GOP Vows To Haunt Dems With Obamacare Ads

the blue dogs are democrats who up are more conservative they like call
themselves moderate or centrist apparent that yes it’s true the summer
and swing districts and so they have to be a
little bit more careful than on probably progressive districts so they
can afford to be Bernie Sanders or something right so I understand that
part are but mainly what they are is
corporatist Democrats and the use any excuse to vote with the Republicans especially when it comes to corporate
issues now in this particular case on the issue Obamacare there in an
absolute panic now it’s always big news when
republicans splinter at all as they did during that
fight we just had on the government shutdown it was like all like God is
some other republicans in the Greek whereas 139 democrats abandon President
Obama on the Affordable Care Act is they just
didn’t go to the republicans delay a portion a bit per year it’s not big
news because those bitches do it all the time go there they there this they’re willing democrats oh
no oh no longer look at the booth get what he wanted to do although with you so let perfect example that in this case
so first of all james Clyburn says and look he’s trying
to stop it right he’s won the leadership’s in the house he does all the democrats the vote their
homes but he says look they did so to quote insulate themselves against sound
bites so my got their run ads against you if
you don’t well but with your home’s decor in court
pics Obamacare by delaying portions have it for a year
right those whole idea being keep your health care plan et cetera right so how’d that work up with well
its wind up because afterwards the republicans the decided that they were gonna have a
different strategy so b-day say hey you know what democrats as
you go to with us are bad our mistake we won’t run any ads on that issue
against you maybe not let’s go to Brock McCleary he’s the head
of corporate polling and he’s a guy who a has worked with
republicans and today works for republicans on how to get them ahead elections
here’s what he said it’s bad enough the you own Obamacare now to vote for fix makes you appear
duplicitous and if it the mall the typical
Washington politician by law breaking down the news you know that means have you 88 well hold Obamacare yes you anyway and
now that you made a mistake a boating with us will hold that against you see
sniveling part watching a politician you see that people with us and he’s a liar buddy you
really want Obamacare you don’t we should he ever wonder the
same for two reasons how to work it would have been too well body will always work out for us. is so
what you do not there it’s okay we weigh a lot more where that came from here’s their constant communication
director for the congressional leadership for pawn for the republicans the clear lie
and rank up %ah Chrissy on health care on health coverage will be a major issue
next year what happened I thought you were gonna
insulate yourself against that sound byte mmm something perhaps in work he
continues they’re caught in a lie that’s going to haunt them in a year
hear back to Brighton clear at its gonna make for quote a pretty
potent add come next fall well wait a minute I
thought you were insulating yourself against those ads terms either gonna run ads against you
anyway a seriously how stupid are democrats I
do they never learning to be really think that the republicans work to run
ads against them if they voted with the republicans after
all these years are you that prophetically ignorant
about politics that you have all these legislative
advises all yes all we are well course congressman if you what the republicans
they’ll like you and they won’t run ads against you on
this issue of course we’re running the ads against
your numbers on every other issue more from the in these are the
republicans saying okay they say Brock again however for those on the
other side work on who voted for the pics that with the republicans I think I he could also find its way
into paid advertising in other words run at against you either
way you U-boat against us you can add you were
with us we’re on to its he says a potentially
democrat get themselves wrapped around the spokes by trying so hard to make this boat exculpatory at that
point you’re really playing into republican at its ad double-whammy one last one from andrea was act that is the national
problem gradual committees communications director no matter what
this washington politician says representing Nick Roll Hall whose
democrat from West Virginia would you as Obamacare and keep
Obamacare on the books that is the major message the republican
party put out thirty three different democrats who made the mistake a boating with them
and you notice the first part that sentence they said no matter what he says were gonna say he’s with Obamacare we
don’t give a damn what you say we’re on the same n0 where
you schmuck in thank you for helping us by boating
with us and then giving us bring our ammunition
to call you a hypocrite a liar and say you love Obamacare anyway finally let me go back to my friend james Clyburn who thought that
the strategy might not be so bad even though he was against that he says I don’t blame anybody for
insulating themselves from the sound bites because that’s the
world we live in unfortunately but that’s the world we live it no it
isn’t the world we live in the Republicans
hate you no matter what you do there on those ads against you no matter
what you do they’re gonna put your next to Obamacare no matter what you do and for christ sake can you figure that
out already


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