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Aw! Im dying. Oh, hi I didn’t even see guys there. Right now who we are getting glam on Refinery29. I am here with the wonderful lipstick Nick. We are getting ready for Los Angeles, LA Fashion Week. I am walking in Michael Ngo fashion show and I am just so excited. We’re doing a really fun anime kind of chrome inspired look so it’s very avant-garde and it’s really gonna let us be creative. I’m really gonna use some bold lines and a lot of like graphic liner, so it almost looks like kind of cartoon-esque and a little bit
like 3D. Yes! A really solid foundation is the way to start out, especially with a look like this, where it has to last all night. So I am just actually setting the cream contour and highlight right now with a little bit of powder. Well a lot a bit of powder. I’m like a little bit. Just little bit. So today with the hair, we are doing a platinum moment. We’re going very frosty. I want to see something different on Nikita than what she normally kind of does. We just go so crazy. I’m gonna pop some images right here. Nikita is never natural with her hair,
it’s always a bright fun color but today we’re going blonde that’s gonna be great. Okay, so my glam team is very spiritual in
a sense, I need positive energy, positive vibes, good smell, sage. This brush feels kind of negative if you want to… Negative, oh. Hold on let me sage you guys at home. Positive energy. Don’t let that on fire girl. Look how cute this is, 24 inches, full laces, you could never. This is the creator, like the house of Dragon president over here, like he has been the pioneer to all my crazy wild look. Every single wild moment. To me I think fashion is your voice, it’s
your number one message, so what you wear is what you are. This eyebrow is special, we’re going to do
a full rhinestone with Swarovski crystals. And I’m gonna go in individually and like
hand-lay all the rhinestones. Don’t move. Oh look how pretty. We got Sawatzky crystals up in here. This is the real me. I’ve never seen this before, like… I’ve never done this before. This is crazy. And when the lights hit it on the runway,
it’s just gonna like. It’s gonna be so good. So right now I’m taking a black gel liner
and I’m cutting Nikita’s crease, then you definitely need a super super steady hand
and I’m using the paintbrush. I honestly want a relationship as study as
your hand. Me too girl. You guys this is coming together. So the lashes are gonna be pretty intense,
but for now I’m just laying down like a base pair and then I’m gonna cut up a couple other ones to make a custom lash. I like my brows, my liner my lashes, my bank account “thicc”. Give me a T, I need an H, I need an I and CC, maybe even a Q like
“thiq”. I am feeling so confident about the look right now, this is when dragon starts to come out when I have my lashes on. This is giving me very like wispy,
dolly, library, funeral, every day back-to-school look. Oh my god is it wig time? So this is my head condom. Everyone say goodbye to humble Nikita, we are getting into a full dragon mode. I feel like glam is more of a state of mind,
is just how you feel and how you kind of radiate to everyone else. I always drew women only growing up and at the time of course, you know I was a little boy, so I think it was also me, drawing this
beautiful woman that I always wanted to be, now I get to live every single day as that
beautiful woman. It’s taking me this far honestly just a dream eyelash in a wig. Oh my god that’s gonna be everything. Right now I’m gonna put in some crazy gray contacts. If you’re watching at home I’m so sorry. What do we think? Okay eyes are in and now we’re getting into full dragon fantasy. Oh my god, look at me dragons sleepers. Honey, if your hair isn’t touching your mid-calf, don’t speak to me. And this is the final look. Alright everyone we just finished doing the glam, hair, makeup everything it took us a little bit longer than we plans, we’re a little
bit late actually a lot of bit late. Okay we got to go, oh my god, okay, okay,
okay, bye. My glam come together so amazing and it is better than I ever expected it. My head is scrambling right now, my heart is racing. It’s time for me to rehearse, I need to listen, to these lyrics, I need to know when I enter, I needed to know when I walk, I need to know when I pose, I’m like nervous, I’m trying to take a deep breath. Michael. Yeah, oh my god you look so good, yeah give that swivel. I’m really pomp and excited to show this collection, and Nakia was the perfect person for my final look. She’s able to transform herself into so many things and so many people appreciate what she does I’m so excited for her to bring my art to life. So yeah, this full fantasy, metallic armor
dress for you, the matching art angel, full fantasy Wings? wings. You are gonna fly off the runway. I’m about to fly off this runway honey. Nikita Dragun the coolest. Get glam Refinery29, this is Nikita Dragun,
it’s my time to go, wish me luck, we fire.


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