Gentle Regality Styled Shoot with Just Jack & Warren-Stone Weddings

Mabel from Mabel M Florals is amazing. Her
creativity is just off the charts. We were all in agreeance that we need to create
that striking, extravagant, beautiful sort of eye-catching look. Deep sort of tones but
also bringing in the romance of a wedding. Staying with that contemporary, sleek sort
of look that we want to create. Most of our African couples would prefer to
be on a bridal stage. Specifically just the bride and the groom, so that they have an
elevated platform on their special day. And they definitely deserve to be the highlight,
they deserve to be looked at and admired. Areas we were hoping to touch on were things
like a really extravagant bridal table. Really, really stunning florals, very full looking
floral displays. Definitely, something that’s contemporary,
making use of the heritage that we have at this beautiful Nooitgedacht establishment. With Precious and her bridesmaids you could
almost, it’s a tangible sort of energy that you just feel when you walk into the room. We were delighted when she said she would
get involved and fly down to Cape Town and have this, have this wonderful weekend away
with her bridesmaids. Ja, just brought so much depth to the shoot. I think the angel wings as one of the aspects
tend to be one of those unique elements that we wanted to add to the overall look and feel.
So taking our model into consideration, you know, Precious having such a beautiful personality,
we just thought that bringing in such a creative sort of creation would suit her personality
specific in this occasion. The concept we created and with all the service
providers involved, not only us but Nico from N Concepts and Designs, Mabel from Mabel M
Florals. It’s just such a brilliant team that has come together and executed a look and
feel that we felt would really speak to the African market.

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