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hey guys welcome back in this video I’m
going to share a homemade wax recipe and using those wax, I am also going to transform a bottle with wax effect I hope you’ll enjoy the video. If you like
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have a look at the process. To make the wax, I first got some beeswax. I got this wax online You can get them in some of the craft stores as well. This is the same wax that girls use to make their lip balm or moisturizer at home
I then, added some cooking oil to the wax and kept them in the microwave for
the wax to get melted then I got some highly pigmented eyeshadow and added the melted wax to the
eyeshadow I constantly stired them and after some time when the wax became
solid it is ready to use if you don’t wish to use beeswax you can
also use your hair wax for this process. However ideally it should be
beeswax which should be used for this now let’s see a body transformation
using this wax I first have got a glass bottle then cover the entire bottle
using white Gesso. Gesso is going to work as a primer. work as a primer here which will prime
the bottle before working on it. I have got a tutorial video which gives
instructions on how to make white gesso at home if you wish to see the video you
can check the description of this video you should be able to get a link where I
have explained how to make white gesso at home then I applied a layer of white glue on
the bottle. This is optional. I have done it coz I was going to do some mural on
the bottle so I didn’t want the primer to get disturbed by the clay so I just
protected the primer using the white glue. Then I drew a fish in the bottle and
did the mural work on it I have used shilpkar epoxy clay for this mural work.
you can use your own favourite brand of epoxy clay as well the design that I have done in this bottle
is quite a simple one. You can have your own favorite beautiful designs on your
bottle once the mural work was done and the
clay was completely dried I painted the entire world using Toqouise blue shade once it was dried, I used some blue and
green metallic colors on the bottle and then I used my homemade wax to get
the wax effect on the bottle and then finally I applied some varnish
in the body to protect the colors and the wax and that’s how I used my
homemade wax to get a waxeffect and transformed the bottle. If you liked
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I’ll be back with some more interesting projects and some more crafting tips.
Till then bye bye


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