Welcome to a new lovely vlog here in Manchester. I was in my car, and then I was like… I’ll start my next vlog now. You guys really seem to enjoy my casual everyday vlogs. So that’s why I’m doing today. And today is Friday. The sun is shining and I’m going to the gym. And then I’m gonna do some preparing because Vickan and Tove are coming to visit us tomorrow. So I’m thinking that we’ll do a weekend vlog. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So welcome. Now I’m going to the gym to work out. So we’ll talk later. We’ll have to put like a black and white filter here, because our carseat is in a colour that’s typical for a specific gender. But I just wanted to show you my car. This is really not okay. Victor is like, you’re gonna be a mum. You have to do something about your situation. But this is my car. We can start calling it the hoarder car. So we have… Smoothies. Old ones. Or old, from yesterday and the day before that. Here’s a package I’ve opened and then I’ve just thrown the paper there. An old snuff box from before this summer. Or it could be Victor’s. A urine sample that I obviously haven’t used, but that I need if things start to happen. Apparently. So then I’ll pee in that. Tic Tac. 50 kronor. Swedish kronor too. Why do I have that in my car? 50 Swedish kronor. I mean we live in England. Paint. Like a paint sample. Lipgloss, that’s good to have. Uhh, what else? There’s a pair of panties. There’s a swimsuit, workout clothes, workout bag, carseat. A sock. Yeah, I think that’s it. But I’m starting to understand what Victor means. I’m going to me a mum. This doesn’t cut it. Now I’m going in to work out. I’m not gonna film in there and you’re not allowed to film in there. It’s a very private and important gym. So I’ll see you afterwards. Done at the gym. And a new protein shake. So now I’ll have to make room for this one. No, I’m gonna clean my car today. It’s on my “to do” list. First I’m gonna go to the store and buy tulips and orange juice. I think that’s it. So let’s go. I thought… I’m gonna write a blog… I don’t know. I was thinking that I could talk about working out during pregnancy in this vlog, but I think that I’ll write a blog post about in it instead. If I’ve written it once this goes live, I’ll link it down below. Because a lot of you have asked about it. Every time I post a workout picture people are like “what type of workouts are you doing?” And the thing is that I exercise, not at all like I used to. I mean it’s not like I’ve gone for a run in like 6 months. Or done like a hiit session or anything like that. But, I work out on the crosstrainer, walk on the treadmill and do strength training. So that’s the difference. Everyone always makes it sound so complicated. Like “how do you work out when you’re pregnant, I’m pregnant too?” Like, you just work out. I mean, in a good way. I think people read a lot of horror stories. I think that’s scared people. So I think you should just go for it. But now let’s go to the store. I thought of something that’s negative about working out during pregnancy. Or at least for me. That I get so tired. I have energy like 15 minutes afterwards. But the difference from not being pregnant, is that then I’m like… Right away. But I’m still going to – now I’ve promised to clean the car. I’m mostly doing it for the vlog now because I’ve said that I’m gonna do something. If I’m being completely honest. So let’s do this. Nice and clean. The plan for today is that I just wrote to Victor. It’s lovely weather, and we’re going to buy a grill today. And probably have a barbecue tonight. That’s the plan. First I’m gonna have a shower and then I’m gonna get ready. I also need to have lunch. So I’ll talk to you soon. Alright. Like a new person. Anyways. It’s like 35 degrees Celsius in here. I’m gonna open up the door to the terrace. This is kind of like deja vu from my last vlog. Because it’s like, I can’t get a hold of Victor. Or he replied about buying a grill. But I don’t know if we’re having lunch? If we’re not having lunch? Should I make lunch myself? So I’m just waiting. I can show you my plan for outside. Or our plan. We’re married, we make decisions together. Or so he thinks. Anyways. We want to have a big table for eating, with comfy chairs. I’m thinking that we want that… Should that be over there? And then we’ll do lounge here. I want like cream coloured cushions. They’ll be cream coloured for like 2 days, then it’ll rain and we won’t bring them inside and then we’ll be like… Oh no. But that’s what I want. And I also want to get big pots with plants. Yeah, that’s it. And then I want to put my baby here on a blanket. In like 7 weeks. And then we’ll lay here and just cuddle. The problem is that we have so many animals. So my mum was like “Maja, you need to look up this thing with the fox, so you don’t put your