Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 17 | 3rd October 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

What nonsense? You’re having some misunderstanding. I didn’t even come over here yesterday Sir you are one of our loyal customers, how can I forget you? These glasses belong to the lady who came with you yesterday Yes I’ve been coming to this restaurant in the past. But I didn’t come here yesterday. Call your Manager, let me inform him how his staff is treating their customers I’m sorry sir, it must be our mistake then. These glasses must be someone else’s then. I’m really sorry for this Wait Go What? Mahjabeen this is not…. We will talk about this after going back home Listen to me Mahjabeen You’re telling me that he was in Dubai The waiter at the hotel told us that he was with some woman Now who is telling lies? So it means that you’re giving more importance to that low life waiter’s word instead of what we are telling you? I just want to know the truth? Where were you for so many days? Were you in Dubai or were you actually spending time with that girl? Look Mahjabeen, I’ve told you earlier that I had to go to Dubai in an emergency, why don’t you trust in what I’m saying? I don’t trust in your word Look dear, why are you exagerrating the matter? If you don’t trust in him at least you can trust us can’t you? He had actually gone to Dubai dear Really? Child you are unnecessarily worrying over a small issue. Have trust in us Fine, if he had actually gone to Dubai then tell him to go and show me his passport Dear now don’t overreact on a small matter. Just have trust in us I just want evidence that he had actually gone to Dubai, or is he telling lies? Dear he had not gone to Dubai. He was right here I knew it. I knew that you all are telling lies to me Certainly he was hanging out with that girl Mahjabeen I can explain. I met an old class fellow randomly, that’s all Yes dear, he’s telling the truth Enough aunty, I’m not going to listen to anymore lies Go and calm her down Mahjabeen Don’t touch me You’re making an issue out of a small issue, we can sit and talk about it The only people who are going to talk to you now are my mother and brother Mahjabeen why do you have to worry them? Look, it’s not as you think it is Tell me honestly Adil You’re having an affair with some girl isn’t it? What are you saying Mahjabeen? How could I have an affair with some other girl? At first I was a doubt, but now I’m sure that you are cheating on me Don’t please What ever people were telling me about you before our marriage was absolutely true It’s not like that, please give me one chance to explain it to you, please I’m warning you Adil If there’s anything of this sort…. It will be very bad Very bad Mahjabeen, please listen to me. Please By the time I resolve one issue, another problem is already there to make my life miserable Is anything worrying you? I’m thinking of leaving medical studies Why? How did this thought come to your mind all of a sudden? After you go to Canada I’ll be all alone over here Besides, medical studies are too long, five years is too much. How will I spend this time without you? Don’t worry about that, I’m already made arrangements for that. This matter was already discussed earlier with mother She’ll stay with you over here, she won’t go with me But why do you want to leave aunty over here? Like you said, if I take her then you’ll be left alone We don’t want you to be alone Such a big sacrifice For me, why? Why are you calling it a sacrifice? If she stays here you’ll be relieved and so will she Besides, what will she do over there with me? But Don’t worry at all, everything will work out. My Masters will complete in two years and then I will return back Gulzar No matter how much distance we are apart, There will not be any distance in our relation Can you please make me a nice cup of tea? I’ll complete the rest of my preparations Are you happy now? Your life long wish has been fulfilled today Why isn’t he picking up his phone? Where is he? Please talk Gul, what’s the matter? Where are you? We are all waiting for you I can’t come to the wedding, I already told you earlier Please come just for a while? Just for our sake? Listen Gul, I’m not responsible for your family. Besides I’m at my parent’s house these days Your wife is over there as well? No, she’s at her own house Okay then Gul, I’ll talk to you later Hello Adil? Gul, come let’s take a selfie. You promised me that You’ll take it today I don’t feel like taking it What is one selfie going to harm? Please? Take it quickly At least smile Enough, I promised I photo, you’ve already taken two What’s the matter? Why are you taking someone’s anger out on Kashi? Thank God, this ordeal got over in a good way No doubt it is