Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club Wedding Caitlin + Zac (2019)

We’re here today is to celebrate Congratulate tinkling exactly and their bond in marriage Together you have a strong bond that makes you a great team The journey is just the beginning and I wish you all the happiness in the world I Would say that we’ve been shaving each other since day one because what’s human about a sibling? Is that you go through the same of monumental Dominus with each other? They shave you in different ways. I say this all the time that I With the best astir possible in this life So happy that can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us second graduations Look good. Thank you Katelin I’m so excited to see you. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together love’s act My limits you are God and to do the strength and courage so that we’re happy with mirrors or God I promise to be patient to be understanding to never give up I promise to keep you on your toes and to make sure we share a life full of laughter I promise to be yours truly and forever. I Promise to be gentle with your heart to treat you with respect Patience and kindness, I promise to love and support you unconditionally When you need it through your career hobbies passions and through our family. I promise to love you forever in a day Kaitlyn and Zach as you both look into each other’s eyes hole tenderly your beloved’s hand These are the hands of your best friend young and strong and full of love for you that are holding yours on your wedding day as You promise to love each other today? tomorrow and forever and Now I am honored to pronounce you husband and wife Zach you may now kiss your bride I could start off. I guess this is what many would call The toast to the bride a brand before I kind of get into that segment If I may say so she looks beautiful tonight If these two people have such tremendous values and Abilities and as a team, I think So I would I would just ask everyone To raise a toast in support and encouragement for these two to realize their full potential You

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