Graine de Bonheur – Wedding Planner / Créatrice d’émotions

Hi, my name is Karen, I’m 24 years old and I’m a wedding planner I’ve been thinking about this project of becoming a wedding planner for a while now but I really wanted to wait for the perfect moment to start the adventure I wanted to have the connections, more experience, and also to be more dependable I have a degree in entrepreneurship Right after that I worked for a small start-up company for two years in the marketing and communication field My biggest experience was a few months ago: the organization of my own wedding I enjoyed being the bride, with all the glitter but also the challenge of organizing a wedding from A to Z And from that point I knew, I was convinced that I was right where I wanted to be that it was the perfect thing for me After my wedding, I didn’t have to think much I immediately jumped into the venture this beautiful project that is “Graine de Bonheur” No matter what you wish for, just tell to yourself that nothing is impossible Even if everyone thinks you’re insane I think that with a little bit of love, passion, and impulse everything’s possible Now that you know a little more about me what I’m asking for is to be able to share and write the story with you Thank you!

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