thanks to God that he kept our dignity in front of everyone Gul, why didn’t Adil come? Nargis’s mother in law was repeatedly asking me. I told her he is out of country How would I know why he didn’t come. And please don’t ask me so many questions Oh what’s wrong with you? Why are you sitting in such a bad mood? Are you feeling okay? This is what happens in this condition, don’t you know that? Which condition? I’m pregnant Is that true? Oh my dear daughter. Why didn’t you give us this good news earlier? You were so busy in the wedding preparations. I didn’t get the chance to tell you Now you just have to take good care of yourself. Bring some fruit for her Yes definitely I will Hey Take it easy Congratulations Congratulations to you as well So what if Adil came for a little while It would have made us all happy and left an impression on Nargis’s in-laws as well Who is it? This Kashi is going to get killed and going to get me killed as well, delete this Idiot Adil I’ve tried explaining you before, stop acting like this But you don’t give any importance to what I say Have you called me here to give a lecture? I have called to tell you that if you care about your life then you should take care of Mahjabeen and make sure that she’s happy Father, I can live without keeping her happy as well, don’t worry Mahjabeen’s brother has said it clearly that if he finds out that you’re involved with another girl, he is going to kill you He said that and you believed him? Father it’s not that simple that he’s going to do that if he said it You know very well what Mahjabeen’s brother and family are capable of. I would suggest that you end your relationship with that other girl before they finish you God bless you all. What an amazing arrangement you had done at the wedding. Our relatives could not believe it Thanks to God, it was God who made it all possible Gul dear, we didn’t see your husband at the wedding, is everything okay? He is out of country for an important meeting Okay Kabir really liked the motorcycle, and we really liked the rest of things as well Dear I had asked you for one more favor What favor? I don’t remember You said you will talk to your husband about Kabir’s job I’ll talk to him when he’s back Look at the time, it’s time for dinner. I’ll go arrange dinner you people please sit. I’ll be right back Father I can not explain to you how lucky I am I told you dear, Jamal’s a very good boy, he will keep you very happy Father you were absolutely right, each and everything you said turned out to be true. Jamal and aunty take so much care of me If it were someone else in their place, they might now have valued me so much So now you have to take good care of sister Razia, okay? Father how do I take care of her, she refuses to let me do anything. She just keeps telling me to focus on my studies You should be grateful for getting a family like this one. Only fortunate people are blessed with this Yes father, And I’m also missing you a lot. Please come back soon I’m missing you a lot as well. If it wasn’t for this matter of Zeba I would’ve come much earlier Even Jamal’s going to go away now, I’m going to miss you all so much Oh, it’s not like he’s coming here for the rest of his life. No need to be so sad, you should concentrate on your studies Yes Gul tell me, what’s the matter? I’m bored of living here all alone. Mother and father are always talking about the same things I don’t know what should I do So what can I do about it? So please come and pick me, I want to come back home Gul, you need to stay a few more days at your parent’s place Why? Actually I’m going to Dubai for a couple of days so what’s the point of you staying alone at home. It’s better you stay at your parent’s place If you’re going to Dubai then take me along. I don’t want to stay here Gul don’t argue over everything like a child. I’m going to Dubai for work, not for a vacation What will I do when you’re gone. I don’t even have any money You always bring money in between everything How much money do you want? I don’t need money for my own sake. I have to visit the doctor. And the doctor has told me to eat a healthy diet And all this requires money Okay fine, I’ll arrange something Well now that you to are married, will you go for a vacation somewhere? Yes mother, let’s see Tell me something Gul, does your husband always keep visiting abroad? Yes, he goes abroad all the time So why don’t you go with him? I go sometimes but, he goes for work so I refuse myself. Besides, how can I travel so long in this condition Hey Gul, you’re over here and your husband’s abroad, so your house must be empty Yes it is So why don’t you take us there to show us your house Mother actually… Oh you have never shown us your house. Come on. Kabir and Nargis are here as