Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme

The Engineering Engagement Programme is a
key part of our diversity and inclusion programme – a programme that we’ve set up to increase
diversity and inclusion right across engineering. What it does is it responds to and supports
the need for more students, more engineering graduates, to transition from engineering
education into engineering employment. So this is an opportunity for employers to
directly engage with students from under-represented backgrounds to try and encourage both parties
to come together and then get more engineers into the UK. If you don’t reach out, if there isn’t a specific
message to people who don’t see themselves reflected in the profession, they can go away
with the idea that actually the profession doesn’t want them. Over the two-day event we have a lot of different
training sessions that are going on. We’re helping students think about what are the
different areas of engineering that they can or should be focussing themselves on so they
can be maximally successful. Then we get to some more detailed things like: here’s the
sort of interview question you might be dealing with. There’s a speed networking session – students
will have this really unparalleled opportunity to meet, in rapid succession, representatives
both from the human resources side and the line engineering side from some of the top
engineering firms in the world. Last year when I was applying for summer placements
I was getting a lot of rejections. I was struggling with finding out what I was doing wrong, whereas
now I can see where I might not have been so strong. We went through video interviews and we recorded
each other, and as well as that just networking. That’s such an important skill and I really
felt like I was able to practice that in a really intense way. I’ve made so many connections, it’s incredible.
You don’t get this anywhere. Having attended the Engineering Engagement
Programme I would say they should definitely apply. With some of the other professions
and professional divisions, like banking or consulting, a lot of students have heard of
them before. Whereas that’s sometimes not the case with engineering. And especially
for me, I’d not heard about many of the companies that were actually attending. So I wanted
to come here and actually explore them and see what they had to offer me. It’s because of this now I’m thinking about
software engineering, I’m thinking about system engineering, I’m thinking about refinery even
more. Speaking to professionals, you know it’s a big thing. We want fresh, diverse thinking to come into
our business, and people with a diverse background will challenge and think in a different way. I absolutely encourage organisations to get
involved with the Engineering Engagement Programme. As part of the scheme we were able to offer
a pilot opportunity to take on five students to join the organisation. It’s a fabulous
opportunity to not only meet lots of really great potential talent in engineering, but
also to network with other organisations, learn from those organisations, and understand
what they’re doing. The programme has benefitted me by allowing
me to meet more female engineers. It has inspired me in my studies as an engineer. Has got me thinking of different routes, different
career paths. It literally kick-started my career. Our next step for this programme is really
to extend it, to invite more employers to take part, so that we can run more events
and engage more students, and really, really start to drive those transition rates into

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