Halloween Decorations DIY – Bleeding Candle

Would you like to learn how to make your own bleeding halloween candle? This poor candle has been hammered with nails and he’s bleeding everywhere But he’s the perfect halloween decoration for this years season If you’d like to make your own, keep watching, I’m going to show you how To make this easy halloween tutorial of our bleeding candles, what you’re going to need is A cream or white pillar candle. Here i’ve got (it’s more cream than white) but it’s fine for the job we’re doing You also need some red candles. Ive bought these tea lights, they’re warm winter berry candles You just want to make sure that the wax throughout the candle is red. Sometimes you’ll get a red candle but when you burn the outer layer, it’s white inside. That won’t work for this tutorial. You’re also going to need a lighter If you are a child planning on doing this tutorial, please please please ask a parent to help you. I don’t want you getting burnt. Everybody else, please be careful. So you’re going to just take out some of your red candles, and we need to light them. How many you need depends on the actual look you want from your candle. You may want just a couple of drips, you may want it bleeding everywhere. It depends how gruesome you want your candle to look. So basically we’re going to light these and wait for the wax to start melting. I’m probably going to do three of them, and then if I need more later I can always add to it. If I don’t need this much, at least my room will smell lovely, of warm winter berries. As you can see, the wax is starting to melt around the middle. You do want quite a lot of it to melt before you get started. So i’ll pop back and update you once this wax is melted. Now that the wax has started to melt, as you can see, what you’re going to do is first of all we’re going to blow this one out, and we’re going to start to drip the wax over the candle Whilst the other two are still burning. Then as we use the other two, the first one will go back on to burn. Be careful with this bit. Now we can light that one again as we start to use the second And again, we light this one, as we use the last one. You just continue doing the same thing until your candle is covered in blood I have gone and lit another three tea lights just so we can get this done quicker to show you. Don’t worry about the red wax that’s now around the bottom of the candle If we can, we’re going to try and peel it off the greaseproof paper in one piece. Because I think if you had this candle over glass, it would look awesome. Like there’s blood dripping out of the actual candle. So we’re going to wait for these to melt a little more then we’re going to fill in these little gaps Don’t worry if it’s gone over twice, it’ll add to the effect And then we’re going to turn the whole sheet around so we don’t actually damage this wax whilst it dries. And we’re just going to pour the wax all over the candle. There you have it, our bleeding halloween candle. It’s the perfect decoration for halloween And you could make a bunch of them and stick them all over the house Make it very spooky Ready for the holidays So I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial If you have, please click like below and subscribe to see many more videos like this one And I hope to see you soon. Thanks for watching Bye If you’re feeling particularly evil, you can also decorate your candle as I have here With some old rusty nails from the garage So if you want to do this, it’s really easy All you’re going to do is take your nail and push it in to the candle.


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