well. We’ll all go together Yes Gul, I want to see your house as well Mother there’s a paint job on-going at home. That’s one of the reasons I’m staying over here these days So just say it clearly that you don’t want to take us It’s not that You were really boasting about your sister She doesn’t care about anyone’s respect Fine, we should go then It’s not that Let’s go, all of us The visa has been issued. Rest of the arrangements are complete as well. Now I just need to get the ticket But dear you still have plenty of time. You still have six months before your classes start Yes mother but I’m thinking of going there a couple of months before classes start But why There are some internship opportunities. It would be better if I avail them before the semester starts This house will be so empty after you’re gone Why? Your daughter is still here, she won’t let this house feel empty I have that girl’s support, otherwise I would never want you to go alone like this It’s going to be difficult for me to go if you talk like this I can’t help it, I’m a mother. I feel sad whenever I think about you going away These distances are meaningless in front of our relationship Come in Oh wow, so many things. Oh my God. Gul, is this really your house? Of course this is my house Oh wow, this is a complete palace, just have a look Be careful Oh I was shocked when I saw that this is my daughter’s house. Oh look how beautiful it is. Oh how soft this is The lights are also amazing I feel so relaxed Gul, don’t you have servants in your house? Of course I do, actually I was staying at your place and Adil is out of country so there’s no need for them I was thinking why don’t we stay over at your place? Yes Here? How would that be possible? Oh yes, even Adil is abroad and you have such valuable things at home, if you’re going to stay with us then your house will be empty and what if there’s a robbery? You’re right. I’m so stupid I didn’t even ask you all to eat. Let me arrange something to eat Gul’s husband seems to be very rich. You must talk to him about my job Yes I have talked to her. She’ll inform us as soon as there’s any update Oh don’t worry, I’ll talk to her myself. God bless her, my daughter is living like a queen May God protect her from all evil. Amen. Thank God What are you searching in my phone? What’s your problem? With whose permission did you touch my mobile phone? I don’t need anyone’s permission to touch your phone. I have the right being your wife. I can search you whenever I want Where is it written that it’s a wife’s right to search her husband? Whether it’s written anywhere or not, I’m going to search you I haven’t seen a paranoid woman like you in my entire life You should be thankful that I still have a doubt. The day I catch you with someone will be a very bad day for you Remember that Sign over here What is this father? divorce papers Father? Sign it and end this matter before it gets worse Father how can I divorce her? She’s pregnant I have only asked you to sign this document. The divorce will be in place once the child is delivered But… Enough, I’m not going to listen to you any further. Why don’t you understand that there will a huge problem if Mahjabeen’s family finds out You have already made a mistake in the past when we had to pay her money to leave you. Now ask this girl how much money she wants I can not rush in to this decision father You still think we are rushing you? How much more time do you need? Let me meet her and talk to her one last time. I can make a decision after that Look at him how he’s watching television as if he’s never seen one before. But it’s a fact that we have a very small television at our house What’s going on? What are all of you doing over here? You’re back early? With whose permission have they come over here? And why is the house in such a messy state? Oh dear, we just came to meet her. Please don’t be upset. t’s not Gul’s fault, we asked her to come Dear, look’s like Adil didn’t like our presence over here. No worries, you can come over later. Let’s go Adil? What have you done? Do you have any sense? Why did you have to call them here? They were my parents and family, why did you have to treat them like this? Gul, if you want to meet them then go and meet them over there, no need to bring them all over here I can’t believe you have such a small heart. You humiliated my parents so badly Because that’s what they deserve. Father is is right about you, I should give you a divorce What did you say? Yes you heard it right. You don’t deserve to be in any relation or give you the status of a wife Don’t even think about it And if you do, I’m not going to go to your parent’s house. I’ll go straight to your wife’s house


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