baby outside in the stroller” And then I look out and see a fox sniffing my baby. For real. Because the fox is here all the time. We have something else, like… Badgers over there. I don’t think badgers are going to eat my child. But yeah. So we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted and then I’ll show you once we have furniture out here. I’m actually gonna go look up how long the delivery period is. Ahh, gosh. I’m thinking something like this. I don’t know if you can see. But something like that I think would look good. I’m gonna heat up some leftovers because he’s not getting back to me and it’s 2 pm, and I’m hungry. So we’ll have to eat lunch together another day. This year I’m focusing on not throwing away food. Both to save money, of course, and for the environment. It’s not that we’re wasting food. Sometimes we just forget and then we’re like “oh right, this is here” and “oh no, now we’ve forgotten about that”. So now I’ve started to keep a list on my phone of things we have in the fridge and what needs to be eaten before what date. So today we need to make minced meat, for example. Going vegan is another thing I want to do. Or perhaps I should start by going vegetarian. But I’m doing one thing at a time. This is our relationship. He just called me and was like “hi, you called”. And I was like “yeah, shall we have lunch or what shall we do?” “I’m eating right now, at the facility”. Alright, but… This is why men hear that they’re bad at communicating. Because you are. At least my man, that I managed to find in the bargain basement. Now we’re going to go buy a grill. Hopefully – there’s supposed to be one left. Apparently all the stores get their grills in next week. So let’s go. He’s in the car waiting for me. On our way back to the house again, we forgot the wallet. But we’ll soon be on our way again. Let’s go buy a grill. They only have one grill, so we’ll see if we make it. We don’t know what grill you should get really. But we found one that we think will work. We’re not fancy, so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Alright, we got a grill. We just got the one they had in store. The Weber grills will be in next week. But we want to have a barbecue now. And I told Victor, it’s so typical of us to get a grill now. And then it won’t work and it’ll take 3 hours to grill. But now we have a grill at least. It’s 6 pm now and we’re gonna prepare some minced meat. This is how far we got with our grill. But we’ll have to assemble that this weekend. So that’s what we’re doing on a Friday. Today is a great example of a day that feels like a Wednesday night for us, even though it’s Friday. But the girls are coming tomorrow. It’s the weekend. It’s spring weather. Victor’s away tomorrow night, so us girls have the house to ourselves. And we’re gonna have a girls weekend. Now it’s time for Victor’s spaghetti bolognese and the R. Kelly documentary. And then it’s night time. So I’ll see you again tomorrow. Thanks for this Friday. Good morning and a new day. Today is Saturday. We’ll keep this vlog going, and my girlfriends are upstairs getting ready. I’ve also gotten ready. And we’re going in to town to have lunch in the lovely wonderful weather. I’ve spent the morning reading your amazing comments about last night’s episode of Skavlan. I usually don’t get nervous but yesterday I was nervous. And when Victor and I watched it I was like this… So it feels amazing that we got such a great response. Especially reading about Victor. That people are like, “now we understand what you mean about him being so wonderful and he seems so nice”. And I’m like yes, he’s great. Right? Isn’t daddy great? But we’re gonna go grab lunch and just enjoy the day. Lunch. Maja: Whipping out the camera like this. Tove: Let’s talk about how you think it’s so awkward. Maja: I don’t think it’s embarrassing to take pictures anymore, but talking to myself in a camera is pretty awkward. But here we are enjoying the sun. The fact that people park this tight. No, I’m not gonna be able to get in. I can’t. Someone else will have to get the car out. Noo, my little baby. There we go. Oh god. Back home. Vickan is making some coffee. My husband is over here. My best friends are visiting and he has the audacity to sit here. Love you. Saturday night. Victor is leaving. We’re playing Hay Day. We decided to order food instead of cooking. And watch Melodifestivalen. Super cozy. Maja: Bye! Victor: Bye. Vickan: Good luck! Maja: Good luck. When you ask Victor to clean up after himself. Now I’m going to change into pyjamas. Enought with this one. There we go. Now we’re ready for Saturday night. And the sushi will probably be here any minute now. Mm-mm-mm. Nosecco. Sushi. This looks amazing. We lowered the a few days ago and now it’s like 5 degrees in here. Anyways, welcome to our Sunday, and