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Hey, everyone, it’s barbara here or nickel challenged and yeah! So I have a product and I’ve had it for six to eight months and I’ve just been scared but I wanted it to come out in the food allergy awareness week just because it’s going to help you rediscover what your body is doing via rashes and pretty much more centered to the nickel allergy because we are allergic to every single food because they all grow from the ground and basically, I wanted to a “pay it forward” because I’ve had such a hard time. My allergy is now airborne with people who are smokers it has done something like displace me from homes or like gone to the hospital twice And I feel like there is so much insensitivity when it comes to allergies and I’ve had it with my family and it’s just like what is happening? I could die And I just wanted to give you guys a free product because we spend so much money on just keeping ourselves healthy and just trying to stay alive and hopefully you guys can pay it forward to other people with allergies if you have allergies or whatever. Let’s begin I will show you how to use the product and I’m excited Today is May twelveth and I’ll be at work from nine thirty-nine in the morning to to nine thirty oh! five thirty-nine in the afternoon And I always do, well sometimes I do a thirty minute walk Over here you get your heart beat. I use the Sleep Cycle to track my heart beat and my sleep and six thirty-five is my sleep And for meals I mostly eat Rice Krispies and coffee For lunch, I do baked chicken and for dinner, I have zucchini and eggplant For snacks, I have apple, orange, and pudding And here are bottles of water because with nickel no tap water it’s the devil the blue would be the water the brown would be the coffee and the other blue you know the water so I mostly drink about four bottles to five bottles of water a day and then for risks it is whatever that is risking you from like being close to an allergen so like work lunch or people asking me to eat and wins today was I did not cheat And for products I use Maybelline foundation because I still don’t have a foundation for my skin color and then I have Great Lash mascara which that will change umm that is not low in nickel Omiana Liquid Foundation is well its low in nickel. I only use it as a concealer the eyeshadow. And mango butter is low in nickel, skintifique lotion and then for my notes you know I need to finish editing a video, the vain of my existence. respond to comments and try to enjoy food I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with food and stop stressing I am always stressed out and I’m trying to be a bad ass bitch because you know we’re trying to conquer the world. I always have three to do lists. One for like my blog and one for my personal life. and I have to finish them that day. Finish blogging, create picture, transcribe, email companies So I mostly put circles on where I have a rash every morning or every night I examine my body and where I have a rash so I have a rash on my leg and I have a rash on my face pretty much and the yellow would be where I itch. I have a bra that I’m allergic to we are trying to buy a new one but that’s so expensive that’s nickel free you can do that and you can change your meal one by one and whenever your itchy or you’re rashy then you can track your body that way. I was fatigued and I have a rash on my lips because the curry chicken don’t judge me [heartburn] So how did it go? I hope it is easy to use, that is what I’ve been using for the last six months. And good news it’s going to actually be a planner, I am working on it. So somewhere here, if you are on Youtube it’s down in the description box and just RSVP from when it’s going out and just good things and you’re going to get the best price. so definitely RSVP, And if you are in the shop its going to be somewhere over … I don’t know where it’s going to be but it’s going to be somewhere And please tell me if you like the product? What to change? It’s going to be a conversation because this is a product for you, not for, well it’s for me too because you and I are alike, but it’s not, I want it to be a product that will help you If there is something I’ve missed please reach out, why am I clapping I am always clapping I do want this to be a product to help you guys, just because I want everyone to be healthy, you know to be able to function, like going to work is a basic necessity that we need in the world. but how do you do that when everything … you are dealing with so many allergic reactions And just like me, I don’t have a safe heaven, those are not words. I just don’t have a fall back if I cannot work I am homeless So I want you to rediscover your body in its natural state meaning that there is nothing wrong with it, it just likes the finer things in life and just accept it for what it is and rediscover new ways to make it healthy And I just wanted to do a shoutout to The Allergista, she came out her journal yeah! Which is a little different from mine which is good because it does have all of the Like the symptoms and everything, so I am going to link down below in the Youtube her little shop And I am in love we are having products in the allergy community that will help all of us be functioning adults because no one got time for that, you know. Sigh! I love you guys and rediscover your body and no bad talking to it. because it is what it is, let’s get products that work and let’s just move one. You can write down everything that is happening because it is not in here (head) it’s in paper so you can cope with it better, so it can be in a line up where you are like oh this is the food I ate and oh this is the product used that is why I have a rash here that is why I itch this day or whatever so it’s not in here (head) because when it’s all in here you can go mad but have a nice day and in discovering your body again. It is beautiful the way it is. you just have to adjust it a little bit, you know, think of it like that and loves, hugs and an itch-free life. (kisses)

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