Frankie Grande Talks Ariana’s Engagement & Says He Loves Pete Davidson | MTV VMAs 2018

– I snuck up from behind you. How are you? – I’m so well, you look gorgeous. – Oh my God, you say it
first, you say it first. – You look gorgeous. – Oh my god, you look gorgeous. – Are you a queen that’s
standing next to me? – I am a queen of life, that’s what I am. – I’m so excited to talk to you. First off, I need to clear something up. – Great detail. Go ahead. – So it’s been Grandy this whole time. – My grandfather, he started it as Grandy. Frank Grandy was his name. – Not Grande. – So when I joined Actors’ Equity I didn’t want my name
to be Frankie Grandy. I just didn’t like that it rhymed, and I was like you know what, I’m gonna go back to our Italian roots and I’m gonna pull out Grande, and when I started doing it, my grandfather started doing it, and then everyone started doing it. – What was the conversation
between Ariana, because I heard you were like, “Well you’re getting really famous now, so we should probably up the ante and make you a little cooler.” Was it kind of like that? – This was when I was starting to start my professional career. I changed it for the whole family. I was like, “It’s Grande.”
There was no negotiations, there was no, “I think we should.” I was, “I’m changing our name, it is Grande, get on board, and everybody did. – Moves of a true queen. – Exactly, because now I’m [Italian Accent] Frankie Grande Marcioni. Like my last name’s Marcioni, but it’s [Italian Accent] Marcioni. It’s so much better when you are so Italian, because we are so Italian. – Talk to me about the phone call you got when your sister told you she was engaged. Were you surprised? Obviously so excited, but talk about that a little bit. – I was just so overwhelmed
with her happiness, and it just washed over me. And I was just, it’s been a crazy journey for us over the past year, so this amazing news of happiness and joy, I received it so excitedly. I really was. I’m so excited for her. – Was it a face time call? – God, I don’t even remember. I don’t remember exactly
where or why or how, it’s just a fact now.
You know what I’m saying? – Obviously, as the brother, do you approve of Pete Davidson? – I remember where we were. We were in Vegas. – Okay. – It was around some awards
show, but it wasn’t that it actually happened that night,
it was about to happen. She was thinking it was going to happen. What awards show was it?
Billboard Awards, yeah. – So she pulled you aside and was like, “I think it’s going to
happen, I’m nervous.” What did she say about it? – Yes, I think so. I don’t
know, I could be wrong. I don’t remember many things. – And do you approve of Pete Davidson? – Oh my God, of course, I love Pete. Pete’s great, I have a new brother. Yeah, more family members, we love family! – Why do you think they
are such a good match? – Because he’s so chill. He’s just so chill, and he
adores her, which is great. As long as you adore my sister, then you are okay by me. – And are you helping
with the wedding planning? – Am I? Of course! I’m calling myself the Gay
of Honor, I’ve decided that. You can’t keep your gay brother away from wedding planning,
it’s not even possible. I’m going to plan everything.
Too much probably. She’s going to be mad at
me probably by the end. I guarantee you. – It’s going to be one heck of a wedding. Talk about your new show, you have a new show coming out. – Yes, I’m doing ‘Titanic the Musical.’ It’s in New York City
the 25th, 26th, 27th. It’s a musical parody
of the film ‘Titanic’ with Celine Dion’s music. – Wait, stop. – All of Celine’s songs. And I may be playing the captain, and I may crash the boat into an iceberg, while singing [Sings] “I Drove All Night to get to you.” We’ll see, maybe. – I cannot wait. – It’s going to be fun. – You’re the best, thank you so much.


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