the third day of my vlog weekend. Now I’m gonna put on Nyhetsmorgon. I usually sit here with my coffee and open up my laptop and go through some work. I told the girls yesterday that you always know when you’re in the press when you’re living our lives, because I got like 100 followers in one minute. That’s how you know that a magazine or someone has picked up on something, and it’s like, not a good sign basically. So then you google yourself and then it always pops up at the top. And it’ll say something like “Maja about her dildos” or “Sanna and Maja said in their podcast…” or something like that. But yesterday Skavlan aired in Norway, apparently. And that was why. Because during the night I’ve gotten so many Norwegian followers and so many Norwegian comments. Where people are like super nice. A lot of men have been like “You impressed me”, “I thought you where just a dumb blonde”. And it’s not great that they would think that in general, but it was nice to prove them wrong. But then I got a comment that I wanted to talk about, because I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this the last couple of years. And I’ve never thought about this myseld. “You’re so beautiful and such a good blogger. But why do you have that ugly wart under your lip? You can easily remove it.” I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my wart. And I’ve never thought about it being a wart or that I even have a wart under my lip. And if I have thought about it, I’ve thought that it was a part of me. But the other day I was brushing my teeth and I looked at it. And I told Victor that maybe I should get my wart removed. And he was like “why? It’s you. I can’t imagine you without it”. And I was like “Well because it’s a wart”. I mean a wart is like… I don’t know why, but it’s like something gross. So I’ve thought about getting it removed, because I’ve gotten so many comments about it. And then I got this comment, and then I was like, no, I’m not gonna remove my wart. It’s what makes me, me. And what’s wrong with standing out? And what’s so gross about my fucking wart? It made me so angry. So those of you watching that have something that others might point out. If you like it, then don’t do anything about it. Because it’s what makes you special. Okay? Alright. Now I’m ready. It’s 10 am. And at 12 a driver will pick us up and take us to the arena. I’m really feeling the weekend vibes. I made sure to get all my work out of the way before the girls came, so that I could have a real weekend, which I normally don’t. So I’m so happy right now. Maja: We’re gonna walk past all of these people now. Vickan: No, stoop. Maja: Yep. Vickan: Are we going in there? Maja. Yes. Maja: That went perfectly, ladies. Vickan: I’m still nervous that I’m gonna fall or something. Yeah. Oh, how nice that the sun is shining. Now we’re gonna choose what we want to eat. They have a typical Sunday Lunch here. Very British. Let’s do this. The game is over, it ended in a 0-0 tie. We got to meet Jon Snow. I should have filmed it. Tove: Yeah, but who does that? Maja: That would have been awkward. Vickan: Yeah, “hello hello”. Maja: What did you think about the game girls? Tove: It was super fun to see. Vickan: Victor did a great job. Maja: Victor, you did a great job. Tove: Nice champagne. Maja: Nice champagne, yes. Vickan: It was exciting. So now let’s go home. Tove and I are making dinner while the builders are building a grill. It’s 6 pm now, what do you think Tove? Tove: What did you say? Maja: When do you think they will be done? At 7 pm? Tove: With the grill? Maja: An hour. Tove: Yeah, but it could be faster now that Victor got a meatball sandwich. Maja: True. Maja: Let’s see, you started at 6. Vickan: I think we did a good job. Maja: I think you did a great job. It looks nice. Over here I’ve prepared some… We have some béarnaise sauce, chili béarnaise sauce, we have some aioli lime. Feta cheese mixture. Salad. Chevre salad. Red wine. Not for me, but… We’re having french fries and tenderloin. And garlic bread. The thing is, for those of you that don’t know my best friend Vickan. When she’s decided she’s gonna do something, she will. So she’s gonna get this grill up and running now. Victor is so hungry because he hasn’t eaten anything since we got back. And here they are… Tove: We’re so different, Vickan and I. And Tove is drinking red wine, you’re doing what you’re good at. Can I see? Yum. Tove: Wow, look at these french fries. Maja: Did you like it honey? Victor: Mm. Maja: And now we’re gonna watch a movie or documentary and eat marängsviss. But I think I’ll end this vlog here because I’ve been doing this for 3 days now. You’ve seen everything from us getting the grill to using it for the first time in February. Real Swedes. Thank you. Bye my love.

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