Groom cancels wedding after seeing bride’s reaction to sister’s miscarriage – News Live

 In the run-up to their big day, there’s always a chance that even the nicest of brides will become a bridezilla  We all understand they want everything about their wedding to be perfect, but sometimes they just take things too far  And one woman definitely went beyond the point of no return as she was planning her big day, as her wedding planner recently revealed  The problems, she claimed, all started when the bride’s sister fell pregnant.     Writing anonymously on NotAlwaysRight com the wedding planner says the sister had been trying for a baby for three years, before finally conceiving  But when the bride found out about the pregnancy, she kicked her out of the wedding party and banned her from being a bridesmaid  Reportedly, she exclaimed: “Well, then, I guess you can’t be in my wedding, because I don’t want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause ”  The ‘problems’ mainly included altering the dress to fit her sister’s  “inconvenient” baby bump    Instead of being happy for her sibling, the bride threw a strop and eventually her sister left without saying another word  Attempting to remain levelheaded, the wedding planner, who had heard the heated encounter, says she put on her “best retail face” and continued to do her job  But a few months later things took a turn for the worse.  Recalling the awful day, the planner explained: “Bridezilla and Bridezilla’s mom are with me and Bridezilla’s mom gets a phone call    “Bridezilla’s mom excuses herself and left to answer.  “She spends most of the meeting on the phone Towards the end, Bridezilla’s mom comes back, slowly putting her phone away. It looks as though she’s been crying ”  Tragically she goes on to reveal that it was the sister on the phone and she’s lost her baby  The wedding planner feels heartbroken for the entire family, she doesn’t know what to say but feels sympathy tears brimming in her eyes    The bride on the other hand doesn’t seem fazed by the news at all.  Instead of sharing shock or sadness, she simply comments: “Oh Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore.”  Her comment outraged her mother, whose reaction the wedding planner describes as “absolutely terrifying”  “I have never seen something snap behind another person’s eyes before,” she admitted    Without wasting any time the bride’s mum tells the wedding planner in a “deadly calm voice” that they won’t be requiring her services any more because she no longer wishes to pay for her daughter’s wedding  The bride is horrified by her words and begins shrieking and panicking.  But her protests do nothing to change her mother’s mind  And it seems her cruelty further backfired, as the planner goes on to reveal that “the wedding was cancelled entirely, twenty-four hours later, by the would-be groom”  Honestly, we can’t say we blame him.


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