Garrafa decorada – Pavão em EVA

hello guys I’m Luci Buzo and I’m
here on my channel with another video and in today’s video I’m going to recycle glass bottles I hope you like it and enjoy this video a lot this is the glass bottle that I will use in my decoration this bottle the label is not glued it is made with powder pigment but there’s no problem because how am I going to paint over then the label will not appear but before painting, wipe the bottle with alcohol to remove all dirt and oil from the glass now i will apply a coat of primer to glass this primer will adhere the ink that I will apply to the bottle after the primer dries I will paint the bottle with acrylic paint in blue color a very clear blue if the ink doesn’t cover the bottle label apply another coat of paint this paint is acrylic paint is the same paint that is used to paint walls and the ink I’m passing with a
foam but you can use a roller or a brush use the most practical way you have to apply the paint to the bottle while the paint is drying I will
prepare my decoration this is the purple EVA and I will cut this EVA in arabesque shapes of several different sizes just mark the drawings in EVA and cut with scissors these arabesque will be the syrup of my
peacock and that will be the peacock body and after cutting the pieces, I will assemble the peacock pasting the EVA with the white glue if you want you can use the glue to glue the EVA but the white glue works very well press the EVA on the bottle just a little that is so that he
paste the whole piece but if any tip comes off just spend a little
glue and press again to assemble the tail just glue the arabesques together if you want you can paste the inverted arabesques which will also look really cool and already leaving your like your comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to receive news and
always be up to date something else, share this video on your social networks help my channel grow so, I can make more videos like this one after the glue dries I will do the contours of the arabesques with glue with silver glitter this glue with glitter if applied to EVA it will take a longer time to dry and when it dries, it adheres well to EVA That’s how the bottle looks very beautiful and full of shine and it’s a great gift for you to give to a friend or to decorate your home a kiss and until the next video


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