look familiar anybody hashtag I got your good mmm chicken I see it very nice I like the monkey man I like all these maybe we should just get them all huh Jillian’s like yeah yeah look at the ape he’s great these are huge you wanna put the monkey huh the monkey on wow yeah you just kind of throw it on and then they have lots of unicorns best to get them now before everyone else gets their germs on them ooh what’s this thing let’s see if there’s more props though I’ll get the floor I love these frogs for some reason they’re very charming they don’t do anything but I really like them for some reason not everything has to do something how do your hair’s a little crazy from the mask what’s this joy spooky scary moving what else we got Oh guys look we got stuff here press that button yeah what’s the pumpkin do that it can you press the pumpkin probably just lights off it’s very eerie very eerie yeah dia de los muertos cool oh this is nice yeah and you could surf you could he does look like mr. happy ghost you could serve candy did you put candles in here I guess okay look at this Addie he moves I’ve heard that voice before we’ve heard that it’s the same recording yeah what this one once seems to have no head this is have no head I can’t really tell oh it’s got a pumpkin under there but it’s all twisted he’s all twisted up that one’s cool oh we’ve seen this before right yeah yeah and then this one simple simple but effective they don’t offer to be noisy right what’s he do they’re scouting on a swing okay no he’s in a cage area it’s coming like the think he’s kind of like two guys from what was that movie labyrinth no not labyrinth willow where he was like stuck in a cage yeah what’s this – it’s a cheesy humor what’s this – animated alright alright just try me button bad jokes and his problem was he’s just a hand the boombox Oh press it again very cool what’s this phone do this one just keeps going this just won’t shut up now the more you press up tomorrow he just keeps going oh my oh man I wish this one was out of the box look grandfather clock the peekaboo cool I wish these were out of the box yes I did that just lights up yeah we went to one up here these lights they don’t have them projecting what’s that down there oh that’s just a drink dispenser but that’s really nice you fill this up with some punch maybe some red punch suggests but look this the song what’s the eyeballs eyeballs around here oh it’s a bat cuddles the cuddles the vulture what do we got here this is big 31 lights up mm-hmm scraps and cuddles what else does this guy do something somebody’s just light up mm-hmm pretty cool I love this tree lights huh Addie’s found something I think there aren’t him it’s yeah for your your little tree you can turn on this tree I think right yeah oh look at the spiky pumpkin Wow spikey and then you can get all these are nice you can get your own you can spell your name if you wanted huh see yeah I don’t see any A’s for how to Addie do you see any J’s here’s a J for Jillian Oh Jillian mm-hmm these eyeballs Addie? catch is it light up too good well there’s all kinds of goodies in here huh there’s glow sticks did we miss any props I kind of like the big props for the show we have some smaller things that we haven’t even looked at yep what was your favorite Addie what was your favorite thing the boom box the boom box obviously that was your favorite thing yeah and we did look up the grandfather clock it wasn’t in the box but there is a video on that I can’t post it here but it’s get a little crazy here like comment subscribe Julian at each channel we go we’re gonna go probably the Spirit Halloween pretty soon so we’re looking forward to that back it’ll be a big episode that might even be two episodes yeah but otherwise we’ll talk to you guys later you could be a giant hot dog

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