Germana & Douglas – Mexico – destination wedding

better than the royal wedding, fuck it. who would say that after almost 6 years in a college together and nothing happened It would be at fortal that our lips would meet each other’s after all It seems like a dream you are my perfect match, my bae, my handsome blondy anyone can tell that you are a loved couple, seeing that you’ve brought so many people here to your wedding every time someone came to tell us that they would come we got emocional together because we know how hard it was for so many people to be here I promise to comfort you in times of trouble and laugh with you in times of happiness and glad you came to flirt with me in Fortal party i wanted to play hard on you just a little after i decided to go back little touch on the shoulder I have the honor to declare them married Douglas, you can kiss your wife. and I promise to try to get excited in your rock’s concerts hey! Get out of here, its mine I want to say here towards everyone present that I’m a very lucky person and that I love you very much thanks two morritos because I’m “morrita” (dead)


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