Freddy Kú – Cinematographer | Documentary WedProduction

Hi, my name is Freddy Ku I’m from Cancun, Quintana Roo The first time I took a camera was when I was 19 years old as assistant and wedding editor, later I began to acquire more experience and I began to make wedding photography I did freelance at weddings for eight years. In 2012 I got four ISPWP awards, first place of Bride and Groom Portrait. I do wedding photography because I love to capture what brides and grooms feel the day of their wedding. I really enjoy it, it excites me, I’ve cried at several weddings. That moment of love, like I said we live from love and I completely agree because love makes two people get married! And that’s what we really live for, love. My photography style is photojournalistic, I try to keep a natural The objective is to make pictures and videos very elegant and traditional film shots. WedProduction is a company that invited us to work with them, is a platform where you can find the photo and video service for the most special day of your life. I invite you to know my profile, meet me see my photographs, take a look at my work, and get to live together the day of your wedding and enjoy it completely!

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